Xat Games 5

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Xat Games 5 was the 5th edition of the Xat Games saga and occurred on July 19th, 2013, for the SpongeBob Universe re-launch countdown party. The winner was Box, with CDCB and CNF as runner-ups. Originally, the host was going to be Tvguy347, but the baton was passed down to jjsthekid, who later passed down the baton to Aquatic Nuggets after Round 2.

Round 1: SpongeBob Trivia

This round featured random questions about SpongeBob trivia.

Winner of Round: Milkmaidman

Eliminated this round: Trophy, AMK (by default), Milkmaidman (by default due to leaving)

Round 2: Scrambled

This round featured questions featuring a TV show or TV show episode that the players had to unscramble.

Winner of Round: CDCB

Eliminated this Round: Max, Hayden, and Smiles (by default)

Round 3: Trivia/Scrambled

This round featured questions about TV show trivia and scrambled TV shows and TV show episodes.

Winner of Round: Box

Eliminated this Round: CDCB and CNF

Elimination List

Trophy (1st eliminated)

AMK (2nd eliminated)

Milkmaidman (3rd eliminated)

Max (4th eliminated)

Hayden (5th eliminated)

Smiles (6th eliminated)

CDCB (7th eliminated)

CNF (8th eliminated)

Box (Winner)