Sauce Mama

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Sauce Mama
User Info
Registration Date August 16th, 2011
Status Inactive
Group Customers

Sauce Mama (also known as Servin' Up Smiles) is a much loved user, joining August 16th, 2011, a few days before the v7 move. She is extremely nice, active, and loyal to SBC. She was a former Good Noodle. On August 23rd, she became an SBC Rep, replacing CDCB. After reps were abolished, she was transferred to the Loyal Customers group, which too became abolished on January 1, 2014 for Tiki 10. During July 2013, Smiles, having an "Ask Me" thread and being good friends with OMJ, Clappy, UnlimitedCha, and Aya, was labeled with them as the "Fantastic Five". Their group led to controversy with accusations of how they apparently exclude people from their circle, however they claim not to intentionally do this. She occasionally still visits the site once in a blue moon but otherwise is not active anymore.