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User Info
Registration Date October 12, 2009
Age 26
Status Inactive
Group Retired Employees
Notable Creations Bikini Top, V4 Octopus, Community Spin-Off Awards
Staff 2nd Main Admin, 2nd leader
Other Names that70sguy92
2nd Leader of SBC
Assumed Position November 9, 2009
Exited Position November 23, 2011
Predecessor terminoob
Successor tvguy347
Administrators terminoob
Moderators thesuitelife44

70s (formerly that70sguy92 and later, Travis) was a former SBC Administrator, joining October 12, 2009. He joined TV.com in January of 2009. But, he came to the SpongeBob SquarePants forums and became a more active user in late June or early July. But sadly in October 2009 he was banned from TV.com. He joined SBC again under Travis on September 8, 2012 (due to troubles with his old account and password). He still was able to keep his posts and doubloons from his previous account. He is no longer regularly active on the site but still makes rare visits once in a while.

Coming to the SpongeBob Boards

When that70sguy92 came to the spongebob boards on TV.com, there was some drama... RockGoddess, a user on the board, was 'called out' by another user, bob_ball. bob_ball exposed RockGoddess for what she was. First of all, a HE. Second of all, a ban-dodger. Then, RockGoddess left, leading to bob_ball leaving as well. Then, RockGoddess came BACK, though bob_ball was still gone. Soon, RockGoddess was banned, leaving that70sguy92 pretty confused. Only months later would he fully understand what had occurred.


70s, unknown to all, would become the creator of several hit shows and would rise up as one of the most prominent writers in the establishment of spin offs. He secured himself a spot among the greatest with his first spin off, called The Misadventures of Patrick Star. The show attracted a large fan base, catapulting 70s into the spotlight. He soon followed up with his even bigger cult hit, Bikini Top, although he soon started publishing it on SBC in leu of TV.com because of the attacks on the forums there. Bikini Top went on to top the Spongeboard numerous times and became the #1 Most Viewed Spin Off on SBC.


70s real life takes a downward spiral after the death of his mother and he found himself lashing out on the SBC xat at tvguy (though it would be later revealed that it was not because his mother died). After much distress, things finally simmer down and 70s re-focuses on his adminship on SBC. In late 2011, however, things went bad. He became less active and began to do less things on the site to the point where he didn't do anything at all. He reported of struggles financially as his wife gave birth to their third child. 70s eventually began to do things previously unlike him, and showed boorish behavior on the forums. He was involved in several fights, and by August 2011, had done several unreasonable actions. The situation worsened in September, but then improved in October. 70s was becoming active again, although still did little to nothing in terms of governing the site. He wasn't putting forth any effort either, and he soon shot down in a downward spiral in November. He showed signs of hate towards SBC, and said he was taking a break from the site. He then came back later and said he was thinking of making things permanent. Subsequently, after 3 years and 27 days on staff, he was de-admined on November 27, 2011 by tvguy leading to massive controversy. He was re-admined a few days later.

On December 29th, 2011, WhaleBlubber revealed 70s is actually 15 years old and does not have a wife and kids. This left so many people disappointed in him and led to a board-wide discussion. This topic was also made by Storytime7, which asked users to come clean about anything they have not told the rest of the site about.


70s disapproved of the actions of (once former) Manager, tvguy during the Roger's Lightbulb Fight.

As tension on the forums cool down and 70s secrets brought to light, 70s has been considerably kind again and peaced things up with teenj12.

On February 16th, 2012, 70s resigned as a Manager, feeling that he wasn't into the site as much as he used to be. He was then made a Consultant.

On April 26th, 2012, MDPP admined 70s without approval from the rest of staff. 70s asked if he could keep the position.

70s may or may not return to SBC after a dip in activity and his lack of interest in the site. According to an unconfirmed source, the dependency of his return is entirely based upon the activity of the Community. He hasn't been very active as of V8 Orca. For a short time, he was a Representative for SBC, but was demoted due to his mysterious absence. He returned on September 8th, 2012, with a new account.

September 8, 2012-Present

70s returned to SBC as Travis on September 8, 2012, due to problems with his account and password. He was able to keep his posts and doubloons from his previous account.

70s returned to SBC after almost two years on July 28, 2014. He has changed much from when he was last on and has apologized for the past. He appeared again on August 4, 2015, after being asked by tvguy, who wanted to raise the site record for most people online at one time. He has continued to reappear on the site once in a blue moon.