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terminoob's current avatar
User Info
Registration Date August 15, 2009
Age 25
Status Active
Group Retired Employees
Notable Creations The SpongeBob Community, SpongeCraft (spin-off)
Staff 1st Main Admin, 1st leader
Other Names SergKiller, KingofKlubs
1st Leader of SBC, Founder
Assumed Position August 15, 2009
Exited Position June 20, 2010
Successor Travis
Administrators Travis
Moderators spongebobs1fan

terminoob is the founder and former leader of The SpongeBob Community. He created the site with the intention of its sole purpose being an alternative for users who were banned from TV.com. However, that policy was incredibly short-lived. terminoob resigned from being leader of the site on June 20, 2010 which lead to some conflict. He became a consultant, and later a moderator before resigning yet again due to his refocusing on college. He still is an active member on the site as of June 2013.

One of terminoob's older avatars on SBC


terminoob created the underrated Spin-Off, The Ops, a Spin-Offs based in an alternate dimension with the opposites of every character, which he says is his second-least favorite Spin-Off of his (first being Krabby Land.)

He also created a Spin-Off that made his mark in the Spin-Off world, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: Unite! Because of clapmaster's (another amazing user and Spin-Off creator, you may remember him from such Spin-Offs as, Patrick's Paradise, Spin-Off Action, and Pierce in the City!) attempt at a Mermaid Man based Spin-Off, people were skeptical, but were soon proved wrong! Because of the low success The Ops had, terminoob believed this was the defining point in his Spin-Off career (and his defining point on the SB boards in general.)

After Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: Unite! He created a short lived Spin-Off, based off of "Krabby Land." It only had a handful of episodes, and terminoob would rather not talk about this Spin-Off, which he states is his worst one to date.

A past avatar of Terminoob's.