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storytime7 is an SBC member who joined August 5, 2010. He is currently inactive.

Fighting Spongebobiscool and SBC Staff

During 2010, storytime found himself fighting several time with a member named spongbobiscool. Like in this particular thread: where they fought over Sbiscool's appearant hatred for Season 7.

Storytime also found himself in several fights with the SBC Staff in fall 2010, such as 70s, tvguy, and Wumbology. An example being on November 24th, 2010 in the Kenan and Kel thread:

Where Storytime thought 70s stated "Kenan and Kel sucks" as a fact instead of an opinion.

He has since matured and became a regular who mostly stays out of drama. He is also known for starting the brony fad on SBC in summer 2011.