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Spin-Offs are works on SBC that relate to SpongeBob Squarepants (hence Spin-Offs). They can be found in Spin-Offs and Literature, under the Atlantis board.


Spin-Offs started on TV.com, by tvfan95. See this thread. When Terminoob created SBC, Spin-Offs continued there. As of November 29, 2011, Spin-Offs no longer continue on TV.com.

Spin-Off work on SBC had seen a remarkable drop in 2012, which frightened everyone on the site. It is believed that the lack of reviews for users Spin-Offs is the primary cause for less activity with Spin-Offs. Users had made attempts to save Spin-Off reviewing by making "The SBC Spin-Off Club", which is similar in format to the "SBC Weekly Episode Club"

As of late 2012, Spin-Offs have risen in activity again. During 2013, a spike in Joke Spin-Offs (Joke-Offs) led to the 2013 Spin-Off/Lit Controversy.

On January 9, 2015, the first animated spin-off was announced, "Clam and Gary" by JCM. The project was scrapped however before an episode could air.


Spin-Offs (and Literatures, by extension), have often been regarded as a historically important part of SBC's community and identity, extending from the origin of the craft on TV.com. Several works over the years have achieved board-wide attention and popularity. Spin-Offs recieve awards and nominations at events such as the The Golden Community Awards and Spin-Off Awards (defunct). An annual Spin-Off Festival is also held, which began in 2010. The festival marks a period of site-wide recognition of both Spin-Offs and Literatures, while highlighting content creators. Games and contests are also provided in celebration.

From 2010 to 2012, a store system was set up around Spin-Offs, called Glove Universe (formerly Glove World), which allowed users to spend and trade doubloons, centering on Spin-Off related merchandise. Glove Universe was removed due to lack of interest, but returns for short periods during particular Spin-Off Festivals. It has now returned somewhat permanently as a club.

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