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His trademark icon.

Tvfan95 is another famous user on the Spongebob Fourms at He is famous for starting Spin-offs as well. He did join SBC, but left after August 27, 2011.

List Of His accounts

Spongechard: Spongechard was Tvfan's first ever account that was made in August 2005. After almost 3 years he used it again after 66ers got him banned back in Feburary 2009. Of course, he tried to dodge the banhammer with this account, but that was later banned.

Tvfan95: His main account. It was first created in July 2007. He didn't post after a while and returned over the summer of 2008 and created the Spin-off forum which started the Spin-offs. In February 2009, he posted something negative in the icarly forums and he got 5 more TOS violations almost getting him banned which gave him 19. He got his 20th when 66ers got him banned. Of course, to do this day he has made more accounts and is still alive today. He vanished for a while, but returned in July 2011 on SBC under the name "mystery". Users had no idea who he was, and then he revealed himself as tvfan.

PG13Guy: Nobody knew he was tvfan for a while either. He came by right after Whaleblubber attacked the SB Board on in March 2009. In January 2010 on SBC, he revealed he was actually PG13Guy.

Crystalopal: After spongechard got banned, in early March 2009 he created this account. Not many users were aware of him being Tvfan until he got banned in April and it was revealed he was indeed Tvfan.

SeaSpongez: His most recent account was actually created in March 2009 by Spongebobs1fan and was given to tvfan95. At that time, he was just a normal new user but in July 2009 he returned and revealed he was Tvfan. In April 2010, he came back with a topic called Users,Unite which was about the forum being inactive. Sadly in July 2010, SeaSpongez was banned because of Whaleblubber. He is still on SBC as tvfan95.

Nautical Nonsense Section Fights 2011

Tvfan was involved in a series of fights in the SpongeBob section on SBC. In the "Club SpongeBob" thread, tvfan was angered at how people thought Club SpongeBob was one of the best episodes. His anger lead him out of control. Feeling ashamed at what he did, he made a topic in the Off Topic Lounge threatening to leave on August 27th, 2011. He never posted or visited again after that thread.

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