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A promotional image by sbl for the version.

Seahorse 15 is the 15th version of SBC, released as an Easter present on April 8, 2023. sbl was the lead designer of this version.

New Features

  • Three new skins: V15 Seahorse, V15 Seahorse Dark and Gooberberry Surprise.
  • The Cosmic Shake Community became a regular mainstay skin due to popular demand. V13 Sponge, V13 Sponge Dark and Neptune's Castle became Loyal Customer exclusives. The Stephen Hillenburg Community was updated to a more modern format.
  • Three skins added to the Skin Store: Sponge on the Run, Breaking Sponge and Battle for Bikini Bottom Community. (Loyal Customer exclusive)
  • New birthdays widget.
  • New search bar interface.
  • Brilliant Discord Integration, adding a new topic bot to the server and allowing users to connect their accounts with Discord.
  • Grid View: Forum now uses a default grid view.
  • Forum layout reorganization.
  • 1 new Community Store item: Custom Discord Role.
  • 5 new Collectable Store items.
  • Introduction of the Badge Store category.
  • Doubloon values adjusted.
  • Five Discord emojis imported to forum.
  • Funny reaction on the forum now uses a laughing Squidward.
  • No longer need 25 posts to access The Industrial Park.
  • Discord layout overhaul: "Tangy Bobby" became "Conch Street". "Fake News Media" became "Bottom Feeder", and new category for bot channels called "Electric Zoo."
  • Announcement of SpongeCraft 2, coming soon.



  • Unlike the past few versions, this did not coincidence with a major IPS update.
  • Second version to be released as an Easter present after Jellyfish 14.
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