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2021 was the twelfth year of SBC. It has been seen by many as one of the community's best years in a while on both the forum and Discord fronts.

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January to March

Early in the year, the spin-offs and literatures section saw a rebirth of sorts thanks to the combined efforts of Steel, OMJ, jjs and other users. The Pet or Pests Festival, a Sponge on the Run tie-in and pets themed event, was held from February 12th to February 27th, 2021. March Madness 2021 then occurred throughout the month afterwards, where the Krusty Krew, Chum Buddies and Solos faced off for the second year. The Krew won in the end 25-12-8. Among Us became an official SBC game starting with this event, which has proven to be popular with members.

April to June

Jellyfish 14, SBC's 14th version, was released on April 3rd, 2021, which marked the site's update to IPS 4.5. With it came several features: three new skins, Topic Summary, the return of turntable.fm for SBC Music's newest incarnation, .fmbot for Discord, updated rules and more. The 35th Stop What You Are Doing was held in early May, with a theme of memes; the second time SBC has done such a SWYAD theme since 2010. Spin-Off Festival 10 occurred from May 21st to June 15th, 2021, which had more of a focus on the writing side than game side this time around. Continuing off of the revival from early in the year, it provided the most activity the spin-off and literature section had in a few years.

July to September

Cha resigned from staff on July 10th, 2021 to focus on her personal life. SBC's summer teams event, the SBC Grand Prix lasted from July 12th to July 31st, 2021, which the Chum Buddies won. This event saw the debut of SBC Kahoot as the new trivia replacement. Kamp SBC, a sequel to 2015's Camp SBC, was this year's August event, acting as a tie-in to Kamp Koral. It lasted from August 13th to August 31st. From September 17th to 24th, an Incidentals SWYAD was held. On September 25th, users discovered tv.com had been shut down for good a while back. Several tv.com veterans such as CDCB and Seb visited both the forums and Discord to reminisce. The 90th Pictionary game that occurred the night was the most active and longest yet. Steel reached the current Pictionary high score in said game. Later that night, SBC updated to IPS 4.6, bringing with it Achievements, which act as a replacement for Badges going forward.

October to December

Octerror Fest 2021 lasted from October 15 to October 31, 2021, celebrating ten years of the event. The Krusty Krew won the event in the end. As tradition, the 15th Golden Community Awards occurred through November and December, hosted by JCM. These were the first GCA's to have their winners announced by Discord's voice chat. Snowcember Ball 2021 lasted from December 10 to December 29, 2021. The Chum Buddies won the event in the end. This year's Christmas present consisted of several new badges and redesigned ranks as part of SBC's new achievements system. Hawk also became a wiki admin the same day.


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