April Fools 2021

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April Fools 2021
99px-Puffy fluffy.jpeg
The banner of the skin during the prank.
Start Date April 1, 2021
End Date April 2, 2021
Event Coordinator jjsthekid
Events 420 Reasons Squidward Smells Good
Skin April Fools 2021

April Fools 2021 was the eleventh SBC April Fools prank. The main theme of this prank is that a false new version of the site, "Nudibranch 14" was released as the main prank and the site became "The Puffy Fluffy Community". It was not a straightforward takeover in the way of the past few pranks.


  • A joke announcement thread was made to introduce Nudibranch 14, which included a list of ludicrous features.
  • A "V14 Nudibranch" skin that was Puffy Fluffy themed, and people's avatars were intentionally made smaller on it.
  • Several forum names were changed: "SpongeBob Discussion" became "Puffy Fluffy Discussion", "SpongeBob Episodes" became "Puffy Fluffy Episodes" and "The SpongeBob Community Events" became "The Puffy Fluffy Community". Their descriptions also changed, with Puffy Fluffy in place of SpongeBob.
  • A brand new game for the site: "420 Reasons Squidward Smells Good", which became an Eels and Escalators thread for people to have fun in.
  • The official twitter account's name was changed to "The Puffy Fluffy Community" and changed its icon to monster Puffy.
  • The Discord server had various changes:
    • The server was renamed from "SBC Chat" to "PFC Chat" to reflect the Puffy Fluffy Community.
    • Server icon was made a photo from Face Freeze.
    • #animation became #anime.
    • A #the-9th-dimension channel was added where nobody could post, and only one image of the monkey man posted by OWM resided. The thread jokingly states you need to spend SBC Gold to access the channel.
    • The bot names were also changed again: MEE6 became "Waifubot", Unbelievaboat became "Seven Mile Spanking Machine" and Starboard became "Iron Butt".
    • The category names were changed to the following: SBC became "PFC", Tangy Bobby became "Szechuan Sauce" and Fake News Media became "Buzzfeed".
    • An exclusive SpongeBob April Fools emoji was added to the server for just this day.