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Pumpkin Smashers

Jjs Goodman

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Another minigame for Octerror Fest 2023. Old Man Jenkins has a ton of pumpkins growing at his farm and doesn't know what to do with any of them. He wants you to smash them, and you may get a surprise from what's inside. Here's the type of pumpkins you can choose to smash:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

From there, what's inside of them will be randomly generated. Here are possible rewards:

  • Nothing (makes you lose 3 pieces of candy)
  • 100-500 Doubloons
  • 20 experience points
  • 5 pieces of candy
  • Ghost Collectable 

Just be sure to say which pumpkin size you want to smash, along with anything else witty you wish to say. You can only play in this once every 24 hours.

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3 hours ago, Yummylescary said:

Since no one said it Medium

You got 200 dbs! Try again in 21 hours!

1 hour ago, Freddy Fazbear said:

Large, because like the BAND Smashing Pumpkins once sang: "The impossible is possible tonight, tonight!"

You got 400 dbs! Try again in 23 hours!

16 minutes ago, Ghost Molly said:

*smash small pumpkin*

You got 100 dbs! Try again in 24 hours!

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14 hours ago, Yummylescary said:

Can I get a large with a burger too?

You got the Ghost collectable! Try again in 10 hours!

8 hours ago, Freddy Fazbear said:

They say big things can come in small packages, so I'll smash a small pumpkin.

You got 5 candy! Try again in 16 hours!

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