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Arcade Anarchy II

Jjs Goodman

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(Credit to Kieran for this logo)

Nope, no more March Madness. To subvert your expectations, we're doing a tie-in event to celebrate Cosmic Shake's release! Yep, we're doing a sequel to 2020's Arcade Anarchy, our video game event that promoted Rehydrated. We felt this was the perfect time for a sequel to this fan favorite event. 

Arcade Anarchy II will start March 4th and end March 25th. During the event, you'll be able to collect Cosmic Jelly from games which you can spend on in Kassandra's prize store. However, there's a catch: Whoever has the most jelly gathered by the end of the event will be crowned SBC's Cosmic Gamer and receive several grand rewards, so be careful about how you spend your jelly. Here's what games and activities will be held throughout the month:

  • Stop What You Are Doing - Video Game Edition: For our 44th SWYAD, become your favorite video game characters or personalities. Whoever participates in the SWYAD automatically gets free 10 Cosmic Jellies to start their count with. You can reserve in this thread or on Discord if you haven't already.
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: To conclude Season 6, every Pictionary game during the event will be based around a game series: Crash & Spyro together, Sonic, Kirby and SpongeBob games!
  • Discord Activities (New!): A new game that'll be held every Saturday night after Pictionary during the event! One of Discord's exclusive games will be streamed on the server for all to participate.
  • Jackbox: A Jackbox game will be held on Discord every Monday night during the event!
  • Weekly Surprise: A non-core surprise SBC game will be held every Tuesday night during the event!
  • Kahoot: Play in a Kahoot game every Wednesday night during the event! One of the themes will be video game consoles.
  • Flash Game Tournaments: Play in a flash game every Thursday night during the event!
  • Cards Against Humanity: Play in CAH gams every Friday night during the event!
  • Turntable Parties: Jam out to your favorite video game soundtracks on turntable every Friday night during the event! On the note of music, Hawk's next Community Mixtape will be video game music, so look out for that too.
  • Cosmic Jelly Scavenger Hunt: Hunt around the forum for Cosmic Jelly! Sticky sweet.
  • Minigames: Play in three forum minigames to win jelly. One of the games will be Pizza Gliding, based on SpongeBob's gliding in Cosmic Shake.

We are really excited about this event and hope gamers will enjoy.

SWYAD Reservations:

Jjs —> Dr. Eggman

Fa —> George Woodman

Dman —> T-Dub

Ex —> The Great Mighty Poo

4Ever —> Green Kirby

Fred —> Irate Gamer

WhoBob —> Chris Redfield

SOF —> Isabelle

Danny DeVito --> Wario

JCM --> Pac-Man

Cha --> Chawful

Steel --> Fisher the Breezebuilder

OMJ --> Brachydios

Katie --> Remilia Scarlet

Katniss --> Princess Zelda

SBManic --> Ibuki Mioda

Prez --> Angry Video Game Nerd

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