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001b. Bummer Jobs

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Even better than the first episode. This time we have SpongeBob as a guest star who is welcome. I love his young design. So adorable. And seeing Squidward as well is highly entertaining. Him not knowing who SpongeBob and Patrick are yet feels jarring but I hope we see more of them together. SpongeBob and Patrick trying out different jobs make for a good comedy and the last one being convincing Patrick's father to pay up his newspapers was so entertaining and humorous. It ending with SpongeBob and Patrick splitting the cent while Squidward getting nothing was such a funny way to end the episode. I really liked this episode, even though I wish SpongeBob and Patrick's characters weren't this similar sometimes.

Grade: A-

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I can't believe it took until "The Patrick Star Show" for us to FINALLY have a Porpoise character on the show! Good running gag, though. Also, liked the little "Noir-Sense" segment that showed Fred "My Leg!" Rechid in a starring role; hope we get more of them! Definitely the better of the opening episode pair. I'd give it a 10 out of 10! Enough said, true believers!

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