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Farewell, SBC.

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Howdy-do, fellow SBC'ers - and OBAB:

This is your friendly neighborhood Appy with a message. I've been part of the SB forum scene since 2015, and for me, it's been a fun ride. I'll never forget what it was like checking out the other SB forum for a short while - lurking about the forums and checking out all the threads. Something about it and its culture appealed to me somehow, and it was sometime in August I finally decided to sign in as "The Appetizer". Ah, I remember when I impressed all of you with my spouting out of random fads and such that I accumulated knowledge of while wandering through that forum - but it wasn't all fun. I came up with my fair share of good topics and such in those days, but eventually I just seemed to have just wanted attention. Recognition. I would even make joke posts with reaction GIFs in those days looking for a quick like - even if the topic was serious - what a seriously effed-up person I was in those days. Thankfully, I've matured, blossomed into a more mature individual. But I've decided it's time to leave the site, unfortunately.

I think it was 'round September of 2015 I decided to join this place, and I think I've loved it more than the other SB forum. So many cool things about this place, so many wonderful, fun events and such. But enough about the forum! There are some nice folks I've met during my SB forum experience. There's one guy, however, that comes to mind who was probably my personal best friend:

Renegade: Where do I begin with you, Rene? You were probably the bestest friend I found during my experiences here. I don't know how lucky I was to find you on the other place in 2016 or so. You were one of the only ones who actually felt the same way about my weird fascinations (you know who I'm talking about), and I'll always fondly remember our ongoing PMs about our little Casper and Wendy lit. So many wonderful ideas and such we came up with - but not just that. You were just a nice guy to chat with. 

There's a lot of other folks I've met thanks to here and the other forum I've met who I only wish we could've communicated more: Carotte, Kieran, Jaic, CDCB, Tide, OWM, etc.

Some of you seem like folks I'd love to casually converse with on Discord more, especially folks who seem really cool and share some of my same interests. Kieran especially seems like a really nice person who I'd love to chat with more. Not too much, though, and if we're going to continue being friends/acquaintances, I'd rather we keep the conversation impersonal. I don't want it to get too personal, and besides, my good IRL friends are more of a priority than you guys, but you fellows are almost there.

The main reason I wanna leave is simple - I've phased out of the forums, and I don't consider SBCord to be one of my most active Discords. Plus, I've embarked on a cartoon project that some of you folks know about that I'd rather not publicly mention. It and its adjacent Discord are more of a priority to me than casually chatting with you fellows about whatever, frittering away my time casually chatting on Discord or in the forums. No, I ain't posting the invite here, don't wanna get raided again. Not only that, but I gotta start living. So many new movies, shows, games, etc. I wanna check out. And we only live once - it's too short to be wasting time. So consider this to be a "Goodbye, SBC" post, in a way. It's been a lotta fun, and hopefully some of us can still keep in touch.

The big question you guys are wondering: Will I still be on Discord? Of course, I will. I don't know how long I'll be on the SBC server, but I'll definitely be there every Saturday or so for Pictionary, if I can make it. So I'll stay on the Pictionary server but probably won't be on the main SBC server anymore. I might pop in here and there, though, but if you see me online, it's probably 'cause I'm on my project's server or something. Carotte, I'll still be somewhat active on your server as well. I've every intent of using Discord a bit less to prioritize other things, although I love the platform. But if there's anything going on you think I may be interested in, give me a ping or a DM. I might not be able to respond to your DMs instantly, though, so try and be patient with me if you leave a DM and I don't respond right away.

But for a lot of ya - so long. Farewell. Auf weidersehn. Goodbye. It's been a lotta fun, but it's time for me to leave the forums for good.

Incidentally - you might've seen I mentioned the Tide and Seeker. About all of you know what he was back in the day. But he's changed for the better. Ask CDCB. He'll elaborate.

PS: A few last requests - 

1. The rights to The Misadventures of Casper and Wendy and Casper and Wendy Shorts: I bequeath to @Renegade the Unicorn, @Steel Sponge and @4EverGreen

2. For the remainder of the week, @jjsthekid - how about a special skin to remember me by? I know I never had King Neptune powers, but just as a little something for the folks who miss me to remember me by.

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