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Funny Obscure Voice-Actor Contrasts


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Do you ever get bored on IMDB and look up voice actors, and you're like "WAIT, HE VOICED THIS AND THIS?!" Do you ever just stumble across a video of some cutscene to a game, you hear a character's voice, and you're like "WAIT... That voice was on a kids show" (for example, someone was using a MGS cutscene for a dumb video, and I realized "wait... is Liquid Snake voiced by fucking Mac from Clifford the Big Red Dog?" and... yeah, Cam Clarke voiced both which made me laugh ?

I'm looking to draw silly doodles based on weird contrasts between characters certain VAs voiced (for example, Sonny the Cocoa Puffs bird voicing Lion-O)


I'm looking for more obscure ones, so I'd avoid answers with Tara Strong or Rob Paulsen or Jim Cummings ;u;

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I don't know if he counts as "niche," but one name that comes to my mind is Keith Ferguson. Just him in general.

His range of character voices consist of Bloo, Lord Hater, Flintheart Glomgold, Lightning McQueen, Marluxia, Reaper, and Thunderbolt Ross just to name a few. These contrasts are amusing, strange, and impressive all at once.

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dan green.

yugi moto himself.

captain knuckles the goddamn hothead.

the guy who sold dozens of monsters to king deeds, the guy who made polaris enough money to retire in the antarctic.

pussy. destroyer.


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