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Dr. Dark

Community Deathmatch Tag Team Title Tournament

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In a couple of weeks, I will be running a Clubs-exclusive tournament to crown Community Deathmatch's first ever tag team champions! 32 teams will be split into 4 brackets, and I'm sure you can do the math from there. Here's a list of the teams that will be competing:


SpongeBob & Patrick (aka SpongeBob's #1 Fan from SBM, you'll see what I have planned when the time comes)

Team Rage (World Travel & DarrisXTMRage)
The Undisput-ED (ededdeddyfan, Buttered Toast & SpongeEdd)
TBC (Aya & Cha)
Jjsden (jjs & Hayden)
The Todd Squad (Wumbo & Fred)
Friendship is Magic (Metal Snake & Spongetron)
Character Development (WhoBob & Clappy)
Doctor Sex & Big D (from turntable)
The Wolverine & Jaleco
The Contradiction (Crushing & Jelly)
The Standard (Coney & SpongeBob Pokemonpants)
The Return (Spongebobiscool & Person)
The Old Fucks (The Grandmaster & Odysseus)
Steel & Newleaffan
The Supremacy (Renegade & Donald Trump from SBM)
A Lil Tempered (Lil Corey & Hot Tempered)
ShopBuddy Mania (Bagels, Brick & LegoSpongy)
The Masters of Shinjitzu (ACS & Shin)
The Anytown Show (Rugrats1 & a few of his many accounts)
World Championship Shoutboxers (Trophy & JCM)
The Bigot & The Zealot (Todd Phillips & The DS Guy)
Katnisslovesnuggets (Katniss & Nuggets)
Basic Platonics (Omair & Fa)
The Guerillas of Delta Queen (Digital Shadow & Headhunter)
The Groupies (Homie & Grubby Grouper)
The Nobodies (CDCB & CF)
The New Dump (President Squidward, Karate Sponge & Big Meaty Claws)
The Weenies (BooBooKeys & Kaiju)
The Wolves (Yamcha & Heffer Wolfe from SBM)
The Original Fry Cooks (hilaryfan80 & Face)
Ooooooofy Day (Ooooooofy & Puffy Fluffy)

Tried my best to throw some established and logical teams in there. Even threw in a wild card team or two to keep things a bit more interesting. The gimmicks for some of these pairings might be a bit dated since I've had some of them planned for a while, but I still wanna run with em and see em through anyway. Here's how the brackets are looking:

Group A:
SpongeBob & Patrick vs Team Rage
The Undisput-ED vs The New Dump
TBC vs Ooooooofy Day
The Weenies vs The Original Fry Cooks

Group B:
Jjsden vs Friendship is Magic
The Nobodies vs Character Development
The Old Fucks vs The Return
Sex & Big D vs The Wolves

Group C:
Guerillas of Delta Queen vs The Standard
The Todd Squad vs The Bigot & The Zealot
Anytown Show vs Katnisslovesnuggets
The Contradiction vs The Supremacy

Group D:
ShopBuddy Mania vs Steel & Newleaffan
A Lil Tempered vs The Wolverine & Jaleco
The Masters of Shinjitzu vs The Groupies
World Championship Shoutboxers vs Basic Platonics

So yeah, I'm planning for this thing to last about 5-6 episodes. I'll also be experimenting with a slightly tweaked writing style for the earlier episodes. Be sure to follow this topic and/or join the club if you wanna stay informed on the developments regarding this tourney! If this goes well, I might expand more on Club-exclusive events for the future.

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I'm so glad the Nobodies made it to Deathmatch, my favorite drag queens.  All the rest of these dorks are going down, especially the ones in group A.  I'm past these Down Since Day 0 for Oooooofy Day.  I'm looking at a couple of dorks named the Undisput-Ed's, me and Cha are going to write these jaborni's off the show for good.  Their story won't even be continued, as we'll make sure it doesn't even start.

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The following you are about to witness is a work of total fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the products of the creator's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual events or locales is not entirely coincidental. This program doesn't reflect the views or opinions of any person portrayed herein... Anyway, it's just posts!

March to Madness Tag Team Title Tournament #1: Round One

OMJ: 32 teams will duke it out to bring themselves ever so closer to the gold at the end of this rainbow that we call March to Madness! 16 matches! 1 night! Find out which teams advance right here, on Community Deathmatch!

Tvguy: Welcome morons, to the very first installment in our March to Madness Tag Team Title Tournament! 

OMJ: I will be your host for this inaugural episode! And joining me on commentary, the team that will be calling all the action throughout the entire tournament's proceedings! Making a very special, rare appearance together here on SBC for the first time in what feels like years! Allow me to reintroduce to you, SBC's original tag team, Tvguy and 70s!

70s: You killed me the last time I was on this show, OMJ. :bruh:

Tvguy: And I still have no direction since the last time I was on this show :awkward:

70s: Dylan, I know things between us may not have gone down in the most ideal way possible in the past, but I figured what better time to get reconnected than during a tournament to crown Community Deathmatch's first ever tag team champions!

Tvguy: Yes, all that war and drama is behind us now! We've both done a lot of growing up since 2011! We're different completely members now, one of us quite literally!

70s: Haha, yes. I am happy to report that Tvguy's balls finally split sometime during the latter half those six years!

Tvguy: :glare:

OMJ: All right you two, save all that pent up tension for the angry threesome with 70s' coworker later. Our opening bout of the evening is sure to be a sure fire snooze fest! SpongeBob & Patrick will make his first ever appearance in a Deathmatch ring to take on two members who are certainly no strangers to Community Deathmatch.

Tvguy: Although they like to act like they are!

70s: They are Darris XTMRage and World Travel, Team Rage!

The scene switches to somewhere backstage, where Darris and Travel are seen dressed up as doctors.


Darris: Hello, I'm Dr. XTMRage.

World Travel: And I'm Dr. Travel.

Darris: Doctor.

World Travel: Doctor.


Darris: And we're here tonight to discuss a possible epidemic facing both SpongeBob fansites.

World Travel looks over at his clipboard.

World Travel: It's called, "Likepostitis" [like-pohst-ayh-tis]

Darris: And much like Stupid, there's currently no cure for Likepostitis.

World Travel: Possible side effects may include; nausea and severe pains in both your neck and anal regions.

Darris: If you're pregnant or looking to get pregnant, you should avoid having contact with anyone spreading Likepostitis.

World Travel: Anybody with a heart condition is advised to promptly exit the topic should a case of Likepostitis flare up in said topic.

Darris: But don't just take our word for it. 


Darris: Take SpongeBob & Patrick's.

World Travel: We recently completed emergency brain surgery on SpongeBob's #1 Fan, the results of which were crazy.

Darris: It'd make you want to go insane, doesn't it, doctor?

World Travel: It does make me a little bit mental. The good news is, SpongeBob's #1 Fan died during surgery.

Darris: But SpongeBob's #1 Fan is not alone in this battle. Because tonight, we'll euthanize SpongeBob & Patrick.

Doctors XTMRage and Travel discuss their notes amongst themselves as the scene switches back to the commentary booth.

OMJ: Who would've thought we'd ever see Team Rage be the picture of perfect mental health?

70s: A lot sure has changed around here.

Tvguy: The chances of them being actual doctors are about as good SBU's chances were.



OMJ: Well, here they are. The first team to make their entrance for this tournament!

70s: It is interesting to note that Team Rage is not the only representatives of the ACS collective in this tournament.

Tvguy: You're actually right for once, 70s. They are just one of four teams competing in this tourney coming out of the Bullshit Club camp! Along with The Old Fucks, The Guerillas of Delta Queen and one half of The Masters of Shinjitzu, the Bullshit Club is certainly looking to increase their odds of winning the tag team titles!

OMJ: Well, they'll have to get through 28 other very capable teams, and quite possibly each other, in order to do just that, which includes this team coming out next!



SpongeBob and Patrick makes his way out to a lot of groans from the crowd.

70s: Certainly no shortage on love for this guy, is there?

Tvguy: "Love" is way too strong a word, Calvin- I mean, Travis. "Like" is more like it, and that's only because this moron throws likes around as if they grew on trees! For every like he gives, 10 more kids go hungry in Africa, I swear to god.

70s: Something else that's interesting to note, SpongeBob & Patrick

OMJ: Or as I like to call em, FAQ!

70s: is the first and only single person tag team competing in this tournament based on his SBM username alone. Certainly that must be handicap for him heading into this.

Tvguy : Let's face it, he joined this site with some handicaps already going in. Everyday since since joining has been an uphill battle for him, since the day he first went on a liking spree, which was also his first day here! 

OMJ: This kid has pretty much been on his own throughout his entire tenure here, don't let that shallow ass friends list of his fool you. And even through all of that, here he still is, competing on his own for a couple of titles that were built for two! You look at his opponents, and you see two guys who've always had each others back in every hostile situation they've found themselves in! Hell, if you wanna be a dick like me, you can even go so far as to say that these two are also one and the same because lol ACS! All in all, this match could really be anyone's game!

SpongeBob: Wow, are you two really doctors?

Darris: Would these outfits lie?

Patrick: Wait, are you telling me that clothes can LIE to you?!

Patrick grabs his trunks by the waistband and hoists it up, giving himself a wedgie.

Patrick: What haven't you been telling me?!

Darris and World Travel decide to use this opportunity to attack SpongeBob & Patrick as they're busy interrogating their clothes. Darris throws SpongeBob over the top rope and down onto the floor while World Travel follows suit kicking Patrick out of the ring with a vicious boot to the face.

Darris & World Travel: THREAT SPONGEBOB & PATRICK!

They shout out primally to a big pop and yays from the crowd before heading out of the ring themselves and following up on their assault.

70s: This match hasn't even officially started yet and Team Rage are already out for blood!

Tvguy: Speaking from experience, sometimes you just have to show be aggressive in order to show everyone that you mean business! It is no secret just how little credibility Team Rage has in the eyes of a good majority of our populace. Both of these teams, in fact! They have to be more than willing to actually back up their words if they want to see some desired results this time around in the Deathmatch Arena! SpongeBob & Patrick need to learn this too, but are they even teachable at this point, this far into their SBC careers?!

Darris and World Travel take turns hammering away at both of their opponents, both members frothing at the teeth and even pushing each other away just to get their own licks in. Darris grabs SpongeBob by the legs and positions him for a slingshot, proceeding sling SpongeBob right into a yakuza kick to the face courtesy of World Travel. The force of the kick sends SpongeBob right back onto the knees of a laying Darris, landing spine first. Darris holds SpongeBob in place, leaving him open and vulnerable enough to eat an elbow drop by World Travel right across the chest and neck, snapping him back over Darris' knees even more.mDarris grabs Patrick by the legs now and slingshots him right into the nearby steel ringpost face first. Patrick leans himself against the post in order to support himself, but World Travel comes right in for another yakuza kick, booting Patrick's head right back into the unforgiving steel, smashing his skull in between the ringpost and his boot. Patrick drops to the ground, wide eyed and initially unresponsive 


as SpongeBob crawls over to him to make sure he's okay, holding his back in pain as he does so.

World Travel: 2spooky me, good brother!


Darris: Everything we do...is just..2...SPOOKYYYYY!

Team Rage get back in the ring and discard their doctor get ups, taunting and challenging SpongeBob & Patrick to get back into the ring.

70s: Team Rage somehow proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the early goings of this tournament!

OMJ: Anybody can look good when paired up against the likes of SpongeBob's #1 Fan. ANYBODY.

SpongeBob manages to snap Patrick out of his stupor and they both support each other back up to their feet. They slowly climb their way up to their corner of the ring as Team Rage consult each other in their own corner. World Travel decides to start things off for his team. SpongeBob & Patrick are still cluelessly questioning each other about who will start for theirs, but World Travel comes charging in and pulls SpongeBob into the ring, throwing him over the top rope and right onto the ring mat. With World Travel making the decision for them, Clem finally calls for the bell. World Travel immediately takes Patrick of the ring apron with a stiff shot to the face in order to make sure that SpongeBob has nobody to tag in for the moment. Travel picks SpongeBob up and rams him spine first into the corner, shoulder thrusting him further into the corner turnbuckle before picking him right back up for a huge spine buster. Travels rolls back up, still holding to SpongeBob, and quickly charges him into Team Rage's corner. He holds SpongeBob in place as Darria tags himself in. Darria hits the opposite corner and runs into SpongeBob for a running drop kick to the face, snapping SpongeBob into the corner turnbuckle again. Darria backs up and gets down on one knee, deliberately sticking the other out. World Travel then back body drops SpongeBob into the air, causing SpongeBob to come crashing down onto Darris' knee spine first.

70s: What a sickening maneuver! Team Rage is making it a top priority to target the back of SpongeBob!

Tvguy: Who, ironically, is supposed to be an invertebrate! :whitney:

Darrow grabs both of SpongeBob's arms and pulls them back while simultaneously driving his knee deep into his spine. World Travel reaches out from his corner and manages to tag himself in. He proceeds to run the ropes as Darris holds SpongeBob in place for World Travel to kick in the face again, but SpongeBob manages to pull himself forward far enough to duck it, causing Travel to kick Darris in the face instead. This causes Darris to release SpongeBob, who manages to use World Travel's momentum to toss him out of the ring through the middle rope. SpongeBob pulls himself over to his FAQ's corner, where Patrick has just pulled himself back onto the apron for a tag. SpongeBob inches closer and closer, but before he can make contact with Patrick, Patrick is pulled back off the ring apron by World Travel and gets driven right into the nearby steel steps leading into the ring. World Travel re-enters the ring and punishes SpongeBob some more, keeping him isolated in Team Rage's side of the ring. He grabs SpongeBob by the neck with one hand and lifts him up for a choke slam, but SpongeBob manages to wiggle out and pulls Travel down by the arm to lock him into a No Escape, but Travel uses his superior strength to fight the battle weary SpongeBob off. However, SpongeBob manages to surprise the Team Rage member by sweeping the leg, causing him to roll backwards and leaving him open for a well placed kick to the skull.


This gives SpongeBob a moment to breathe, but with Patrick still not recovered from World Travel's last assault, he has no choice but to continue putting the pressure on Travel in order to prevent him from tagging a fresh Darris back in. SpongeBob goes back to work, fully locking Travel into the No Escape this time in the middle of the ring.


World Travel starts to tap out, but it won't be enough to save him. Darris runs in to make the save, but SpongeBob sees him coming and let's go. SpongeBob rolls away, allowing Darris to come over and hit his own partner on accident. SpongeBob uses the distraction to make his way back to his corner, where Patrick is back up and cheering SpongeBob on. SpongeBob gets warmer and warmer until he's on fire, but Patrick just stands there looking at him funny. Not even so much as reach out his hand for a tag.

Patrick: What are you doing?

SpongeBob: I'm tagging you in!

Patrick: Ooh! Is this a game?! Can I play?!

SpongeBob: Patrick! We've already been playing!

Patrick: Well this game is stupid. I've gotten nothing but hurt the whole time!

SpongeBob: Patrick! We are competing for our LIVES here!

Patrick: Well, how many lives do we have left?

SpongeBob: Our ONE life to live!

Patrick: This is really putting me on the spot, SpongeBob! You really should've came for my help earlier.

SpongeBob: Well, are you gonna help or not?!

Patrick: Well, I guess so, since you're just THAT helpless.

SpongeBob: ...Alright then tag in.

Patrick places his hand in the air.

SpongeBob: Tag in.

Patrick puts his hand in his pocket.

SpongeBob: TAG in.

Patrick puts his hand on the turnbuckle.

SpongeBob: Tag IN.

Patrick puts his hand back up in the air.


SpongeBob goes to slap him in the face, but Darris and World Travel grab him by the legs to drag him back to their corner.

Darris: Take a fucking hint already and just die!

World Travel: You guys wouldn't know what a  hint was even if it held you by the hand!

Darris: It doesn't matter how many people you stalk on your friends list. You ain't cool. You're lame!

SpongeBob: Lame?! What's that?

World Travel: Lame! You're geeks! Creeps! Babies! And especially NAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRDSSS!

SpongeBob & Patrick: Not nards!

Patrick: Nobody calls me nards!

Patrick reaches all the way out and finally tags himself in.

Darris and World Travel are shocked to see this as they drop SpongeBob's legs to shift their focus on Patrick, who ducks a a double clothesline attempt from Team Rage before firmly liking both members of the Bullshit Club from behind, thumbs upping right into the annals of their anal cavities.

Patrick: Well you two are just a couple of ASSHOLES! EEEEYUUUHHH!


Patrick grunts as he drops both of his opponents onto the back of their heads with an assplex of sorts.

70s: It seems that a fire has finally been lit under the ass of Patrick, who, as far as I'm aware, probably still can't grasp the life or death situation that he and SpongeBob are in! But bless his heart for at least putting up a fight! Why, I haven't seen that maneuver being used since after I last went to Best Buy a couple days ago!

OMJ: SpongeBob & Patrick finally putting those likes to some good use!

Tvguy: Well, they did say that one of the side effects of Likepostitis is an acute pain in the ass!

SpongeBob goes to finally take a breather in his corner as Patrick goes to work on both their opponents at the same time. First, by taking Darris back down with a jumping hammerlock DDT


and then clocking World Travel with an enzuigiri kick.


Darris runs the ropes to gain some momentum for a big move, but Patrick quickly puts a halt to that with a giant fist.



Patrick turns around to see World Travel stirring back to his fist.



The giant fist is powerful enough to knock Travel back into FAQ's corner. Patrick sizes Travel up for a running knee to the face with SpongeBob also getting in on it with an enzuigiri kick to the back of World Travel's head, SpongeBob & Patrick connecting their moves at the same time.

70s: Just look at the synergy between these two!

OMJ: This is exactly what this tag team title tournament is all about! The connections that these members can make between one another!

Tvguy: Kinda easy to do when you're both one person but ok.

Patrick pulls Travel in for another big move, but Darris comes from behind with a kick below the belt.

OMJ: What an underhanded cheap shot right there, a blatant disregard for the rules that I've laid down for this arena!

Tvguy: um you're the fucking guy who beat Shin half to death outside of active competition.

OMJ: That was a special fucking exception and you know it!

World Travel grabs Patrick for a suplex, hoisting him up so that his legs would drape over Darris' shoulder.


70s: Team Rage looking to be going right for the kill here!

OMJ: It's Team Rage's trademark finishing maneuver, The Joy Killer! It takes a certain amount of joy to avoid certain death when it comes to this proven SBC career ender!

Tvguy: The last time this move was used, Mermaid Magic was still a mod. Now look at her!? You can't, because her joy for this site died that day! It was the real reason why she left!

Before Team Rage could fully engage the Joy Killer, SpongeBob comes in and super kicks World Travel right in the face.


This knocks World Travel out of the ring and frees Patrick, who proceeds to make Darris pay for his low blow with a spike hurricanrana down into the mat.


SpongeBob & Patrick retreat to opposite corners of the ring, realizing the position they now find themselves in. They both signal for something big.


OMJ: I think SpongeBob & Patrick may have just found



Darris' head explodes upon impact, scattering blood and brain matter all around the ring. Clem wastes no time in simply raising both SpongeBob & Patrick's hands in victory.


SpongeBob & Patrick: tumblr_ojg78ft9ok1vxmjuao8_r1_400.gif

70s: What a match. What an effort put out by both of these teams.

Tvguy: What an effort by 70s to not sound so phoned in!

OMJ: There we you have it, folks! The first team to advance in this Tag Team Title tournament! Who would've thought? And that was just one of the sixteen matches that we have in store you tonight! Total nonstop action! All the drama you could ever want! The plentiful laughs that are in store! Let us take this moment to fully take in what could've been.

Tvguy & 70: ???

2. The Undisput-ED (Buttered Toast & SpongeEdd with Ededdeddyfan) defeats The New Dump (Big Meaty Claws & Karate Sponge with President Squidward) after The Weenies (Kaiju & BooBooKeys) came out to attack Prez, who was at ringside in The New Dump's corner. The distraction led to Karate succumbing to Total Ed-limination.

3. TBC (Aya & Cha) defeats Ooooooofy Day (Ooooooofy & Puffy Fluffy) after Cha, who spent much of the match seemingly hesitant to kill Ooooooofy, killed Ooooooofy with Dirty Weebs in cold blood to show her solidarity to Aya.

4. The Weenies (Kaiju & BooBooKey) vs The Original Fry Cooks (hilaryfan80 & Face) couldn't take place after Big Meaty Claws and Prez attacked The Weenies and they brawled to the back. After some more bullshit, Spongedude comes out with his brother, Spongey34, and they offer to take The Weenies' place in the tourney.

5. The Original Fry Cooks (hilaryfan80 & Face) defeats Spongedude & Spongey34 after hilaryfan80 kills Spongey with The Sponge Treatment. TBC (Aya & Cha) come out after the match to attack Spongedude before trading words with hilaryfan80 & Face. Damn shame this couldn't be written out.

6. Jjaysden (Jjs & Hayden) defeats Friendship is Magic (Metal Snake & Spongetron) after Hayden and Jjs kills Tron by double power bombing her neck-first onto the ring apron. Jjs and Hayden came to the ring with a special Drake & Josh entrance. Oh, if only that had been fleshed out. Too bad it was too long.

7. The Nobodies (CDCB & CF) vs Clappy & WhoBob was changed at the last minute after Clappy buried his own partner and replaced him with a returning Terminoob. They both proceeded to bury CDCB & CF in quick fashion.

8. The Return (Person & Spongebobiscool) defeats The Old Fucks (Grandmaster & Odysseus) after Person & Sbiscool killed Grandmaster with The Trap Door.

9. Doctor Sex & Big D vs The Wolves (Yamcha & Heffer Wolfe) was changed at the last minute after Elastic made his return to replace the long forgotten Big D and team with his real life buddy Sex for the first time in Deathmatch history. They proceeded to win aft Elastic killed Yamcha with The Locust Abortion.

10. The Standard (Coney & Pokemonpants) defeats The Guerillas of Delta Queen (Digital Shadow & Headhunter) after Coney kills Shadow with an SBC Kick.

11. The Todd Squad (Wumbo & Fred) defeats The Bigot & The Zealot (Todd Phillips & The DS Guy) after Fred kills Todd with a Go To Sleep.

12. Katnisslovesnuggets (Katniss & Nuggets) defeats Insanity (Rugrats1 & one of his other accounts) after Nuggets kills Rugrats with The Dimension Hopper.

13. The Supremacy (Renegade & Donald Trump) defeats The Contradiction after Renegade kills Jelly with The White Mass.

14. ShopBuddy Mania (LegoSpongy & Bagel with BrickSponge) defeats Steel & Newleaffan after Lego and Bagels nail both of their opponents with The Super Crossover.

15. A Lil Tempered vs The Wolverine & Jaleco is changed at the last minute when Wolverine replaces Jaleco with his new tag team partner, The Great Server. A Lil Tempered would go on to defeat The Greats SpongeBob Fans to Ever Join after Hot Tempered kills Wolverine with The Hot Take.

16. The Masters of Shinjitzu (Shinya Succamura & ACS) defeats The Groupies (Homie & Grubby Grouper) after ACS kills Grubby with the Bipolar Forearm.

17. The World Championship Shoutboxers (JCM & Trophy) defeats Basic Platonics (E.V.I.L. & Fa) after Trophy kills Fa with a Trophy Deliver from the ring apron onto the arena floor. Did Trophy shittalk Fa and Omair for being Steelers fans? Who knows?

This was what you wanted.



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Community Deathmatch Tag Team Title Tournament #2: Round Two Part One

Tvguy and 70s welcomes us to Round Two of the Community Deathmatch Tag Team Title Tournament, once again trading thinly veiled barbs at each other and recapping the events leading into this round before sending us down to the ring for the first match of the night.

Promo #1: Before the proper introductions can commence, we are treated to a backstage promo from The Undisput-Ed, recorded earlier in the day. They claim that despite their numbers advantage, they are still to be considered underdogs against the juggernaut that is SpongeBob SquarePants. The go on to say that SpongeBob & Patrick is pretty nifty metaphor to how fans view the show as a whole, they're the little engines that could but nobody likes them now, their shtick was good the first three times, but that it's gotten way past expiration by now. The Undisput-Ed is here to SHOCK THE SYSTEM, and what better way to do just that than by killing SpongeBob and Patrick tonight. Ededdeddyfan finishes it off by guaranteeing that what they did to Karen and Plankton will pale compared to what they'll do next.

Match #1: SpongeBob and Patrick are out first, liking the crowd more than the crowd is liking them. They're followed by The Undisput-Ed (Buttered Toast, SpongeEdd & Ededdeddyfan), who have a special entrance lined up as The Flying Eduardo brothers. They do their little circus routine and make it rain quarters as Ededdeddyfan leads the crowd in

Ededdeddyfan & the crowd: EDDY BAYBAYYYYY!

The match begins and it's mostly in favor of The Undisput-Ed, but SpongeBob & Patrick both do manage to get their hope spots in here and there. Patrick gets the hot tag once again and cleans house like how he cleans his in the show, but he ends up getting distracted by Ededdeddyfan, who gets up on the ring apron and calls him and SpongeBob "Dork". This riles Patrick up much like being called "Nards" did in their last match against Team Rage. Patrick goes to hit Ededdeddyfan with THEGIANTFIST, but the Ed ducks it, grabs Patrick's arm and hops of the apron, hyperextending Patrick's arm sickeningly over the top rope. Buttered Toast and SpongEdd, who have just finished taking SpongeBob out of the equation, double teams Patrick and proceed to kill him with Total Ed-limination. 

Post Match #1: The Undisput-Ed's celebrate their victory Flying Eduardo style before charging the ring again and attacking SpongeBob, who was helping tend to his slain partner. Buttered Toast and SpongeEdd hold SpongeBob up on his knees, making him bow before them and for Ededdeddyfan to super kick him right in the bucked teeth. The Undisput-Ed head onto the next round with plenty of momentum.

Promo #2: The OG Fry Cooks (hilaryfan80 & Face) are shown on their coding farm somewhere in Butt Crack, Kentucky. hilaryfan80 talks about how they tend to the servers like they them full time jobs, because somebody's gotta do it. They been here for as long as they have cuz they put in that work, see, they get shit done, man. Sheeit, dem boys are the main reason this community haven't been put out to pasture yet. They talk about how Aya tossing away the SpongeBob Universal Title was like throwing a dookie in they's faces. Face says that when "The Kentucky Fried Chicken" gets in dat ring, he's like a chicken without its head, he'll go wild, he'll go all out before he even thinks bout dying man, sheeit! hilaryfan80 says that dem boys are fittin to put TBC through maintenance and that unlike the site, they won't be continuing once that maintenance shit is done with. Dem boys will finally be rewarded for that hard work in gold. SHEEIT!

Promo #3: Aya and Cha are shown to be in Aya's blog fondling their TBC contributions for like the thousandth time this week and that's about it.

Match #2: The OG Fry Cooks and TBC make their respective regular entrances and the match begins. It's a pretty even match up until Aya challenges The Fry Cook's mettle by saying she's much better as a mod on SBM than they ever could be as admins for SBC. hilaryfan80 and Face start to get real technical with they shit, taking Aya and Cha on a crash course to coding school. hilaryfan80 and Face have Aya laid out in the middle of the ring, primed and reading for one of their patented FBI Warnings, but Cha comes in split second and pushes Aya out of danger, taking the full force of the warning herself. The warning is enough to kill Cha and the OGs are rewarded the victory!

Post Match #2: Aya heads up the ramp, disappointed obvi. She still flaunts her TBC Universal Title and SBM Mod Badge to show that she's still amounted to more than The OGs have. She's suddenly attacked from behind by Spongedude, who hits her with his trademark One Percenter right onto the steel entrance ramp. Aya's still breathing, but Spongedude, using his executive power as SBM admin, takes her SBM mod badge away from her. The crowd immediately voices their displeasure.


Spongedude: I disagree.


Spongedude: I'm very good.


Spongedude: I disagree.


Spongedude: You wish you could.

Spongedude then picks up the TBC Universal Title, possibly contemplating even taking that away from her, as well.

Spongedude: I'll be taking this soon enough

He drapes the TBC Universal title over her before facing his ass at her for like three minutes and then finally deciding to leave with her mod badge in tow.

Tvguy ribs 70s some more before finally discussing what kind of implications this may have on SBM. But who cares about that! We've got a tourney to finish!

Promos #'s 3 & 4: Jjsden are first shown backstage, putting over their friendship like they usually. They proved that the magic of Spongetron and Luke's friendship was a mere fallacy compared to the magic of theirs. Their friendship isn't some Criss Angel bullshit, their friendship is the real deal, real fairy tale ending Disney stuff! They proceed to bury the friendship Clappy and Termi have, but their promo is promptly interrupted by a "Burial brought to you by your friends at D-Generation Xat". Clappy and Termi proceed to bury Jjsden's friendship twice as hard, but Jjs and Hayden barge into the room they're in personally and reprimand Clappy and Termi for putting themselves over their scheduled promo! Hayden says that it's high time that somebody buries them for once and that he and his best friend, jjs, are the ones that can and will do just that! Captcha comes in to get between the two teams before anybody else can get buried.

Match #3: Jjsden and D-Generation Xat both make their respective entrances and things finally GET IT ON! Clappy and Termi more or less dominate the match up, both using their mastery at debates and of their maturity to always be a couple steps ahead of their opponents. Termi starts to accumulate more likes from the crowd than Clappy, whose displeasure about it shows more and more as the match goes on. Jjs and Hayden both take note of it and proceed to manipulate the crowd into liking Termi more by shifting both of their attention entirely on him and deliberately leaving Clappy out of the match. They take control and keep Termi isolated in their corner for a good bit before Termi finally debates his way out of it and reaches his corner for a hot tag to Clappy, who proceeds to hop off the apron and leaves Termi hanging high and dry. Termi and Clappy get into a heated debate over Clappy making this tag, but Hayden comes over and interrupts it accordingly. Jjs and Hayden proceed to have their way with Termi before finally killing him with another devastating double powerbomb neck first onto the ring apron, the hardest part of the ring.

Post-Match #3: Jjs and Hayden- NO! Hayden AND jjs hug each other, brothaaaa! They head into the next round with wins over two elite SBC tag teams under their belts. Meanwhile, Clappy coldly leaves Termi's beard behind as he heads to the back. He says to the camera that he will make sure he's there for when they bury the body.

Promo #5: The Return (Spongebobiscool & Person) are shown backstage, talking all about how after Hillenburg left SpongeBob the first time, the quality of the show went down. But now that he's back, the quality is back up to where it used to be. They want all their proud Hilleburg people to let them know that they're with them on that sentiment. And just like Stephen, they're finally back following their last loss on Community Deathmatch (cookie for those that remember) and Community Deathmatch will start putting out quality episodes once again because they are Top Quality guys, the exact opposite of their opponents here tonight! No Turds, Just Hillenburgs! SAY YEAH!

Match #4: The Return are out first and they have the full support of the pre-movie and post-second movie crowd! Elastic and Sex are out next and they have the support of just about everyone else! The Return use their superior cohesion and old school SpongeBob tactics to their advantage over Elastic and Sex, who have some trouble of their own, bickering over mundane things like which member of the Insane Clown Posse is the best or some kind of shit like that. But ultimately, it's their shared love of the most obscure shit of any genre that eventually allows them to overpower The Return. They manage to kill Person when Sex lays him out with a Sex Driver, leaving Person open for a Money Shot by Elastic from the top ropes.

Post-Match #4: Sex brings the hos he chatted with on PSN into the ring to celebrate their victory. Elastic gets on the mic and says that the subjects of his next SBC Porno (which was a real thing he made, go find it) will be Jjs and Hayden. Their celebration is cut short when The OBAB Show, of all people, makes his way out. He enters the ring and Chokespams all the hos that Sex brought with him before effortlessly fighting off Sex and Elastic's efforts to pacifiy him and ends up Chokespamming both Sex and Elastic simultaneously. He even takes the time to chokespam Spongebobiscool for good measure. Tvguy and 70s play up the whether or not OBAB was sent out here by Jjsden to do serious damage to their competition.

In-Ring Promo #1: OBAB takes Elastic's mic and says that this SBC Porno just became just another episode of The OBAB Show real fucking quick. He says that he can do this because he's a GIANT ASSHOLE before proceeding to call out "The Worst Incarnate" ZaidCatDog to meet him in this ring face-to-face, wanting to see just who really is "The Worst" around here.


To be continued in Part 2 later tonight!

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In-Ring Promo #1: Back from break, we see OBAB is still in the ring, practically holding the show hostage at this point. He yells repeatedly that "THIS IS NOT A SPAM! ;) " until ZaidCatDog's music finally hits the turntable, but it isn't Zaid that comes out to it. It is none other than Zaid's advocate, Tropical Nards. He has a microphone handed over to him as he cautiously enters the ring with OBAB. Nards puts OBAB over as a force to be reckoned with here on Community Deathmatch. He mentions how, much like his client Zaid, OBAB has managed to take all his negatives and faults and turned them into pure, raw, positive strength here on Community Deathmatch. However, The OBAB Show still comes nowhere close to where Zaid can be on his best day, let alone his worst. So Nards implores OBAB to just drop the issue for his own sake. OBAB, however, makes things completely personal by pulling out Zaid's new(ish) HP Pavillion Intel Core i5 Laptop. Nards' heart sinks as he sees what OBAB has done and demands where he got that. OBAB says he got it from the very same blog post that started this whole six way match nonsense. Nards demands it back and even approaches OBAB to take by force if he has to, but OBAB quickly puts a stop to that and wraps his giant hand around his throat, saying that if Zaid wants it back, he'll come take it himself! OBAB Chokespams Nards in the middle of the ring. He steps over Nards' body, leaving him laying with Zaid's laptop in hand.

Match #5: In a little break from the tournament match ups, we have a special singles match-up schedule to take place right now. 

#swag makes his way out first for his first Community Deathmatch debut. The crowd starts singing along to totally not hilaryfan80/Face's music. Tvguy brings up how the song is actually about a chick getting a blowjob and uses it to throw more shade 70s' way.

"Velveteenj...VIEW IT!"

The Velveteenj makes his long awaited Deathmatch return since his first victory against Dragiiin back in 2013. The bell sounds and this singles match gets underway. The Velveteenj is on the ball the entire time, refusing to give #swag much room breathe. Velveteenj wants #swag to "view my work!", but #swag stays true to himself by refusing to look at any one of teenj's spinoffs. Teenj makes him pay for his insolence by hitting him with The Bold Statement which sets #swag for a fatal Miss Appear, one of teenj's biggest hits to date! #swag dies immediately first viewing.

Post Match #5: The Velveteenj grabs a microphone. He says that while OMJ is bitching and complaining about how everybody's not reading one of the already most viewed lits in SBC history, he has crafted an entire universe, a Velveteenj Universe, all from scratch, all original and all natural. Yet, nobody has taken note to what he has contributed. He's tired of having the same two regulars actually taking note. He's tired of having his works shallowly nominated by people who probably haven't entered any of his threads even once. He wants everyone to view his work. And he won't be denied that recognition any longer.

Promo #6: The Standard (Coney and Pokemonpants) are shown on set in SBC Land or whatever the fuck kind of lame name it is that their shows take place in. They say that they don't just set the standard for SBC Lits, they are THE STANDARD OF SBC LITS! And that Chalet and The Marvelous Misadventures of PatBack will look like mere child's play compared the work they'll put out tonight.

Match #6: The Standard comes out wearing matching character sheets to show their solidarity as a tag team. The Todd Squad are out next and I don't watch nearly enough Todd to give them a special entrance of any sort. It's fairly even match up for the early goings, but Wumbo and Fred use their catch as catch can reviewing style to quickly overshadow "the work" that Coney and Pokemonpants are putting out rot now. The finish comes when Pokemonpants is incapacitated and Wumbo sets Coney up for a Coral Driver. Wumbo holds Coney in place so that Fred can come off the top rope and add an extra splash to it, making it a double Coral Driver that kills Coney instantly.

Post-Match #6: The Todd Squad proceed to celebrate their victory, as they should, when suddenly 


METAL SNAKE SLITHERS INTO THE RING WITH A LUNCHABLES ON WUMBO OUT NOWHERE! Fred doesn't even have time to respond accordingly due to how out of nowhere it was and how quickly Metal Snake slithered the fuck out of there. Fred can only help tend to Wumbo as Metal Snake gets on top the commentary booth and poses for the crowd. Tvguy and 70s didn't even see him coming.


Promo #7: Renegade is seen backstage with his tag team partner Donald Trump, as well as his secret service. They proceed to say things that's sure to ruffle some feathers so I won't repeat it here.

Backstage Segment #1: Fred and a mr dr professor are seen tending to Wumbo as he's still reeling from the Lunchables he took at the hands of Metal Snake. They are joined by Katniss and Nuggets, who share their for concern for Wumbo following such a sneaky attack, but he assures them that he'll be fine. Wumbo and Fred wishes them luck in their match later on tonight, Wumbo especially wanting them to kick Ren's ass for him.

Match #7: Katnisslovenuggets make their way out first to a big ovation. They are followed by Renegade and Trump of The Supremacy, who do have a special entrance for themselves.



The bell rings and Katniss and Ren start things off for their respective teams. Ren has a strategy where he tags in Trump, whose status as the current president of the United States makes him a top priority for the secret service to prevent having any harm done onto him, so every time The Donald gets tagged in, his secret service comes in full force and they do the dirty work for him. Nuggets does manage to get a big time drop kick in on The Donald, but that's about all the damage the president will take in this match. The end comes when Ren gets tagged back in and he proceeds to have his way with Katniss. Ren showers Trump with praises for each bit of offense he gets in to huge heat from the crowd. Katniss fights back and manages to get a hot tag to Nuggets, forcing a tired out Ren to go tag in Donald, but the secret service sees this as an attack on the president and they proceed to mob Ren! Ren begs for the president to call them off, but Trump allows it to continue. 

Trump gets on the mic and calls Ren a "disaster" and a "rapist straight from Mexico". He says that "without me, gone!" and that Ren's works are "a dumping ground for the SpongeBob Community". He finally exclaims that fire and fury awaits anyone and everyone who dare get in the way of Jjs and Hayden's path to the Deathmatch Tag Team Titles. And with that huge endorsement, Donald Trump finally unmasks himself to reveal...JJSTHEKID! A legit surprise unmasking that you simply will not find even in jjs' Undersea Mysteries Incorporated. Jjs' "secret service" reveal themselves to be OWM and SBL! SBL nails Renegade with a clothesline straight to the nether, leaving him at the mercy of Nuggets, who cannot for the life of him make out what just happened in front of him. He's hesitant to make a move, perhaps out of pity for the Unicorn, but Katniss reaches over and voluntarily tags herself in! She approaches Ren with rage in her eyes. Ren attempts to sway Katniss away from what she's about to do by posting a video for music that she just does not like. It's the final straw for her as she proceeds to kill Renegade with The Procrastinator, ironically wasting little to no time in doing so.

Post-Match #7: Nuggets is low key shocked at what Katniss just did to secure her team the victory. But before they could even let that moment fully sink in, jjs sends OWM and SBL back in to continue their assault on Katnisslovesnuggets, beating the shit out of both of them. Jjs gets in both their faces

Jjs: Hayden sends his regards!

OWM and SBL each hold Katniss and Nuggets up in separate corners of the ring for Jjs to hit them both with a Helluva Kick! The final two teams of Bracket C are both looking defeated heading into the next round.

Promo #8: The Artisans of Pain (Brick, Bagels and Lego Spongy) are seen in the topic of the real SBM Show as Lego runs down the competition and how their contributions are nothing like how they each single-handedly brought artisan artistry to the long running trash heap that is SBM. Their opponents have contributed nothing but a selfie and some shit status updates. Tonight shall mark the end of A Lil Tempered's story arc in their grand scheme of things.

Match #8: The Artisans of Pain are out first. Brick and Bagels are representing the team in the ring this time around with Lego at ringside to provide support. A Lil Tempered are out next and the arena becomes unglued in what is perhaps the biggest pop and the most likes of the night so far. The "10!" chants are on full blast for Hot Tempered as Lilcorey takes a bathroom selfie with the crowd. He hands his snapback off to a lucky guest in the audience. The match commences and The Artisans of Pain use their higher post counts and stronger contributions to have A Lil Tempered on the ropes for majority of the match. The end comes when Brick and Bagels both attempt to finish their opponents off simultaneously with a Super Crossover, however, Tempered and Corey both manage to hurricanrana their way out of the fatal maneuver. Corey plants Brick on the mat while Tempered manages to hurricanrana Bagels out of the ring. Lilcorey Snap Backs Brick and leaves him for Hot Tempered to finish off with a Hot Take as he proceeds to dive over the top rope and moonsaults onto Bagels before he could intervene. The referee calls for the bell and A Lil Tempered moves onto the finals of Bracket B!

Post-Match #8: Lilcorey and Hot Tempered celebrate their victory in the crowd for a genuinely feel good moment of the night. Hot Tempered gives members of the audience 10s while Corey hands out more snapbacks and bathroom selfies.

Backstage Segment #2: Shin is seen in his ask thread when ACS enters the topic and approaches him. ACS tells Shin that they both now have a common enemy in OMJ, so now more than ever, they should be a united front. ACS reminds Shinya that he proved how trustworthy he can be when he saved Shin from Grubby during their last match. ACS says that they're gonna be competing against one of OMJ's "boys", Trophy, up next. He says that now is the best time to strike back against the old man. Shin says that ACS stole the kill for them last time. This time, Trophy is his.

Promo #9: The World Championship Shoutboxers (JCM & Trophy) are shown in the shoutbox. They make plenty of sports metaphors and whatnot. Oh, and Trophy says that this is ACS and Shin's last chance to go home, or else he'll finish what OMJ started. JCM sarcastically concurs that that's what he's gonna do too.

Match #9: The Masters of Shinjitzu make separate entrances on their way to the ring. ACS is out first, to an increasingly warm reaction from the crowd. A far cry from the mehs and jeers of yesteryears. Shinya Succamura is out next for his team. The crowd jizzes themselves and they sing along to the many memes he's started as "The King of Gangnam Style" makes his grand entrance to the ring without interruption. Trophy is out next, back to the status quo of receiving no likes. He is followed by his partner, JCM, who the crowd CAN get behind. The bell rings and the match itself is very back and forth. ACS and Shin both try to get their licks in on Trophy all while keeping the powerhouse JCM at bay. The Trash Man antagonizes them mercilessly while JCM remains a constant and immediate threat to their survival. The finish sees ACS desperately fighting off JCM in the ring while Shin and Trophy trade blows on the outside. JCM lines ACS up for a huge Bump. Shinya manages to kick Trophy over the security barricade and into the crowd. He attempts to go after him, but he looks over and sees ACS is in trouble. He looks back to Trophy and see that The Trash Man has already taken off in an attempt to lead him away from the action inside of the ring, but Shinya let's Trophy fuck off and heads back to the ring. ACS turns around right into a huge Bump, but Shinya cuts in and clocks JCM right in the face with a thunderous knee strike that he calls The Shinshasa. The momentum and speed that both members were moving at served only to increase the severity of the hit. JCM is lying motionless in the ring as Trophy's jaw drops from the crowd. ACS looks on in shock and awe as the referee awards them the hard fought victory.

Post-Match #9: Shinya offers ACS a hand to help him back up to his feet, but ACS whacks his hand away and chooses to get up out of his own power.

ACS: Nice try, Shinjitzu!

But ACS does give Shin a like as a gesture of thanks and Shin responds by taking a bow. ACS leaves the ring on his own. Shin remains in the ring and memes for the crowd to send them home happy as they sing along. Tvguy and 70s hype up the next round of tag title tournament, which will see the two remaining teams of each bracket compete to move on to the semifinals. The broadcast signs off.


Matches for the next round:


The Undisput-Ed vs The Original Fry Cooks
Jjsden vs Doggy Style
The Todd Squad vs Katnisslovesnuggets
A Lil Tempered vs The Masters of Shinjitzu

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Community Deathmatch Tag Team Title Tournament #3: Round Three

Backstage Segment #1: Aya is seen being invited to a private conversation with Abney. She immediately bitches about how Spongedude has been actively undermining her as a colleague and that continually meddles with her both her SBM mod and Universal Title runs. Abney is much too busy trying to fight off these blackmail attempts about something from his past and preserving his Mario Kart records to pay anything else any mind, but he does inform her that Spongedude has agreed to give Aya her SBM mod privileges back...if she can prove herself worthy f the position by surviving the gauntlet he has laid out for her tonight.

Tvguy and 70s welcome us tonight's festivities, throwing shade at each other as ever. They recap the events of the last round and preview the third round matches that are to take place tonight. They wonder just how well The Undisput-Ed's anti-SpongeBob rhetoric will clash with the very pro-SpongeBob stance of The Original Fry Cooks, whether or not The Obscurities will be able to overcome a Jjsden onslaught following a vicious attack at the hands of The OBAB Show, if Metal Snake's blindside attack of Wumbo will have any effect on his performance tonight, just where do Nuggets and Katniss stand following what looked like adisagreement between the two, and if ACS and Shinya have finally found the common ground necessary to take on two of the best members to join SBC.


In-Ring Promo #1: Community Deathmatch has finally become GO-RIOUS as Supermandude makes his entrance for his Deathmatch debut! He grabs a mic and sings praises to Teen Titans Go! and buries Steven Universe, but he does take the time to put SpongeBob over big time too. He is interrupted by



4EverGreen, who also gets on a microphone and runs down the current Cartoon Network line-up, which is mostly Teen Titans Go!, and he thanks Dude for his irrelevant opinion (rolleyes). This incites Supermandude and we have ourselves a minute melee with two members stepping into the Deathmatch ring for the very first time in their SBC careers. 

Match #1: Spongedude pulls off the victory in a pretty one-sided matchup, using his impenetrable defense of TTG to completely block out 4EG's tired jabs at the network. 4EG attempts to "respect Supermandude's opinion" by pulling out an opinion of his own and shoving it down Dude's throat. He really shoves his opinion down in there, but Supermandude manages to counter it into a fatal Go-rious DDT for the win!

In-Ring Promo #2: The Undisput-Ed come out in special Mucky Boys gear.They run SpongeBob and Stephen Hillburg through the muck again, once again mocking his ALS diagnosis. The OG Fry Cooks interrupt their tirade and hilaryfan80 puts them on full blast with a topic dedicated entirely to shut them up. Face says that the technicalities are out the door now, man. Tonight, "The Kentucky Fried Chicken" is fittin to bust out some Red Hair Kung Fu up they ass!

Match #2: The Original Fry Cooks defeat The Undisput-Ed when Ededdeddyfan accidentally knocks SpongeEdd out with his mucky wrench and Face responds in kind by knocking Ededdeddyfan out with a crane kick. Face and hilaryfan80 then kill Buttered Toast off with a Double Maintenance! The OG Fry Cooks will move on to the semifinals representing their bracket.

Promo #1: Jjs and Hayden say that they did the impossible when they buried both Clappy AND Termi, but they reiterate that with their friendship, ANYTHING is possible. Jjs brings up his history with Elastic, putting him over as a pretty good writing partner during the Raping Rampage's early days, he had to carry Elastic's ass for majority of the lit's run. Jjs says that what they accomplished together is nothing compared to what he's achieved with Hayden by his side. Jjs digs into Elastic, saying he left him behind for the glitz and glamour of real life friendships, but what does Elastic have to show for it? Nothing, because he has none! Elastic gave up a real best friend and now he must pay the price for it. Jjs says he still sees Elastic as a friend, he's just not what he would consider "best friend material". Hayden chimes in, saying that nobody, not even real life "best friends" like Elastic and Sex, can put an end to Jjsden. Their friendship will stand supreme above all others once they raise those tag team titles up in victory.

In-Ring Promo #3: Doggy Style (Elastic and Sex) make their entrance with cameras in hand and 3D glasses over their eyes. Elastic gets on a mic and says that he's about to post a very special episode of SBC Pornos titled "Best Friends with Benefits" and the crowd in attendance will get to see the full taping for it live right here tonight! Jjsden with the timely interruption. They garner even more heat by destroying Elastic's cameras and waste no time in getting the match started with a vicious pre-match assault. The referee finally calls for the bell once the initial scuffle settles.

Match #3: Jjsden defeats Doggy Style when Elastic and Sex attempts to kill Hayden with a 3D through a turntable, but Jjs makes the save for his best friend and Hayden dispatches Sex by power bombing him through the turntable, himself. Jjs and Hayden double team Elastic, leading to jjs eventually killing his former best friend with a hateful Helluva Kick as Hayden holds Elastic in place in the corner.

Post-Match #1: Jjs and Hayden's- NO! Hayden and Jjs' celebration is cut short by The OG Fry Cooks. The two bitter rivals exchange heated unpleasantries ahead of their semifinal match up.

In-Ring Promo #4: Spongedude makes his entrance, joined by none other than PhillipB. He gets on the mic and says that Aya's mettle as moderator won't be the only thing being tested tonight. As a role model for his SpongeBob fansite, he has taken it upon himself to also test his mettle as an admin. He calls out his first opponent, TheDivertRealm, who proceeds to make a thread designed to garner foreigner heel heat that is too trashy for even The Dump.


Match #4: Spongedude makes quick work of Divert, killing him almost instantly with The One Percenter.

Spongedude gets back on the mic and calls for his next opponent to come out now.


Baloo makes his way out next, trying to get Baloo over as a meme for some godforsaken reason and also saying that Gaston killed Mufasa with his chest hair and plenty of biceps to spare. He enters the ring and is immediately put down with another One Percenter by Spongedude, who buries Baloo's trashier than the trash assertion immediately afterward, saying that lions have more chest hair and muscle to spare than a human duh :rolleyes: Spongedude gets back on the mic and asks for his last opponent to make themselves known.



A very pissed off President Squidward is revealed to be Spongedude's last opponent in this gauntlet match. He is joined by his New Dump partner, Big Meaty Claws. Prez gets in the ring and puts up a better fight than the first two, but the tide of match up changes drastically with the untimely arrival of


Kaiju! BooBoo! The Dank Meme, Bros! They march down to the ring and hammer in their memes through BMC's body. They pull Prez out of the ring now and do the very same to him. Two-thirds of The New Dump are laid to waste at the end of The Dank Meme, Bros' mallets. They leave promptly, giving Spongedude the opportunity to kill Prez off with a third and final One Percenter for the third and final victory of his gauntlet!

Post-Match #2: Spongedude gets back on the mic one more time, saying that'll he'll "look into the Kaiju and BooBooKeys situation" rather half-heartedly before suspending Divert, Baloo and Prez all for a week instead.


Spongedude: I disagree!


Spongedude: I'm very good!


Spongedude: I disagree :rolleyes:


Spongedude: So misunderstood B) 

Backstage Segment #2: Katniss is seen unloading in the shoutbox when Nuggets comes onto the scene and says that they need to talk about what happened during the last round. Nuggets says that Kat took things too far last time, that she's playing right into what Jjs and Hayden have planned. Kat says she finally stepped up to win the match for their team. She won't be a weak link any longer. What she did to Ren, he had it coming for a long time. Nugs can't fully agree with that sentiment, but reminds her that they're going to be facing Wumbo and Fred tonight. He doesn't want her to fly off the handle like she did with Ren. Kat says its different with Fred and Wumbo, they're all actually friends. Nuggets wants her word that tonight will just be friendly competition, and she gives him her word. Wumbo and Fred pop up and they commend Kat for taking out Ren. Nuggets looks very disturbed by all of this before they all wish each other luck.

Match #5: Katnisslovesnuggets defeats The Todd Squad when Nuggets freezes on the top rope, stopping himself from landing The Dimension Hopper on Wumbo, because he catches sight of Katniss ruthlessly takes Fred out of the equation by sneak attacking him as he was just standing by in his team's corner. Nuggets confronts her as she returns to their corner, leaving himself open for a counterattack by Wumbo. Unknowingly to Wumbo, Kat tags herself in and saves Nuggets with a fatal Procrastinator to the Wumbooty.

Post-Match #3: Katniss tries to celebrate with Nugs, who wants none of it. He ends up leaving her alone in the ring in disappointment. 70s and tvguy play up whether or not Nuggets has lost his killer instinct.

After Nuggets and Kat have both gone to the back,


ZaidCatDog makes his way out to a huge ovation from Prez somewhere. Fred, who has been mourning the loss of his mentor and his friend up til this point, rises back to his feet to take his anger and grief out on "The Vanquisher". Fred stiffly knees Zaid right in the skull just as he enters the ring, knocking The Worst to the floor. They battle it it out at ringside, seemingly matched evenly at first before Zaid really starts to exert his dominance by catching Fred in midair and rams his back into the steel ringpost before damn near killing Fred with an F5 on the arena floor. Zaid stands tall over Fred as Nards grabs the microphone and tells OBAB that this is what awaits him once they finally meet each other face to face. No one can best his worst, no matter how good or how bad they try!

In-Ring Promo #5: Aya comes out for her scheduled gauntlet match. She has only the TBC Universal Title with her now, since Spongedude took away her mod badge last time. Spongedude makes his way out to personally introduce Aya's first opponent, somebody she's come to know quite well.


DUDEVSTHEWORLD is Aya's first opponent! Dude takes the mic from Spongedude and says that legacy's aren't made in a day. He says that he's well aware that his weird ass name has been his legacy since the day he joined, but now he wants to make his legacy about all the obstacles he's had to overcome in order to make that weird ass name mean something. Toppling The Great FREAKIN' Aya will be just the beginning of his legacy here on Community Deathmatch. It's officially, from this day forward, DUDEVSTHEWORLD! And then the crowd kinda ruins the moment with "Ooooooofy Day" chants.

Match #6: Aya takes on DUDEVSTHEWORLD in a long, very heated match up, but Aya manages to get the win by countering an End of Heartbeat attempt into a huge Curb Stomp from midair. She makes extra sure that he stays dead by Curb Stomping him a second time for good measure.

Spongedude, barely even fazed by this development, introduces Aya's next opponent.


But nobody comes out through the entrance way. Aya bitches at Spongdude for wasting her time when turns around right into a huge Bump courtesy of Slam Lord BBBB! Everybody gets angry at his mere presence as BBBB loses his fucking mind, once again bumping his search for Underpants Slam. He clocks Aya in the face with a briefcase that turns out to be filled with actual money. Ever the opportunist, he exits the ring and approaches a guest at ringside, who apparently has an Xbox 360 with Underpants Slam already installed in to sell. BBBB goes to cash in what looks to be triple the amount of what that console is really worth, but his transaction is interrupted by Aya, who beats BBBB with a steel chair from behind. She grabs the Xbox 360 out of the guest's hands and breaks it over BBBB's head before clocking said guest in the skull with the chair as well. She proceeds to finish the Slam Lord off with a Curb Stomp right onto the solid concrete floor of the arena, killing him instantly. Spongedude, still not even bothered, introduces her third and final opponent with a roll of his eyes.


"The World's Wrongest Man" Jaleco makes his way out, the final boss of Aya's gauntlet! He stomps down the ring and enters. Aya already has her steel chair at the ready and goes for a mighty swing, but it just bounces off Jaleco like it was nothing. She chances a second swing, but Jaleco catches the chair this time and forces back in Aya's face, disarming her of it. She's rolling around on the mat, so Jaleco follows up by throwing the chair at her head with great strength, knocking the Universal Champion out of the ring. Aya tries to grab hold of the chair again from outside the ring, but Jaleco stops her inner tracks by stomping right on it and pulling it out of her grasp with just his foot. He finally disposes of the chair by throwing it angrily in the crowd of guests, not caring who it may have just hurt.


Jaleco taunts Aya, who, without Cha by her side this time, is mulling over her next move carefully. Aya gets up on the apron and hops of the top rope to take Jaleco down with a flying knee, but Jaleco emphatically swats her out of the air with a powerful thrust of his arms. Aya lands hard on the mat and scrambles over the the nearest corner of the ring and stands herself up against the turnbuckle. Jaleco tries to splash her in the corner, but she gets out of the way in time to make Jaleco eat the exposed turnbuckle of which Aya removed the protective padding for. Jaleco recoils and Aya knees him in the gut, running the ropes for what could be a life threatening Curb Stomp. She plants her foot onto the back of Jaleco's neck, but instead of driving his head down to the mat, Jaleco manages to fling Aya into the air with superhuman strength, catching her in midair and plants "The Architect" into the ground with an earth shattering World's Wrongest Slam. 


The air had been knocked clean out of Aya's body upon impact. She tries to rolls herself to safety, but Jaleco follows up with an even more excruciating World's Wrongest Splash, flattening Aya beneath his full body weight. The pressure of it all causes Aya's insides to exit out of both her mouth and rectum violently. Jaleco has just squashed the TBC Universal Champion!

Post-Match #4: Spongedude let's Jaleco go on his merry way and taunts Aya even more by posing with both her Mod badge and Universal Title. He gets on the mic and quotes some sort of famous saying that the weak foundation of The Architect is a symbol of what SBM has become. He says this is only the beginning of the fat removal, that more suspensions and bans will come. SBM members will have to prove that they're more than just the 99% to be spared from his righteous fury. He leaves the ring with both her mod badge and the Universal Title in tow, saying that he'll at least try to find some good use for such a useless title.

Backstage Segment #3: Shin is seen backstage chilling with both Lilcorey and Hot Tempered. ACS barges in, upset and a tad bit jealous that Shin is here mingling with these two non-factors rather than his own tag team partner. Shin wants ACS to take a chill pill with them, saying that A Lil Tempered are just a couple of memebers who he helped get over with the community. ACS digs into them, how they should post around more instead of being a couple of useless one post (heh, more like no post) wonders. ACS says he'll prove his point when he kills them off next, even if he has to do the deed by himself. Shin tells ACS that he's not just another one of his personalities, he's much better. He says that ACS has been fighting battles that he couldn't win by himself for years. Now, he's finally got somebody to truly get his back and because of that, he's FINALLY won some battles. Now he wants to undermine their progress. Shin warns his partner that if anybody is dying tonight, it'll be ACS by his knee if he keeps acting anal. ACS replies that we'll just see about that.

Match #7: A Lil Tempered make their way out first to a huge pop of likes from the crowd. ACS and Shin make separate entrances afterward, to a similar response. It's a very even match up as ACS tries his best to quickly put away either Lilcorey or Hot Tempered while Shin plays around with them much to the crowd's delight. ACS tries to get Shin's head out his ass by constantly tagging himself in whenever he feels Shin is goofing off too much. The Masters of Shinjitzu nearly come to blows when ACS asserts that he's the main reason that they've made it this far. Shinya reminds ACS that he was the one who saved his ass in their last match when he got too cocky and tried to take JCM on his own. Shin goes to grab ACS, who took it as an attack, but Shin was just pulling him out of harm's way again as Hot Tempered tried to attack ACS from behind. Shin gives Tempered a stiff kick to the head for his troubles. Shin pats ACS' head as a way of saying "you're welcome", but ACS swats his hand away gets in his face again. ACS sees Lilcorey coming at the last second, who super kicks ACS and lays Shin out with a Snapback. Lilcorey looks to finish one of them off, but suddenly


The surviving Bullshit Club members of the tournament; World Travel, Headhunter and Odyssey, make their way out and attack both A Lil Tempered and Shin. They take turns choosing which one they wanna beat up next until ACS finally comes to and see what's happening. ACS intervenes and puts a stop to their fun by going so far as to get physical with them.

ACS: What the hell do you all think you're doing?!

Headhunter: What does it look like we're doing?

World Travel: We're helping you out, good brother!

Odyssey: 2Spookyyyyyy-

ACS: No! Don't you dare 2spooky me! I have this! I don't need your help! I didn't even ask for it!

Odyssey: You can't possibly trust this SBCer?

Headhunter: He's going to end up getting you killed!

ACS: Oh, like how y'all got your partners killed back in the first round?!

World Travel: That's cutting it a little too deep, good brother

ACS: Get out of here. You're not needed out here.

Odyssey: You can not be seriou-

ACS: I'm as serious as I've ever been! Get lost, NOW.

The dejected Bullshit Club members all bitterly leave the ring without saying another word. ACS offers Shin a hand to help him up, but Shin kicks it out of his face. Another tense stare down between the two is broken up when Shin gives ACS a like in thanks, echoing what ACS did to him in the first round. A Lil Tempered are also back up on their feet and the crowd goes wild as the two teams stare each other down. ACS and Shin finally come together with an emphatic



They engage each other in a blaze of glory culminating in Shinya taking Hot Tempered out with the Shinshasa as ACS kills Lilcorey with a Styles Clash! The Masters of Shinjitzu move on to face Katnisslovesnuggets in the semifinals!

Post-Match #5: Shinya and ACS celebrate their victory together to even more likes from the crowd. 70s and Tvguy pushes the fact that Katnisslovesnuggets started this tourney on the same page, gradually growing more apart the further they went on. Whereas, The Masters of Shinjitzu began in this tournament as hated rivals, eventually earning each other's respect the more they competed together. However, The Masters' celebration is cut off short by the arrival of


OMJ, Trophy and American Idiot come out wearing matching "SCUM" shirts on their iFishes. ACS and Shin both decide to stay and fight, having waited for this moment for so long. Both members having their own bone to pick with the Old Man. OMJ, Trophy and American hit the ring and they take the fight straight to The Masters of Shinjitzu. The numbers game quickly prove too much for The Masters and they're soon overwhelmed. Hot Tempered tries to make the save for them, but he too is forced to bow to the fists of these three psychopaths. Trophy grabs some barbed from the trash and wraps it around his fists for even more gruesome damage. American Idiot pulls out his pizza cutter and uses it to gut Hot Tempered like a pig. OMJ lays both Shinya and ACS out with a couple of brutal looking GTSes, screaming to the camera


They proceed to tie Hot Tempered's legs up with a rope and suspend him high above the ring, hanging upside down like some meat on a hook.


American Idiot grabs a mic and a box of pizza and he stands right underneath Hot Tempered's corpse, allowing the blood to drip down on him, bathing both himself and the pizza in it.



American Idiot: Look again! There isn't any squid on this pizza! For years, these two have laid their hearts at the feet of an entire community. Miserable and sad, hoping that one day likes will save them. And when this community finally made its true feelings known to them, they realized that love, or passion, nor understanding can save. Nothing saves! The members that stand next to me, we are bonded together! I didn't choose them, they didn't choose me! See, on one hand, you have our good friend, The Trash Man. A misunderstood human being. Just because he doesn't fit your ideals of what a "good, decent member" should be, you treat him like an animal, like some piece of shit! Then on the other hand, you have Old Man Jenkins. Mature, contributes, nothing but quality coming out his ass with the whole world as his oyster. But the fact is, that's still not good enough for any of you! No matter what, he's still lost! He can't find a spot in the world, hell, he can't even find a spot in this community! Well, instead of waiting for the invite, he's about to break the fucking door down again and FORCE HIS WAY IN! And it starts like revolutions past, by cutting the head off the snake. So called "best members" like your Hot Tempereds and your Lilcoreys.

American Idiot guzzles down some blood and spits it back at the crowd.

American Idiot: With no posts to their usernames, these shits were bred for glory by dipshits like you. Thank you! And you're not only responsible for their success, you're also responsible for their decay! You like them because of their gimmicks, but you give no merit to their moral worth! The fact is, they're obnoxious, they're arrogant, and they're not fit to be on any pizza anymore than Squidward is!

He throws the pizza to the ground.

American Idiot: Yet! They hold all the power here in the SpongeBob Universe, because you give them that power! And THAT, that is what's wrong with this fandom! That's what's wrong with this "community"! Now is the time that each and every one of you, you look inside yourselves and you ask-


OMJ: Exactly.

American Idiot: You're right, exactly. Because all of you ignorant sons of bitches need us! We are the answers!

Hot Tempered is slowly lowered back down to the ring.

American Idiot: You see, this project is over. The age of the fall has just begun. And at the end of the day, you'll all come to realize that We. Are. SCUM.

The episode signs off.


Matches for the next round


The Original Fry Cooks vs Jjsden

Katnisslovesnuggets vs The Masters of Shinjitzu

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Community Deathmatch Tag Team Title Tournament #3: Round Four

Backstage Segment #1: ACS is seen entering the Bullshit Club's discord server and demands to know why they didn't run in for the save when SCUM attacked him and Shin. World Travel answers that they thought his new best friend, Shin, got it covered. ACS knows that he said some things to them that he probably shouldn't have, and he offers his apologies. They're all family and nothing can destroy the bond they each share. The Bullshit Club accept his apology and they all 2spooky each other in solidarity. They all wish ACS luck in his match tonight.

Backstage Promo #1: The OG Fry Cooks are backstage talking about how they will perform some much needed maintenance on Jjsden tonight in hopes of fixing the glitch in their personalities. hilaryfan80 addresses the elephant in the room, saying that he and Homie may not be together anymore, but they still do have a common together. He low key blames her for their failed assassination attempt on Hayden and Jjs, but reiterates that he will improve on and execute the plan full-proof tonight.

In-Ring Promo #1: Hayden and Jjs come out to the ring and they both get on the mic. Hayden belittles hilaryfan80 and Homie's relationship, saying that the dissolution of it proves yet again why all other so-called "relationships" on SBC pales in comparison to the relationship that he and Jjs have. Jjs says that he and Hayden didn't have to make an effort to drive the wedge between hilaryfan80 and Homie. A real life romantic relationship crumbled in the wake of Jjsden, and tonight, so will hilaryfan80 and Face's brotherhood. Jjs adds in an extra shot, taking aim at #swag's recent loss to Crushing and using that as a prime example of their shared weakness. The Original Fry Cooks interrupts by making their entrance, and the next tourney match is slated to begin.

Match #1: Jjsden defeats The Original Fry Cooks when Homiecomes out and mehs at hilaryfan80's performance, distracting hilaryfan80 long enough for Hayden and Jjs to double power bomb hilaryfan80 onto the ring apron outside the ring. Jjs and Hayden look genuinely shocked at this turn of events along with everybody else. Homie glares a hole through the both of them, scaring them away. Unlike the last couple of times that the duo nailed the move, it doesn't kill hilaryfan80, but it does take him out of the equation for jjs and Hayden to have their way with Face. The finish sees jjs nailing Face in the face with a Helluva Kick, followed up by a Pop-Up Twitter Link to some cartoon news by Hayden. Jjsden is now one match away from living up to their hype.

Post-Match #1: OWM and SBL meet Jjsden on the ramp and they all celebrate all the way to the back, making sure to avoid Homie along the way. hilaryfan80 comes to and crawls over to her feet and uses her legs to pull himself up to face her.

hilaryfan80: W-Why...?

Homie: You weren't ready for Homie!!!

She shouts in his face before landing a very stiff kick right to it. She leaves him laying, letting her actions and charisma to further speak for her as she makes her way to the back.

Backstage Segment #2: Katniss is seen entering Nuggets' ask thread to slap on dat assk. She apologizes for her recent actions and blow ups as of late as says that she's just been having a bad day for the past couple of weeks. Nuggets understands, but he still has his reservations, admitting that he's beginning to regret entering this tourney in the first place. Nuggets makes it a point that its not Kat's fault, it's just that Deathmatch brings out the worst in users. Kat questions whether or not he's talking about her, but he assures her that he isn't. Kat doesn't seem to buy it as she admits that this is the best she's ever felt on SBC in months. She's never had more control over her life, and she's sorry that it defines what Nuggets considers to be "her worst".  Kat goes on to say that she'll win tonight's match herself if she has to, again. Nothing and nobody will stop her from finally getting her hands on Hayden in a Deathmatch ring. This isn't about the tag team titles to her, this is about pride. This is about empowerment. Nuggets can't help but show visible concern as Kat leaves his assk without slapping on it.

Backstage Promo #2: ACS and Shin are backstage, shown to still be feeling the affects of SCUM's attack on them during the closing moments of the last round. ACS declares that their unexpected performance in this tournament is a testament that everybody is capable of changing. Before, they used to not get along, but now they are well on their way to being crowned the first ever Deathmatch Tag Team Champions. Shin wants to commemorate their newfound respect by offering to give ACS the succ, but ACS is not comfortable with accepting "such an honor". Shin tries to sweeten the deal by having ACS give him the succ instead. ACS flat out refuses, prompting Shin to propose that if they win their next match, ACS will have no choice but to take the succ out there in the middle of the ring. 

Match #2: The Masters of Shinjitzu defeats Katnisslovesnuggets when Nuggets refuses to tag Katniss, much to her anger, and allows himself to be killed, leaving himself open in order to eat a Bipolar Forearm courtesy of ACS. The abrupt victory takes ACS off guard as the realization dawns upon him that he'll now have to take the succ from Shin.

Post-Match #2:

Shin: CUM ON! tenor.gif

Shin shouts at ACS as Katniss blows up vents he anger in the shoutbox after the match. She beats around Nuggets' ask mercilessly as she repeatedly asks "How can you do this me?!"

Katniss: I WAS THIS CLOSE!!! That was closer than I've ever been. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE MY FRIIIIEEEEND!!

While Katniss and Nuggets' friendship implodes on the shoutbox and in the ask me section, Shin continues to egg ACS on about taking the succ. ACS doesn't want it, which brings out the entirety of The Bullshit Club, who proceed to assault Shin for forcing the succ onto ACS. ACS intervenes on Shin's behalf, going so far as to assault some of his fellow Bullshit Club members in order to get them to halt. Things come to a head when he drops his own brother, World Travel, to the mat. The crowd pops hard for that. World Travel is in utter disbelief that his younger brother would ever lash out against him like that. World Travel begrudgingly calls the club off and they all leave ACS, who looks visibly distraught that things had to escalate this much, alone with Shin. ACS checks on his partner, who seems to be in dire straights from the buhmillion -on-one assault. ACS reluctantly decides to give Shin some mouth-to-crotch re-succ-citation. This is enough to pull Shin back from the brink of death. The two celebrate their victory in the ring as Jjs and Hayden watch this all unfold from backstage as they will go on to face The Masters of Shinjitzu in the finals to finally crown Community Deathmatch's first ever Tag Team Champions!

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