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SBC Secret Santa Program 2017

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Our Secret Santa program returns once again! :xmas:

Tis the season for giving. And what better way than to go to the SBC Store and purchase gifts for others. Do you feel like getting gifts for your e-friends? Then sign up for the SBC Secret Santa program! For those interested in signing up, you have until Sunday, December 17th. From there, I will PM people on who to get gifts for (I'll randomly pick the person you are Secret Santa for), and I will announce who gave gifts to who on December 23rd, that is the deadline to give someone a gift by. How the giving feature will work is that you will tell me what item from the doubloon store you would like to buy for your person, and I'll give it to them, along with subtracting doubloons from you. You can only choose items that are currently active in the store, however. No rare/old items.

And please, if you sign up, you must participate. You can simply be a Scrooge or Plankton and just sign up and ignore the rest. But just remember, you'll be making another user sad in the process. Which is why I want people who will actually participate in this. So if you feel like spreading some Christmas cheer, then sign up in this topic.

On December 17th, the deadline to sign up for this, I will be PMing people on who they are getting gifts for, so you have a week to sign up. If you are worried you won't have enough doubloons, do not worry, as we have lots of opportunities to win doubloons.

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I have heard from all Secret Santas, and have done all the transactions, so here is who everyone's Secret Santa was and what they got for them:

JCM, your Secret Santa was...

Zaid. He got you a Hot Chocolate Cup.

teenj, your Secret Santa was...

jjs. He got you a Gingerbread Man Costume.

SOF, your Secret Santa was...

teenj. He got you a Jeopardy Advantage.

jjs, your Secret Santa was...

JCM. He got you a Flying Dutchman collectable.

Hayden, your Secret Santa was...

SOF. He got you a Jellyfish collectable.

Zaid, your Secret Santa was...

hilaryfan80. He got you a SpongeBob SquarePants collectable.

hilaryfan80, your Secret Santa was...

Hayden. He got you Teal Pants.

Thank you to everyone who participated this year, and have a very Merry Christmas! :plankton2:

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