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Sunny or Rainy days?


sunny or rainy days  

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  1. 1. sunny or rainy days, which is better?

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Do you like the bright sun lighting up the sky and everything else, or do you prefer a more darker and cloudy atmosphere outside?


I prefer the sunshine by a lot, it puts me in a good mood while rainy/cloudy days do the opposite.

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2 hours ago, Mermaid Magic said:

I do tend to lean more toward sunny days, so long as the temperature isn't miserably hot, but I enjoy rainy days from time to time.

Same here, pretty much :P I'm fine with either depending on the situation 

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Rainy. I have a gloomy inside, so I love rainy days and storms because I feel like nature is kind of reflecting that for me. It's soothing in a depressing way, lol.

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i dont really like either tbh, but i prefer sunny over rainy. it's like... i cant stand the heat but i dont exactly like being rained on either. i'll take the heat over that anyday tho

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