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  1. this is about to reinvent the whole horror movie industry
  2. Dreaming of Rum Ham Danny DeVito is stranded out at sea, all alone on my crappy little boat. Just when I’m about to give up for rescue, I spot a glowing light in the distance. A magical rum ham sits in the ocean, but yet, I cannot reach it no matter how hard I try. A giant octopus then appears and swipes there rum ham out of my sights! So I chase after that son of a bitch and give the octopus a beating. Pow pow! The octopus returns my delectable meal to me, but suddenly, a hurricane sweeps through the sea now, sending us flying. Goddammit! I land on a pirate ship, crushing the pirate captain to death, so I become the captain now. We sail the seas in search of my rum ham for several years, when we come across a mysterious island. As we venture through, I am shocked to see Paddy’s Pub is on the island. We go inside, where I see my sweet rum ham waiting at a table for me. We both cry tears of joy now that we’re reunited. As I slowly begin to devour it, I unfortunately wake up.
  3. anyone ever heard of this obscure character https://spongebob.fandom.com/wiki/Todd_SquarePants looks like a cool guy
  4. I hate krabby patties

  5. BREAKING NEWS: Andrew Tate arrested for genocide.

  6. Capitalism at it again On the bright side, the rebellion is rising...
  7. tfw we get SBC Sleep before Pokemon Sleep

  8. I am honored to guest star on this site, happy birthday
  9. is it true squidward was kidnapped by the cartel

  10. I truly hope the sick hockey net dumper is brought to justice
  11. I have intruded enough people's ask threads, so it's only fair you get to ask me questions now.
  12. sounds good but needs me in it
  13. "Opposite Day" is now called "Will The Real Squidward Please Stand Up?"
  14. I am so disappointed in the Solos, this is why I am my own team now

  15. Favorite It's Always Sunny episode(s)?
  16. Rumor has it I'm starring in this too btw
  17. Supreme Court my ass

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