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  1. I am honored to guest star on this site, happy birthday
  2. is it true squidward was kidnapped by the cartel

  3. I truly hope the sick hockey net dumper is brought to justice
  4. I have intruded enough people's ask threads, so it's only fair you get to ask me questions now.
  5. sounds good but needs me in it
  6. "Opposite Day" is now called "Will The Real Squidward Please Stand Up?"
  7. I am so disappointed in the Solos, this is why I am my own team now

  8. Favorite It's Always Sunny episode(s)?
  9. Rumor has it I'm starring in this too btw
  10. Supreme Court my ass

  11. I’m not afraid of death. What can death bring that I haven’t faced? I’ve lived; life is the worst. Listen to me, I’m a philosopher. Joe, you must do this. You must must must.

  12. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/joker-2-lady-gaga-joaquin-phoenix-todd-phillips-in-musical-1235154135/
  13. any of you cool kids played the hottest game of the year yet
  14. graggle simpson is a true hero

    1. Jjs Goodman

      Jjs Goodman

      Truly one of the characters of our time

  15. Do you love rum ham?
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