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Status Updates posted by Nosferatu!

  1. when u finally get that promotion :george:

  2. :george:

    1. Patty Rose

      Patty Rose

      It is a wild mod buddy.

    2. Jjs Goodman

      Jjs Goodman

      Hey everyone, Katie’s back again!

  3. tmw u get to sit at the autograph table with ur fave all weekend long #characterdevelopment 

  4. when the higher ups at your job are suddenly keen on gaslighting you at every given chance; being an adult is fun!

  5. 27 days 'til I am reunited with my fave :hearts:

  6. you can buy me a burrito with some beans and rice but that won't get you into pants paradise 

  7. if nobody tries my bábovka i’m going to have hurt feelings

  8. when ya fave tells u they think u have great fashion sense... that’s amore :hearts:

  9. let’s get in a cab, i’ll buy you a kebab

  10. “starting today, i’m going to start saving my money”, i say as i purchase a synthesizer 

  11. happy birthday danny devito, i will treat myself to an egg in this tryin’ time in your honor 

  12. i can’t believe my coworkers are more supportive of me and my aspirations than my own mother is :ok2:

    1. WhoBibbles


      i'm sorry your mother doesn't support you as much but I'm happy that your coworkers are there for you. <3

    2. Cha


      at least your coworkers care <3 I’m here whenever u need some extra support :ok2: 

    3. Nosferatu!


      thanks stud :hearts:


  13. this is more important to me than my own hypothetical childtumblr_oz9qb6aRPh1u0f08eo1_1280.jpg

    1. Nosferatu!


      it is very rare for him to sign autographs with his actual name :glare:  this is how u know it’s authentic 

  14. i think it's time for me to get back into art again

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nosferatu!


      ^ what she said :Laugh: 

    3. SpongeOddFan


      then how come you never want to chat with me :(@Mermaid Magic


    4. crushingmayhem


      Well give her some subject to talk to and she'll talk to you @SpongeOddFan

  15. still can’t believe i erotic danced with a vampire. that really happened 

    1. Nosferatu!


      y’all think i’m joking but i can assure you that i am not 

      it was to a david bowie song 

  16. this weekend was honestly the most fun i've ever had in my entire life. being able to truly express myself and have people dig it is very liberating, esp when one of those people is someone you deeply admire. i think i've finally come out of my shell :hearts: sorry in advance for the sappy post

  17. i honestly can't believe i'm actually going to meet my soon-to-be husband in person tomorrow rip me 

  18. 10 days until my life is completed and i simultaneously die :norton: 

  19. i'm suing jonny brugh for literally making me shed tears over his sheer beauty this morning (d) 

    1. Katniss


      I have a lot of guys I could sue over this :norton: 

    2. Nosferatu!


      like UM.....???!?!?!


      STOP!!! :norton: 

  20. t-minus three weeks until i get to meet the love of my life and subsequently become a creature of the night :hehe2:

    1. SpongeOddFan


      you;re going to see the broadway again?

      Also, you should post more often on SBC, and come to XAT :)

    2. Katniss


      yes girl I'm so happy for you! Have fun with your man ;) 

    3. Nosferatu!


      @Dracula Phineas no, I'm meeting my favorite actor (the stud in my avatar) at a convention in Minneapolis :P  and sure, I'll try ;) 

      @Katwoman thanks!  :hearts: I'm so nervous haha

  21. brb being completely shook that i actually get to meet the brugh in november 

  22. uhhh that moment when jonathan freakin' brugh personally wishes you a happy birthday and also tells you that he's coming to the states next month?!?!?!?! and compliments your subtle cosplays of his character?!?!? THIS IS THE GREATEST BIRTHDAY EVER

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