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  1. go reindeer, we gotta deliver presents
  2. Aww crap this reindeer is humping some other reindeer
  3. I will be back for you after I collect my milk and cookies from starving orphans

  4. How far are you into Harley Quinn
  5. I've got nothing on my mind.

  6. I think Adventure Time ages better over time. So I think there's no better time for you to delve into it than now. Season 1 is very underrated to me. Some fans disregard season 1 cuz it doesn't mesh well with stuff that came after but I think it should be appreciated for being a very weird and over the top comedy season. I love Finn and Jake's adventures in this season and humor is top notch. I love the facial expressions and the mature humor (still for kids) they represent here. I don't think animation has ever looked this good again after this season which is a shame. As fr as character introductions go, i think it has done a good job. I love PB, Ice King and Marceline's introductions as well as some others and you'll get to see how these characters change and grow as thhe series goes on. My favorite episodes in s1 are city of thieves, ocean of fear, dungeon and rainy day daydream and your picks are also solid. You can see why this season along with season 1 of Regular Show feel so much different than what came after and how they saved the CN from total annihilation. So yeah, I loved your reviews for this season. Can't wait for rest of your season reviews.
  7. are we still doing boomer check? I have been here for 10 years now
  8. Thanksgiving is upon us and no better time than to do this poll. What's your favorite bird that can't fly? You don't have to eat them to answer this question, you can just admire how beautiful these animals are. So which bird are you picking?
  9. Another discord malfunction issues, lovely

  10. we don't celebrate xmas but after thanksgiving would be the correct answer for me
  11. Funniest Member: Cha, OWM, Wumbo, jjs, Katie Kindest Member: Ex, Kat, Cha, Katie, Meko Spongiest Member: Meko, Winter, Salmon, Carrotte Best Gamer: Meko, Dman, Winter, Cha, Hawk Show Stopper: Kevin, Kat, Clappy, jjs, OMJ Geekiest Band Geek: Kat, Wumbo, Clappy, Kevin, Prez Most Artistic Member: Cha, Nugs, Steel, Katie, Kieran Sportiest Member: illiniguy, Trophy, Clappy Honorary Staff Member: OWM and Hawk Honorary Member: Meko and kevin
  12. Talk to Me It left me speechless, such a good horror movie
  13. Ghost Rider but Agents of SHIELD version
  14. Our Flag Means Death Doom Patrol both are doing excellent
  15. American Horror Story: NYC It left me speechless, amazing work surprisingly
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