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Ask this llama some questions and eat a bowl of nails with milk because you love that extra calcium<3!


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Just now, kev said:

is that an estimate lmaooo?

Last I checked my post count there was 17,000

BUt tbh the only thing I know for sure is 10,000 because I distinctly remember ssj telling me to get a life (LOL)

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7 hours ago, kev said:

omg didnt u convince one of ur irl friends to watch daria or smthn

i did thenw e found out its fucking expiring on hulu ?


6 hours ago, Katniss said:

once you’re caught up with the show you should totally listen to Office Ladies because Angela and Jenna have some many fun behind the scenes stories and trivia? :Laugh:

I still cant believe they're bffs irl asdfghjk;

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47 minutes ago, Katniss said:

Would u rather have pizza with Daria and Jane or waffles with Leslie? ?



I love Daria as a show more, but if we're talking teen Daria and Jane then def waffles with Leslie because teen Daria and Jane are honestly dicks lolol (well, maybe if it were JUST Jane itd be different)

Daria and Jane as adults who've matured, probs Daria and Jane :laugh:


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1 hour ago, Katniss said:

Ok I'm doing a crossword puzzle and the first clue is "single-celled creature." However, the puzzle spells it "ameba" and not "amoeba???" I am Upset :lori:


32 minutes ago, kev said:

why are there 5 ppl following this thread (including me) ? :lori:

I'm following it because duh

Kat is following it because this thread glitches sometimes and doens't notify me when she posts even though I follow the thread

I cannot even begin to explain the other three lmao

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