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102b. Nautical Novice

Jjs Goodman

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The best two words to describe this episode would probably be "wasted potential", and they wasted it in the worst possible way. I honestly liked what they had going up to a point; while there was room for improvement, the episode wasn't going that badly... up until the ending. Everything before that was not bad at best and ok at worst, but the copout ending really killed the episode for me. Why did they randomly place a tugboat there? The museum was shown from several angles, including a side view, and there wasn't a tugboat there at all up until the ending. Why they put that there, I guess we'll never know. But yeah, there's not much else to comment on here. The preceding parts before the ending, while unremarkable, aren't nearly as bad. That ending knocked this one down pretty far, from a 6/10 or even a 7/10 down to...


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