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294b. Buff for Puff

Jjs Goodman

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It's been a LONG time since the writers of this show have done anything significant in regards to the Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff relationship, but at long last; we have this episode. Just when it seems Mr. Krabs is FINALLY getting the hang of actually DATING Mrs. Puff by NOT being too cheap, and also NOT spending too much; he ends up feeling insecure when he gets caught in the undertow of the Blue Lagoon, necessitating the need for Larry to save his life! And of course, when Mrs. Puff blows Larry an innocent kiss as a token of thanks, Mr. Krabs...does NOT take it well! Mr. Krabs decides the only thing to do is for Mr. Krabs to regain his youthful strength by going to the gym! Apparently, the cheapest gym in town just HAPPENS to be Larry's Gym! Even though Mr. Krabs tries to go incognito (with Spongebob's old rainbow wig from "No Weenies Allowed"), Larry can EASILY tell it's Mr. Krabs; but decides there's no harm in letting Mr. Krabs train at his gym if he WANTS to! However, it isn't until Spongebob reveals the BEST way to motivate Mr. Krabs, is with the use of money that he starts making progress! Unfortunately, in a case of "Surprisingly Realistic Outcome", a mere week of working out does NOT make Mr. Krabs significantly stronger! Unfortunately, when Larry takes off HIS shell in order to take a dip in a sauna, Mr. Krabs gets an INSIDIOUS idea; Mr. Krabs takes off HIS shell, and puts on LARRY'S shell! Unfortunately, just like Spongebob did when HE got the Anchor Arms in "Musclebob Buffpants", Mr. Krabs uses his stolen, muscular shell to act like the BIGGEST jerk on the beach, and letting EVERYONE there gawk at his muscular body, and causing Mrs. Puff to rightfully FUME at Mr. Krabs' arrogance! Thankfully, it doesn't take too long for Larry (having to wear Mr. Krabs' REAL shell), to come to the beach, DEMANDING Mr. Krabs return what is RIGHTFULLY Larry's! Craig Mammalton, seeing Larry and not knowing the full story is, thinks Larry merely stopped exercising for a few MINUTES, and frantically begins pumping iron! When Larry accidentally eats fondue and falls into Goo Lagoon, Mr. Krabs decides it's HIS turn to save Larry! Unfortunately, because Mr. Krabs is SO arrogant about the save, it prompts Mrs. Puff to inform Mr. Krabs that muscles meant absolutely NOTHING to Mrs. Puff, it's the personality of a MAN that endears Mrs. Puff to him! Mrs. Puff leaves the beach with Larry, causing Mr. Krabs to tear OFF Larry's shell in desperation; leaving Mr. Krabs NAKED and trying to claim that his attitude was just a joke!

Only time will tell if this is a permanent writing change or not. I'd give this episode a 9.9 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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As someone who’s also trying to climb the hill that is health and wellness, this episode is pretty timely so I couldn’t pass it up. That Rocky shot of Krabs at the top of those steps looked very pretty, that free weights joke was such a haha Mr. Krabs moment and Krabs using the leg press machine the wrong way reminded me of me in 8th grade weight training class.

i give Buff for Puff 3 and a half Shrimp cameos out of 5. Now I await this episode’s sequel, “Shrimp Puff”, where The Shrimp finally gets his revenge on Krabs by stealing his girl

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