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014b. FitzPatrick

Jjs Goodman

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I think fans of Patrick Star may FINALLY have a new, plausible explanation as to WHY Patrick Star acts good and dumb in some episodes; and mean and a "Millstone" in others. The fact of the matter is, Patrick apparently has a look-a-like twin cousin named FitzPatrick (who's identifiable by a red wig which he can take on and off at will), and he decides to ruin Patrick's reputation, merely because FitzPatrick FEELS like it! The task of doing so, turns out to be a LOT harder than expected, mainly because since Patrick is already so naturally dumb, FitzPatrick's attempts to ruin Patrick's reputation don't really do as well as expected. First, FitzPatrick attempts to get Patrick banned from the Goofy Goober (nice to see the Animatronic Band back for a return appearance), by sabotaging the Animatronic Band; but as it turns out, Patrick has a habit of getting banned from the Goofy Goober for a WEEK on a regular basis! Next FitzPatrick attempts to get Patrick banned from a Comic Book Store. We even get to see a short Comic Book Adventure of 'Pat The Hapless', who does battle against Bubble Bass (or a mid-evil ancestor of his) who's a wizard and can perform MAGIC! (Sometimes, my predictions really SCARE me with my own accuracy!) While FitzPatrick manages to get Patrick banned from the Comic Book Store, it's a rather moot point since there are SO many other Comic Book Stores in Bikini Bottom! FitzPatrick's 3rd attempt is to trap Patrick inside his Time Machine, and hijack Patrick's own show, by insulting the audience, and physically injuring them! Fortunately, it turns out Patrick used his Time Machine to bring back ALL the different Patrick's from across time (Michelle Yeoh better watch her back for an "Everything, Everywhere, All At Once" sequel), and the other Patrick's drag FitzPatrick into the Time Machine with them, and TRAP FitzPatrick in the mid-evil era, where Pat the Hapless magically turns him into a sea urchin! To add insult to injury, FitzPatrick's attempt to bring a boat down on TOP of the audience ended up making Patrick more likable, as the boat ended up being FILLED with a bunch of ice cream that the customers liked! I guess I would give this episode a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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