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Favorite Mode of Transportation?


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Airplanes are my one true love, though I have mixed feelings about these majestic machines. One on hand, they are incredibly fast and make it so easy to travel across and between continents. The views of the world from 30,000 feet up are the most beautiful I've ever witnessed. On the other hand, the level of disorientation I experience after travelling by air is INTENSE! It's so odd, I even went through a two-year period (2019-2021) where I fully believed there must be some sort of sorcery involved with "air travel." I was able to revert my beliefs by reading about airplanes and how they work, as well as using (gulp) flight simulators to pilot my own simulated flights and finally wrap my head around the whole thing. I would love love love to get a pilot's license someday just to prove to any ounce of doubt I have left that it's a completely real and legit mode of transportation that complies with the laws of physics!

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