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014a. Shrinking Stars

Jjs Goodman

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Out of all the "Tidal Zone" episodes that aired last night, I felt that this episode segment utilized its premise the best. In case you're wondering, the linking thread that ties all the different "Tidal Zone" segments together, is that during this episode, Grandpat accidentally goes through Patrick's time travel door, and he spends the rest of the "Tidal Zone" segments trying to get back to his own time. In any case, after Patrick and the rest of his family (minus Grandpat) accidentally get shrunk; they initially try to make the best of the situation, only to be mistaken for vermin by Grandpat. So naturally, the rest of the Star family have to defend themselves from Grandpat's attacks against them. To save them, they are shrunk down further by a miniature version of Rube, who tries to offer them sanctuary in a futuristic city. But because the city is made of glass, and it doesn't allow singing (as Cecil's city causes the glass city to break), they take a hard pass on living there. It looks like the situation will be fixed when they find a Plant growth formula, only to find that the "FINE PRINT" says that it grows ONLY plants and shrinks everything else, leaving the Stars in a microscopic state! However, they claw their way out of the single-celled state, and get back to their house, only to find that they're being studied by Sandy, who's being studied by Frenchy, who's being studied by someone else! All in all, I have to give this very intriguing "Tidal Zone" segment a 9.9 out of 10! Enough said, true believers!

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This episode was a fucking crazy way to start off Tidal Zone event. Concept of people getting shrinked is nothing new but the show uses it to its full advantage. The jokes are very funny like SpongeBob stock image joke. Grantpat was the star here with him being the antagonist throughout the episode only for him to get his ass kicked by his entire family. The episode ends very crazy with Pat family suddenly arrives at Sandy's microscope and French Narrator appearing to spy on Sandy and then Narrator being spied on by two giant eyes. Really cool bizarre stuff. And of course this episode kicks off Grandpat's journey in time and space which continues in Kamp Koral and SpongeBob but idc to watch Kamp Koral to find out, so Imma talk about SpongeBob Tidal Zone episodes in its own corner.

Grade: A

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