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Scary Story Contest 2022

Jjs Goodman

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Happy Octerror, ghouls and any other creatures of the night. This topic is a good chance for you to share your own hauntingly creative talents with others. Our annual Scary Story contest is back for another round!


1.) The story does not have to be SpongeBob related, but it can be if you want. It doesn't matter to us.

2.) It must at least be 300 words, but can go over.

3.) It must at least have a Halloween/spooky/creepy theme.

Just post your story here, and a panel of supernatural judges (Trophy, Fred and OWM) will judge who has the best one. The winner will receive...

  • 1,000 cursed doubloons
  • 20 pieces of candy
  • 200 experience points

Now get writing! You have until October 30th at 11:59pm ET to submit.

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In 2014, the Toy Story halloween special was released on DVD. in 2019, i went to my local thrift shop, and i found Toy Story of Terror. The case was very damaged, with random drawings on it, including one of Thomas the Tank Engine. I bought it, went home, and popped the disc into the DVD player. However, the trailers- didn't fit. They were all for non-disney things. The trailers were one for SpongeBob DVDS, one for the Turbo DVD, and one for new Thomas and Friends episodes, which likely explained why there was a drawing of Thomas on the cover. It then went to the DVD menu, and i clicked Play All. The special then started. The special went normally for the first half, up until the point where Jessie was sold. Instead of the Tow truck guy coming in and Jessie getting left on a counter, Ron the motel manager was quick enough to place Jessie in a box. However, there was no paperclip in this box, making it impossible for her to escape.. The box is then laid on the reception counter, ready to be taken away. The other toys just fall dead like there is no tomorrow, and never wake up again during the special. Then, the delivery truck is loaded, and it goes away. Woody and Jessie ended up going to Al, who immediately calls konishi, as his collection is complete. with the special ending with the collection sent to the toy museum. there is a credits scene of Mrs. Potato head commiting suicide by cutting herself up using a dremel because her husband is now gone for good, that's especially creepy when you realize Estelle Harris died in april 2022. That Mrs. Potato head death scene was the final straw for this DVD. I threw the DVD in the trash, along with the drawn on case. I then found out this wasn't an official Disney DVD, but a bootleg made by MegaDiscs, and MegaDiscs had stolen the unaired version from Disney, like they had done with other unaired versions of media. The company went out of business following a lawsuit in 2017, and TS of Terror was their final release ever. I eventually bought a legal copy of Toy Story of Terror for christmas 2020, and i never bought another bootleg by MegaDiscs anywhere again. In march 2021, i noticed that someone else uploaded the MegaDiscs DVD of Toy Story of Terror to Youtube. I never watched the video, since i never wanted to see this creepy, unaired version again! THE END.

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There Was One Kid Here Earlier

It’s been going on 22 years now since Monroe Rechid went missing. A single witness who last saw the boy claims he was out at the carnival by himself. This claim baffled the citizens and local authorities. There was no carnival in town at the time of the disappearance and further investigation found that the area where this purported carnival was operating was completely deserted, with no sign of any recent activity. The witness was brought in for further questioning, but the starfish was written off as a mentally stunted fool. He was later let go once it was abundantly clear to investigators that he was “too stupid” to have played any active part in Monroe’s disappearance

His parents, Fred and Sadie, both vehemently deny to this day the notion that Monroe had any reason to run away from home. They love him, and have always supported him in everything that he does. Monroe is their only child, their miracle baby. A miracle in that it was once thought impossible that the couple would ever have a child with Fred’s leg the way it is. The couple did everything in their power to have the family that they always wanted, but when those efforts weren’t proving to be enough, the couple decided to go beyond that.

The couple embarked on seeking help from a higher power. They began by hoping and praying to Neptune in hopes that he may bless them with what they desired. When Neptune didn’t answer their prayers, they turned to Poseidon, to whom their prayers also fell on deaf ears. All hope appeared to be lost. The couple were slowly but surely coming to terms with the reality of their situation. When familial dreams appeared to be behind them for good, they claimed that a friend approached the couple with a pamphlet about a new temple of worship that was being established in town.

Hesitant at first, as Neptune and Poseidon were all they knew their entire lives, the couple would decide to attend congregations and during those congregations, they came to know Dagon as the Babylonian fish god of fishermen and, most importantly, fertility. They handed off their lives to be in service to Dagon, and when the couple had given up enough of themselves as they could, they believed that Dagon finally blessed them with the gift of life. Monroe would soon be born and The Rechids now had someone else to dedicate all their time and energy to.

When Monroe disappeared, the couple alleged that members of the temple had something to do with it as a sort of retribution for moving on and turning away from Dagon. Investigation into these claims came up with surprisingly zero results. There has been no Temple of Dagon operating in Bikini Bottom, there isn’t any evidence of it ever operating anywhere else. The temple of worship they claimed to have attended on a weekly basis was no longer there, nor was there any evidence that anything even operated in the area. It is just an open clearing, much like where their son was last seen. Even the friend who they say introduced them to the religious group never existed. The pamphlet they claimed to have received, no longer in their possession and now vanished without a trace.

The search parties were soon called off and the case inevitably closed. The couple once again turned to prayer, hoping their boy would safely return back to them. A package would later arrive at their doorstep. It was a round aluminum container, not much different from any regular can you’d find in stores. The couple thought nothing of it at first until they saw the label. It was branded “God of the Sea® Tuna”. They said that the container gave off a horrible, unending scent of mayonnaise. They even claimed to hear the voice of their son calling out to them, begging and pleading to be let out. They couldn’t bring themselves to open it, fearing what might really be inside in such a horribly cramped, vacuum sealed state. The couple contemplated simply ridding themselves of the cursed container, but it is now the closest that they have to finally having their son back. The sounds and smell would go on to torment them, soon opting to seal the container away in a specially built storage room, behind multiple layers of concrete, located in their basement. They claim to still smell and hear it to this day, even when others don’t.

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I should say first thing that this isn't the complete story, since I'm not able to finish this before the deadline of this contest. While I intend to post the finished product later today, I don't want to have to pull an all-nighter, so here's what I have to show for it as a submission.


The World Ends With Dante (Preview Version)


Two months have passed since the dognapping incident had occurred. With no hint of danger from the likes of Cruella in these passing months, the Dalmatians have now been able to ease their own fears of the De Vil woman more each day. This also meant that the pups have stopped experiencing recurring scary dreams pertaining to the night that traumatized them. While everything seemed to be returning to normalcy for the Dalmatian family, it was now late October and they already knew what that meant. Halloween is further away.

It was the time of year for the world’s population to dress up in costumes varying from terrifying creatures to familiar copyrighted characters to whatever they come up with for just one night. It was also the time of season for scares, pumpkins, and of course, chocolate – lots of chocolate, which was the very center of avoidance during said holiday that the Dalmatians have been making a vital note of. However, the perks of being in a Camden neighbourhood that’s populous with pets is the humans growing accustomed to letting them partake in the otherwise usually human activity of trick-or-treating by handing out treats and toys in place of candy.

The Dalmatian family pups have always been enthralled by the concept of trick-or-treating, so Dylan and Dolly have come prepared in the event of letting over ninety dalmatian pups roam the blocks of Camden Town for treats. They have already agreed to chaperone while Delilah and Doug had to work during the night, which they’ve done since the past few years. In a day that’s meant to be a fun and scary time, the Dalmatians have been hoping that it will be a safe and trauma-free leisure, but there was just one obstacle in the way of ensuring that it will be all fine and peachy – Dante.

“Tonight’s tale is lifted from the Camden Town mystery files…CASE NUMBER SIXTY-SIX!” Dante announced, holding a flashlight in his paws as it illuminated light on his face. “This story is called “The Black Dog of Camden.” Long ago, in the very streets of Camden, there lurked a creature with black fur, sharp teeth, razor claws, and GLOWING RED EYES! It sinks its teeth into any other dog that crosses its path. Those unfortunate enough to encounter it were either missing or dragged to the depths of the underworld, leaving behind only the collars on their necks while the ghostly canine preserved the bones of its victims. According to rumors, the black dog tends to haunt the cemeteries of London, waiting for its next target. Some say that its motive is to enact revenge on the humans that claimed its life for its fur. Others say that the black dog is a soul collector for Cerberus itself, making that a likely deduction that any chance encounter of the ghost dog is a possible omen for the END OF THE WORLD! …And that ends the tale of The Black Dog of Camden.” Dante’s somber tone shifted to a normal one when he then said, “So, how did I do?”

“Dante, you may have not noticed, like you do every time we give you a turn in telling the pups a bedtime story, but you were supposed to help them sleep,” Dylan pointed out.

All across the bedroom, Dante saw as the other dalmatian pups exchanged disoriented and concerned looks while others were shaking or whining from fear. He also saw as Dylan and Dolly have given him dirty looks to prove their point.

Almost every night, Dylan and/or Dolly would help get all the pups to sleep by telling them bedtime stories. Other times, they would give themselves a bit of a load off by letting someone else have a turn at this routine, to mixed results. Some of the dalmatians that were reliable for filling in for this job included Dawkins, whose method involved boring them to sleep by reading excerpts from astrophysics reference books or from machine operations manuals, then there was Deepak, whose selections mainly involved stories about cats. DJ was also reliable, though his method involved playing soothing music from his keyboard rather than reading a story. Other considerable options were Da Vinci, although her selections were art books, which were meant to be looked at than read to, and Delgado, who would read too fast, and in a similar fashion to the one human from those old Micro Machines commercials, making it a distraction from getting the pups to sleep.

Then there was Dante. What does he do? Because he doesn’t grasp the contrast between bedtime stories and ghost stories, every story he tells is of the latter kind, and often times they end up scaring the pups from sleeping. He was slightly younger than Dylan and Dolly, but he was at the age where he could start being a responsible sibling. Although Dylan and Dolly know full well that Dante is not reliable for this kind of chore, they still let them share stories so he doesn’t feel left out. Since it was the night before Halloween, however, the two top dogs conceded that it wasn’t the brightest idea to let Dante help the pups fall asleep for the night.

“Yeah, it especially doesn’t help that your story rings a few bells to…you know what,” Dolly remarked towards Dante.

“I’m just doing my part in making sure that we’re all prepared for…the unpredictable!” Dante said. “These stories can serve as a cautionary tale for what might happen for us next!”

The one dog in the Dalmatian family that has been behaving just about the same months after the incident was Dante. While he has already been known for his tendencies to predict the imminent end of the world, the traumatizing experience had only fueled Dante’s paranoia further, for he had almost seen his world ending right before his eyes before the glimmer of hope that saved the Dalmatians.

“Oh please, a ghost dog that collects the souls and bones of its victims, and only leaving behind their collars?” Dylan remarked. “I’ve heard lots of absurd urban legends from you Dante, but this one might just be the most absurd!”

“But what if the black dog is real?” Delgado asked.

“It’s not real! it’s just Dante being Dante!” Dolly said in a reassuring tone, trying to comfort the scared pups.

“I can confirm from a conductive logical reasoning that such a scenario would be scientifically impossible to occur,” Dawkins added.

“Dante, there are scarier things that we’ve dealt with,” Dolly continued. “What happened two months ago was distressing for all of us, we’d like to spend tomorrow without worrying about any of that. You know what tomorrow is, right?”

Of course, Halloween happened to be the favorite holiday of Dante. From his perspective, the concept of Halloween has always been one of life’s greatest enigmas to him. There was another thing that made it special to him, but today, he couldn’t wrap his head around why.

“Why wouldn’t I know what tomorrow is?” Dante responded. “It’s the one day in every year where every strange creature known to dog gathers for one night. Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, zombies, scarecrows, heffalumps, woozles, escaped clones with their faces melting!”

“Relax, Dante,” said Dylan. “We’ve gone over this several times before. They’re all just humans in costume.”

“And yet they appear for one night and they’re all gone the very next day,” Dante continued. “How does that happen? No one knows, and that makes the mystery all the more alluring.”

Dylan rolled his eyes and then replied, “Well, the pups enjoy trick-or-treating, so we are getting dressed up too again this year.”

“Yeah, and I know how much you all don’t want to miss out on those treats!” Dolly said towards the pups. “Don’t let that scary story bother you, so just get some good sleep for tomorrow.”

“I should also remind you all not to go nuts with the treats,” Dylan adds. “Mum and dad had arranged for us to have our teeth checked and cleaned by our in-house animal dentist next week.”

Most of the pups responded with a chorus of “Awww”s. Dawkins, on the other paw, reacted nervously upon mention of the dentist.

“And Dante, if you’re planning on tagging along with us, can we trust you to be on your best behavior by not doing a repeat of last year where you kept freaking out the humans? Can you do that for us?” Dylan asked.

“I was planning on spending the night sheltering myself here from the apocalypse while having myself a horror movie marathon,” Dante replied. “So I’ll need to borrow the TV for tomorrow.”

“All right, but it looks like we’ll have to make sure it doesn’t catch the prying eyes of the younger pups.” Dylan replied. “At least make sure not to put on Little Shop of Horrors. You know how tensed up Dawkins gets when it comes to the dentist.”

“Stop mentioning dentists!” Dawkins exclaimed as he held his lowered ears with both paws out of fear.

“It’ll be fine,” said Dolly. “I mean, don’t you use drills all the time when you and Dylan work on any new inventions?”

“Yes, but not the kind that go in people’s mouths! It’s one of the very few machines that I don’t like!” Dawkins responded. “Why do you think I’ve been trying to keep my teeth clean every day? So much drilling, so much drilling, so much drilling…!”

While Dawkins began shaking, Deepak approached him to try and calm his nerves by massaging his fur before escorting him to the bathroom to let the toothbrusher lessen his worries.

“Fear not, dear brother, let Guru Miaow guide you to the realm of good dental hygiene,” said Deepak.

“I think we’ve had enough worrying about the end of the world for one night,” Dylan finished. “You should be feeling better after getting some good sleep too, Dante.”

Dante conceded and made his sleeping arrangement while Dylan and Dolly calmed down the rest of the pups.

The next day, the family of dalmatians was making their preparations for the night. Once it was close to getting dark, the Dalmatians have gotten dressed in their respective costumes. Dolly is shown dressed as Vee from Owl House, Dizzy & Dee Dee dressed up as a nurse dog and a firedog respectively (calling to mind the respective jobs held by their parents), the Dimitris dressed up together in a three-headed hydra costume, Deepak dressed up as a black cat, Da Vinci dressed up as a Smeargle from the Pokemon franchise, DJ dressed up as Squarepusher (which was one of the very few costumes Dylan and Dawkins had to design for), Delgado dressed up as Optimus Prime, and baby Dorothy was dressed as the similarly-named Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz. While Triple D had spent their previous Halloweens in group costumes, they decided to make themselves individual costumes this year, with Dallas dressing up as Pink Diamond from Steven Universe, Destiny dressing up as Sailor Moon, and Déjà Vu dressing up as Scooby-Doo.

While some of the other dalmatians were getting ready, everyone except Dante was dressed up for the occasion. Dylan then showed himself in front of the others dressed as Poodlewolf.

In the usual grandiose voice he puts on for the character during his Poodlewolf board game sessions, Dylan said as he picked up Dorothy, placed her on his back, and nuzzled her, prompting for her to let out a giggle, “Let us come forth, pups! Poodlewolf is here to take you all trick-or-treating!”

Dolly wasn’t all that amused. “Bro, this is the third year in a row that you dressed up as Poodlewolf,” she remarked.

“Come on, Dolly, Deepak has dressed as a cat every year and I don’t see you complaining about that,” Dylan replied.

“Yes, but at least he goes as a different breed,” Dolly replied.

“She is right. This year I’ve chosen to go as a Bombay, which is recognized for being the most symbolic animal of Halloween,” said Deepak as his tail wagged in delight. “This is the one aspect of the holiday that I look forward to every year, where I can show my inner and an outer cat too!”

“Triple D made most of our costumes, so you got to at least give them credit for that,” Dylan continued towards Dolly.

“They were worth a lot of time and work, so it makes us happy to see you all rocking them,” said Dallas.

“All these costumes we’ve made are animal-friendly, which is what makes them even more special,” Destiny added.

“Reah- I mean, yep, we did a great job!” Déjà Vu said. “I can’t wait any longer to get myself a bunch of Scooby Snacks!”

“Yeah, just don’t oversell it, Déjà Vu,” Dallas remarked.

“That should be everyone, right?” Dolly asked as Dylan did his mandatory head count.

“That’s everyone except Dawkins and Diesel,” Dylan informed. “They both said that they’re making their costumes, so we’ll just to have to wait for them for a bit and- OH MY DOG, what is that!?”

What Dylan gazed upon that gave him a panic was what appeared to be a dog-sized replica of Megazord from the Power Rangers franchise.

“What do you think it is?” Dawkins’s slightly muffled voice spoke from the inside of the body of armor. “This is what I’m going as for the occasion.”

Dylan let out a deep sigh of relief and then said, “Oh, it’s just you, Dawkins.”

“Whoa, it looks like we forgot to tell him not to go too extra this year,” Dolly joked.

“Oh no! No, no, no! You are not going as that while trick-or-treating with us,” said Dylan. “You could step on some humans or even one of us if you’re not careful!”

“Oh kibbles!” Dawkins bemoaned, as the Megazord replication gave a dejected look before the dalmatian descended below the suit of armor to show himself, having turned off its functions. “I’ve gotten into the spirit of this holiday so that I could show the capabilities of dogs in the field of science and engineering. I was only going to participate in the Camden costume contest since trick-or-treating doesn’t suit me, and I don’t want to waste three weeks’ worth of work that I’ve put into making this replica of Megazord.”

“Come on bro, let him go out and have his own fun,” Dolly said towards Dylan before turning her eyes back to Dawkins. “You’ve made an awesome costume, and you deserve to have the residents of Camden see your genius.”

“Well, now that you put it that way, you can at least go to that contest in that,” Dylan acquiesced, “but you still need to be careful, and since we don’t really trust Dante to be home all by himself, you wouldn’t mind keeping him company while the rest of us are out trick-or-treating, right?”

“Of course I wouldn’t mind,” Dawkins replied.

“So that leaves Diesel,” said Dolly. “Where the heck is he anyway?”

Conveniently so, the dalmatians took notice of Diesel stumbling his way down the stairs while dressed in a black bed sheet with one too many holes cut into it.

“I am the black dog of Camden!” Diesel proclaimed as he then made ghost noises.

“Oh Diesel, don’t tell me Dante’s story last night got to your head,” said Dylan.

“Okay, I won’t.” Diesel replied.

“I’m worried about you not being able to see in that thing. We can’t have you bumping into anybody or getting lost from our group by accident.” Dylan replied. “Well, now that we’re all gathered here, I should point out first thing that I need you all to be on your best behavior, don’t interact with any of the human kids, and keep your voices low, even when you feel the need to say “Trick-or-treat!.” The humans can’t understand what we say anyway, but at least let out a gentle bark to say thanks when you get your treats.” The majority of the dalmatian pups responded with a chorus of “We promise.”

“Can I do some ghost hunting?” Diesel asked. “Let me at ‘em if you see any.”

“Just don’t get ahead of yourself and freak out any of the human kids that are also dressed as ghosts,” Dylan informed. “Let’s get this over with, now.”

As Dylan reached his paw towards the scanner to unlock the door, Dante interrupted him by saying in a panicked tone, “Stop, don’t open the door! You don’t know what could be waiting for us from the other side!”

“Like what?” Dolly questioned. “What are the odds that we’re going to see the black dog of Camden?”

“Or worse…the human that tried to kill us for our coats coming back for revenge!” Dante fretted.

“What I’m more concerned about is humans showing up at our door for candy and realizing that we don’t have a human in the house, which is why we put up very specific signs to lure them away,” said Dylan as the outside of the front door showed signs that read “STAY OUT!!!,” “NO CANDY HERE!!!,” “THAT’S RIGHT, KEEP WALKING,” “NOTHING TO SEE HERE,” and the typical “BEWARE OF DOGS.”

“But you guys heard what she said about how we haven’t seen the last of her,” said Dante. “What if she does come back tonight? If all these creatures known to human and dog can congregate on a night like this, there’s no doubt in my mind that this could be a sign of her return!”

“Look, Dante,” Dylan responded, “we know you’ve been right a few times before with your predictions, and we’ve been more than willing to listen to you because of that, but right now, this is not the time to deal with them. There’s no such thing as ghost dogs, and most importantly, there’s no way that we’re ever going to encounter that evil lady again!”

When Dylan opened up the door, they were met by something resembling a familiar entity. Seeing the hairstyle that they recognized belonging to Cruella, the Dalmatians (except for Diesel, who couldn’t see due to the sheet covering him), by instinct, screamed out of fear.

“Feeling terrified!” Dawkins exclaimed.

However, the horrified expressions from the dalmatians would then immediately become stern looks after they realize that it was just their corgi neighbor Clarissa playing a cruel joke on them with a wig.

“Trick-or-treat, ruff raff!” Clarissa said before letting out several laughs for the scare she had given.

Unfortunately for the Dalmatians, even after having developed somewhat of a change of heart after the dognapping incident and providing some help for letting Dylan and Dolly come to their family’s rescue on the cargo ship that night, Clarissa still remained her stuck-up and intolerant self.

“Never mind, it’s just Clarissa,” said Dylan in a vexed tone.

“Ugh, Clarissa,” Dolly growled. “You know, I get this is a holiday for playing tricks and I may be the one for pulling pranks, but that wasn’t very funny!”

“Yeah, what happened to us that one night is no laughing matter, we agreed on that!” Dylan retorted.

“I know, but I couldn’t just pass up the opportunity to see how much of a good scare that I could give you all and it satisfies one’s self to see the looks on your faces!” Clarissa responded. “It gives one much more of a laugh to see what kind of tacky costumes a bunch of dalmatians put together this year.” She then said, referring to Dolly’s Vee costume, “What are you supposed to be anyway?”

“I couldn’t think about what I should dress up as this year, so I let Triple D decide for me and they made me a costume of a character from that one show they’re into. They say I ‘sound just like her,’ even though I don’t really see it, but I still appreciate the thought they put into it, so I’ll have you know that Triple D have great sense in fashion, and our costumes are not as tacky your phony getup,” Dolly sneered.

“You should leave, Clarissa,” said Dylan. “We just want to enjoy ourselves for the night, and we certainly don’t want to keep dealing with your jokes.”

“Then one shall leave you ruff raff alone, but one shall continue to treasure this moment. I must say though that one does appreciate that we had the same idea of keeping a bunch of little brats away from one’s house. One can’t allow for the quality time Hugo has arranged for me to be ruined by some meddlesome dogs,” Clarissa finished as she then strutted back to her house.

“False alarm, Dante, you can stop hiding now,” Dylan called out, taking notice of his absence from the group.

Dante revealed himself from the dumbwaiter and reappeared with the other dalmatians. He then asks, “Is it safe to go out now?”

“I don’t sense any danger,” said Dolly. “Now let’s go out and get some treats, there’s no more time to waste!”

“Any of those treats could have razor blades inside of them or they could be laced with chocolate, so be sure to check each one!” Dante forewarned.

“Sure, we’ll believe in one of the oldest superstitions in the book,” Dolly remarked in a sarcastic tone.

“Um, Dolly, aren’t you too old to be trick-or-treating yourself?” Dylan asked, referring to the bag she had on her.

“We’re dogs, Dylan, how can we be too old for free treats?” Dolly replied.

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