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278a. Squidferatu

Jjs Goodman

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I loved this episode so much. It really felt like celebrating classic horror movies SpongeBob style. I loved the art style of this episode, design of Nosferatu's town looked so different and unique from the usual SpongeBob art style. Animators did a fantastic job capturing the creepy feeling of it. The episode was very exciting to watch with non-stop cat and mouse chase between SpongeBob and Squidward vs Nosferatu and Slappy. Speaking of Slappy, I really loved him here. He felt threatening and creepy here but still had his comedic timing. I loved the twist of this episode which was that Nosferatu was chasing SpongeBob and Squidward to return Squidward's mail and it turned out to be a garlic. Good comedic twist I would say. The humor of this episode was great. I laughed at Squidward spraying the mailman with urchin poison, SpongeBob throwing ketchup at Squidward, Wooden Stake pun and so on. I had worries of this episode being fan pandering but it turned out way better than I expected. It's worth a watch.

Grade: A

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This is definitely the Halloween episode for season 13! Very interesting how they made the underwater equivalent for Transylvania have all the colors deliberately washed out in order to invoke an old black and white horror feature! I wonder if the fat fish that was accidentally hit in this episode was one of Bubble Bass' grandfathers? He certainly LOOKED chubby enough and happily ate a Krabby Patty! Definitely an interesting variation of a cat and mouse game, and I like how Spongebob kept interrupting Nosferatu by his constant need to get up and go to the bathroom! Even Slappy managed to be surprisingly creepy, especially with the fact that he was revealed to be non-living (due to the fact that he can take off his own head without any problem!) And who would've guessed that all Nosferatu was trying to do, was to return Squidward's mail, which was GARLIC?! And it appears that Nosferatu also has the Phantom of The Opera, doing the lights turning on and off trick to Nosferatu! In all, I'd give this a 10 out of 10! Enough said, true believers!

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