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010b. Klopnodian Heritage Festival

Jjs Goodman

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Never thought I'd see the day when Sam from "Big Sister Sam" was brought back in ANY capacity...too bad it's only a quick cameo and the rest of the Star family don't have any interaction with her. Although, oddly enough, her limited screen-time probably works in her favor instead of against it, as she's seen acting more normally and not aggressively. Anyways, the Klopnodian Heritage seems to mix elements of Native American rites of passage, along with traditional European customs and costumes. I like how they brought back Fred (albeit, offscreen), and not only did the joke with HIS leg, but one-upped it when someone accidentally hurt his OTHER leg! While the plot itself was pretty good, I could've lived WITHOUT seeing the excessive sweat coming out form underneath Patrick's arms! At least his dad suggests underarm corks in order to combat this. Overall, I guess I'd give the episode a 9.4 out of 10, most of the lost points coming from the aforementioned excessive sweating! Enough said!

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