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Favourite MCU TV Show This Year?

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Favorite MCU TV Show of 2021?  

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  1. 1. Favourite MCU Show?

    • WandaVision
    • Falcon and the Winter Soldier
    • Loki
    • What If...?
    • Hawkeye
    • Not interested...when's the next movie?

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Now that Marvel's leaning into TV shows as part of the MCU, we've been treated to a handful of shows this year on Disney+. Which one of these shows was your favorite this year?

For me, I have to say WandaVision. Funny enough, I think the best part about the show for me was actually the fact that it was something different. I liked the use of sitcom formulas over the decades per episode and the overarching mystery going on.


I do think they kinda of spoiled it a bit, namely with Episode 4 being a massive detour that should've been dealt with later on in the series as opposed to showing us as soon as they did, and the last episode turned the show into your typical Marvel stuff so it felt detached from this cool thing they'd been doing prior, but outside of that it was captivating. Also Kathyn Hahn as Agatha Harkness...yass...

But yeah, the show had a charm that, in my eyes, only Loki could rival.

Bonus question would be what was your least favourite? Mine was Falcon and the Winter Solider; I liked it to begin with but it lost me after the fourth episode so I ended dropping the last one. I'm aware of how it ends, and overall the show was just a mess beginning to end. Both Sam and Bucky could've had a better story, methinks.

Considering I'm making this before Hawkeye comes out, I included it just in case anybody's more hyped for that than the other options for if you wanna change later when it does start airing lol

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Loki easily wins for me. Felt the most consistent, fun, and streamlined of them so far. Need more batshit craziness like this in the MCU. Can't wait for Season 2. Wanda started off good and interesting, but I felt they were cramming and rushing too many plot threads toward the end (although I guess somewhat understandable due to Covid restrictions). F&WS had a couple of individual good moments, and I can't complain about seeing Zemo again, but it was overall kinda dull and many characters had confusing motivations. What If S1 was mostly meh to me, outside of the Dr. Strange episode and maybe the first part of the Ultron two-parter. Feels like a couple of episodes needed more time, and others had plain awkward writing, but nothing particularly awful. I am curious to see what will happen in Hawkeye.

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- Wandavision was good and i didn't mind the finale but It was clear the show stopped being captivating when it became a more typical MCU story

- Falcon & Winter Soldier was just bad. Shit politics, not enough focus on Sam, Walker being redeemed, the twist of Power Broker being a slap in the face, Flag Smashers being what right wing sees antifa as and overall boring shit. Only good aspect was Bucky's arc and some good Zemo stuff, although him commenting on African American culture was cringe.

- Loki is the best out of all. Captivating story, some time travel fuckery, the ongoing mystery of who controls time, Loki and Sylvia's arcs being fleshed out well, Agent Mobius for all his glory and the shocking ending. Season finale could have been better but it was still exciting. And Episode 5 is one of the best MCU materials ever.

- I actually kinda liked What If but it could have been a lot better than just a spin on mcu movies. Aside from T'Challa as Star Lord, Doctor Strange and Party Thor episodes, I felt rest could have been stronger. They didn't need to re-do mcu movies with a different twist because that's just uninteresting. Ultron at the last two episodes was a menacing villain but I wish they got Spader to do the voice of Ultron because I felt the voice actor didn't capture his voice well. Hats off to Chadwick Boseman's last performance as T'Challa, you'll be missed.

so basically

Loki >>>>>>>> Wandavision >>> What If >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Falcon & The Winter Soldier

Hawkeye looks solid but I hate them not paying David Aja, the artist of the Hawkeye run they are adapting and promoting with. Ms. Marvel is gonna suck, I hate everything I'm hearing and seeing about it so far. Moon Knight looks like it's gonna be the best mcu tv show. She-Hulk looks fun. No comment on the rest cuz we know little of them.

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