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The Matrix Resurrections

Jjs Goodman

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One of the best movies I have seen this year so far, I don't care.


I loved most of what the movie did. It was a great story of trauma, the meta aspect of having too many sequels and reboots in franchises and turning an original work into an IP and how that's scummy and cash grabby, the strong romance between Neo and Trinity and second chances. Neo and Trinity deserved much more than Revolutions' shitty ending and this movie gave me what I wanted. Them flying in the matrix was such a heartwarming way to end the franchise. Lana and the writing team really made the movie such a special thing for me. New additions of this movie; Bugs and The Analyist were excellent. Neil Patrick Harris was such a meaning villain as The Analyist here and Jessica Henwick was the heart and the soul of this movie as Bugs. New interperations of Morpheus and Smith were much welcome from me. Seeing Niobe again with her wife was sweet. Sati growing up was great to see. The usage of references here made sense and added so much more to the movie than be fan service with nothing else.

Such an underrated movie for me. I really appreciated it.


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