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003b. Pat-a-thon

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Not the most exciting episode of the show but it was pretty entertaining and funny. All the phone pranks Squidward got were basic but they got a good laugh out of me. Grandpat was fun here with him pushing Patrick to face the challenge. Sandy's presence here made me happy with her inventions ending up being messes. The stop-motion of Plankestein (that's what i'm calling him) was out of nowhere and it can be distracting for sure but it was fun. Another good ep of the show.

Grade: B+

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Telethon parody episodes are definitely a tricky type of episode to handle. If you don't do them right, you can REALLY hurt the quality of your own show. (I, myself, have never even ATTEMPTED to write one, and I intend to avoid them like the Bubonic Plague!) In any case, this show definitely feels like it was created for the purpose of being able to showcase gags and jokes that would be WAY too out of place on "Spongebob Squarepants"; but because it's happening on this show, it feels right at home here. I'm glad Sandy was able to figure out how to get Gary to dance, and it was interesting to see Spongebob dressed up like a Punk. I also kind of figured out that Grandpat would figure out a way to get Patrick to do the stunt instead! Still, it would have been nice to have SEEN the Telethon succeed, and not wind up with negative ONE cent! All in all, I'd give the episode an 8 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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