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003a. Lost in Couch

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Excellent episode. It is such a good parody of Alice in Wonderland. Very creative and fun to watch. Animation here is stellar. I loved that beginning of the episode featured a space cartoon with a different artstyle which was lovely. Patrick continues to carry the show very well and Squidina is such a good sister to Patrick. The ending with Grandpat on a human bowling alley killed me. Great episode.

Grade: A

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Once again, the second episode segment that was shown was definitely the stronger of the two. In a way, "The Patrick Star Show" seems like a lighter, softer version of "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy", in the fact that practically anything that is POSSIBLE to happen (even things that seem like they couldn't POSSIBLY happen), DO happen, and there's no telling where Patrick might end up! Definitely didn't expect to see Rube, Larry, and Bubble Bass wind up in this show/episode, but they did, which means that episode story possibilities have just been expanded! I'm glad to see Patrick actually FIND his remote, and give it fresh double AA batteries, but Grandpat getting stuck inside of the TV in a Live-Action Human bowling alley was totally priceless! I'd give the episode segment a perfect 10/10! Enough said, true believers!

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