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Congratulations, Chum Buddies!

Jjs Goodman

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After a chilly competition and a season of beatings, the Chum Buddies (Christmas Baddies) win Snowcember Ball 2020 16-6-6! This is their 3rd win of the year (and first technical big win if you don't count the tie or minor league), evening out with the Krew for wins. Better luck next time, Krew. Here's who had the most wins:


1.) Fred with 6 wins (MVP!)

2.) Mythix with 5 wins

3.) WhoBob with 4 wins


1.) dman with 3 wins (MVP!)

2.) sbl with 2 wins


1.) JCM & SOF 2 wins (MVPS!)

The Buddies will receive 400 doubloons for their win. That's a wrap to the first year of Krusty Krew vs. Chum Buddies. I'll see the teams in 3 months for March Madness 2021, the first Major League teams event of the new year. Reminder that if you wanna join the Krew or Buddies, just sign up here, as they have plenty of seats open. Happy new year to all!

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