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Congratulations, Drasticals!

Jjs Goodman

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Welp...it was a long, intense, and very close month filled with blizzards, presents, and hot chocolate, but in the end, the Drasticals win the Snowcember Cup 22-20-8! This was the final tournament between the Band Geeks, Drasticals, and Independents, and I don’t think anyone could’ve asked for a more intense, close competition. This was the best possible way for their legacy to go out. Every Drastical gets 1,000 doubloons as a reward. Don't be sad though Band Geeks, this was such a close event that I genuinely thought you were going to win for a bit. I like having unsureness of the final outcome, so this was a great competition. Thanks to everyone who played in this year's games, and on all three teams in general the past few years. I'm going to miss these groups a lot. Here's the last MVP list for these groups of teams:


1.) @Snom with 7 wins (MVP! IbyObVw.png )

2.) @Mythix with 6 wins

3.) @Jon Snow with 3 wins

Band Geeks:

1.) @DDDman with 6 wins (MVP! IbyObVw.png )

2.) @The Gingerfred Man with 5 wins

3.) @Khristmas Konquest with 3 wins


1.) @Santa Jaws with 4 wins  (MVP! IbyObVw.png )

2.) @Holly Jolly Rarity with 2 wins

Like I did the rest of the year, and will continue to do so in 2020, here are statistics of which team won the most events:

SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune: Band Geeks (2/3 wins)

SpongeBob Pictionary: Tied between Band Geeks and Independents (1/2 wins each)

Dunces & Dragons: Drasticals (3/3 wins)

Cards Against Humanity: Band Geeks (2/3 wins)

Great Sleigh Race 2: Band Geeks (2/4 wins)

SBC Christmas Trivia Contest: Tied between Band Geeks and Drasticals (4/10 wins each)

Snowball Hunt: Tied between Band Geeks and Drasticals (7 wins each)

Also, here's a final listing of this incarnation of teams' event victories

BAND GEEKS (10 victories in total):

  • March Madness 2015
  • July 2015 SpongeCraft Tournaments
  • Octerror Fest 2015
  • Snowcember Ball 2015
  • The Super Spongy Square Games
  • March Madness 2017
  • Snowcember Ball 2017
  • Sponge Cup
  • Snowcember Ball 2018
  • March Madness 2019 (Final win)

DRASTICALS (9 in total):

  • March Madness 2016
  • Octerror Fest 2016
  • Snowcember Ball 2016
  • May Mayhem
  • Octerror Fest 2017
  • March Madness 2018
  • Octerror Fest 2018
  • Octerror Fest 2019
  • Snowcember Ball 2019 (Final win)

INDEPENDENTS (1 in total):

  • SpongeBash

So yeah, this is the official end of Teams 3. This was our most successful attempt at teams on SBC yet in the past 4 years, and we're going to do it even better in the new decade. Teams 4 will launch soon, with the theme of Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket teams, as I announced at the New Year's Discord party. Independents will be disbanded entirely, but the concept of being able to play despite not being on a team will still exist. I'll provide a lot more information soon later this month, along with the draft, but get ready for A LOT more team action this year. I know you'll miss your current teams, but we have to keep them fresh and it was time we rebooted them again. We really shook up the team formula a lot with what's in store, so stay tuned! 

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