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Congratulations, Drasticals!

Jjs Goodman

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It was a long month filled with curses, hauntings, killings, candy and many more shenanigans, but in the end, the Drasticals win the Octerror Cup 20-10-8! This is their first event win since Octerror Fest 2018…a whole year ago! (oh) This is also the fourth Octerror Fest in a row where the Drasticals have won, so I guess this event has special magic for them. Every Drastical gets 1,000 doubloons as a reward. Thanks to everyone who played in this year's games, as this was our largest Octerror Fest yet. As tradition,  here's a count of who won the most from each side:


1.) @Bewarb the Boowear with 5 wins (MVP gR59S3K.png )

2.) Davy Jones and @Sabrina with 4 wins

3.) @Randall Weasott with 2 wins

Band Geeks:

1.) @Dancing Big Ball from Wipeout with 4 wins (MVP gR59S3K.png)

2.) @Winterghost43 and @The Nightman with 2 wins


1.) @Black Parade, @Pancake John Lennon and @Zombie Jaws with 2 wins (MVPs gR59S3K.png )

Like I did for March Madness 2019 earlier this year, here's statistics of which team won the most rounds of each main game during the event:

SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune: Drasticals (2/3 wins)

SpongeBob Pictionary: Independents (2/3 wins)

SBC Music (Dubtrack): Drasticals (2/3 wins)

Cards Against Humanity: Drasticals (2/3 wins)

Dunces & Dragons: Drasticals (2/3 wins)

Hooky 5: Band Geeks (4/8 wins)

Candy Hunt: Drasticals (5 hunters)

Have a great Halloween night everyone! We'll see the three teams again at Snowcember Ball 2019, the last event of the year!

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