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Snowcember Story Contest 2018

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The goal of this contest is to bring a little competition to the table with your story talents. Here's what you'll do: 

Submit a canon or non-canon written winter/holiday/Christmas themed work. You may use an existing spin-off, or create a completely separate entry. It does not have to be specifically about Christmas or any holiday, it can be about winter in general.

It does not have to be SpongeBob related.

Your creation must at least be 500 words. 

It must be something you have written, do not plagiarize someone else's work.

Post it in this thread by December 28, 2018 by 5pm EST.

Me, Patty Sponge and Cha will be the judges. The winner will receive a point for their side, 2,000 doubloons, and a special GCA-style trophy you can display in your profile/signature.

Have fun, and let the games begin! 

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Been trying to find a good premise to write a story around, and I finally found one after a few days of contemplation! Basically, it's a first-person one shot of the narrator and his boyfriend on a winter's day in the park; the latter is on a sleigh whilst the former stands at the bottom of a hill. I enjoy writing these kinds of short stories.

Inspiration for this is actually based on a short story I wrote for English Language class early in the year, and I can see this as taking place in the same universe as that story as a spiritual sequel to the full story my project would have been a part of.


The wind picks up in the atmosphere as it grazes my face brashly. No matter where I turn, no matter how I tug and pull on my hood, and no matter how I decide to cower behind a nearby tree, the wind seems to only take a turn for the worst. I can almost hear it cackling at me as it intrudes upon my perimeter. The scarf hanging loosely around my neck as if by a thread resigns to the blows, falling into the blanket of snow currently burying my feet. Multiple curses that a mother would find great shame in escape my lips as I reluctantly pick it up.

A cold winter’s day is not the time for an outing, is what I repeatedly tell myself. I don’t want to be standing in my waterlogged boots and useless parka, vulnerable to the cruelty is that Mother Nature during these hellish winter months. Instead I think of how else I would rather spend it, secluded at home with an evening hue casting itself through the windows whilst buried in multiple blankets piled over me as I watch Christmas specials on the television. Oh, how the thought of such a luxurious eve warms me so.

But Mother Nature seems to pick up on this, as she unleashes a terrible gust of wind in my direction. As I stand, the wind finds every opportunity to hurdle its way to every inch of my face. All the while, I can feel my legs getting weary with every movement. What does not help it is that the ground feels lightly iced, and I need to take extra precaution when trying to dodge nature’s attacks. I cross my arms and huff in resignation, wondering why I’m even going through this experience in the first place.

But then, I look up. And immediately I remember why.

Because of you.

Having to squint slightly as I look at the top of the grand white hill before me, I can just make out your frame as you seem to be looking down at me whilst maintaining your grip on your – our – sleigh. Despite our distance, my love, I can tell even from here that you are nonchalant towards the abominable weather conditions, so clearly it is only I they seem to enjoy tormenting.

You call out to me and tell me you’re about to ride your way down the hill, and I prepare myself so I can see you better from where I stand. In a few short seconds, the sleigh will send you on an exhilarating experience down this hill and reunite us at the bottom, and at once the only thing I can think about is the warm embrace we will share once that happens. The thought alone warms me with content, much more so than my previous thought, and so I stand eagerly awaiting your return to me. Not even Mother Nature will ruin this moment for me.

As you descend from the hill, I can hear your shrieks of laughter and excitement fill the cold air with a warmth that only I can feel. A smile finds itself on my face and remains unaltered by the weather once you’re finally at the bottom, only meters away. I rush over to you, paying little attention to the potential slipping hazard that is the ground because I feel as if I’m walking on the very air that previously tried to kill me.

I feel myself slip only inches within your proximity, but I do not feel the ground as I would have expected. Rather, I can feel myself being lifted from the potential danger by your arms, and a blush slowly grows upon my whitened face. You turn me around and give me a light chuckle, a red tint similarly present on your cheeks alongside speckles of snow across your stubble.

You raise me to my feet, but I close this new distance between us by enclosing you in my arms, in an embrace that warms us both. I do not know much time passes whilst the two of us are in this position, but I feel as if an eternity has passed when we let go. You glance at the sleigh, as you ask if I would like to join you this time.

And you know, my love? I would love to.

A beam of delight spreads across your face, which makes mine all the more apparent, as you take my hand in yours and take me up the hill.


I am somewhat surprised that this is 755 words according to Word.

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They say Christmas comes once every year, to come and go, but not everyone would want that to be so. In fact, there was one attempt to keep Christmas all year round in Bikini Bottom. Long story short, it did not end well for the starfish who attempted to keep old Santa Claus underwater, but there are specifics about this story that must be described in detail before one could make assumptions about it. Yes, it was on one otherwise quiet Christmas Eve...

SpongeBob exited his pineapple home, which was decorated for the season. He walked over to Patrick's house, which was also decorated. His next-door neighbor, Squidward, however, did not decorate his house, a fact which made his house stick out like a sore thumb. SpongeBob entered his friend's house, where Patrick, the starfish himself, was working on a mysterious machine.

"Hey, Patrick, what do you have there?" inquired SpongeBob. He looked inquisitively at the strange mechanism, which sent out electrical pulses every few seconds.

"This is my Santa-Trapper 3000," explained Patrick, with a smug look on his face. "This year, I intend to capture Santa, without failure!"

SpongeBob looked over at him confusedly. "Oh, well, have fun," he said. "I've got to get going, I need to feed my snail, you know. Pets are hard work!"

"Hard work like my machine?"

"Yes, definitely. And a bit harder, too."

SpongeBob ran back to his house, where he fed Gary. In the meanwhile, Patrick installed the Santa-Trapper 3000 on top of his house. It stood there, towering over Patrick's rock like a bird of prey soaring over its meal. Patrick stood in front of his rock as Squidward passed by, hands on his hips and with a smirk on his face.

"Hey, Patrick," Squidward called over, "what's with the toaster?"

Patrick leered back. "It's not a toaster," he yelled, "it's my invention that I intend to catch Santa with!"

Squidward laughed. "So you've gone from cardboard boxes to household electronics. How original!"

"I said it's not a toaster! IT'S! A! MACHINE!"

"Whatever! Good luck, hope Santa doesn't give you coral this year like he did last year!"

Patrick crossed his arms and kicked a rock. He was determined to catch Santa this time, whatever it would take. That night, he slept lightly. About half past midnight, an electrical zap was heard. It woke up SpongeBob, who was sound asleep, and Squidward. Both of them exited their houses, looking at Patrick's rock. There was a twitching body on the ground. Patrick exited his rock and looked at the figure.

"Hey, guys, I caught Santa!" he yelled. Just then, the body rose from the ground. It turned out to be Santa Claus, who looked sternly at Patrick.

"Why did you set that machine upon your rock?" he yelled. Patrick was quivering.

"I wanted to, you know, catch you, just to have Christmas all year round!"

"Well, that leaves me no choice. You're getting more punishment than just coral!"

Patrick gulped. For the rest of the night, he rode with Santa, delivering toys to everyone in Bikini Bottom. And that's why you should never try to capture Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

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