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It's been a while, but I'm now back in the signature/avatar making black market business! You know the deal, you put down a request for a graphic that you view with your eyes, I try and actually get it done, and you get a graphic to place in your siggy. Yay! :D

Let's start off with what's in stock for signatures. For a signature, you have two design choices. Traditional or Text.

Traditional is of course, the standard signature. Your name being surrounded by characters of your choice, with the option of a subtitle, background, and some cool effects. Here is an example that I cooked up yesterday.



Text is what my current sig uses. A logo-like text of your username, but masked to include characters of your choice or whatever you want in it. If you're don't feel like doing some scrolling down, here's the example.



Of course, as the title of this thread mentions, I also provide request for animated avatars with the options of borders and text if you desire. Here are examples of all three types.



Interested? Oh cool. To send a request, simply fill out the form below and post the completed form either here or through PM. (Note: If you are requesting for an animated avatar using a source that isn't the first 9 seasons of SpongeBob, please do provide a video source link. Ta! :))



(Only answer the first two options if it you are requesting for a SpongeBob avatar. If not, skip them.)

Name of Episode: 


Source: (only answer if your request is not SpongeBob episode related)

Border: (optional. if answered, please state color as well)

Text: (optional)

Text color: (optional)

Text font: (optional)

Other: (optional)


Type of Signature: Traditional/Text


Text color: (If unanswered, I'll select for you)

Text font: (optional)

Subtitle: (optional)

Subtitle color: (if unanswered, I'll select for you)

Background/Background color: (optional)

Border: (optional. If answered, please state color as well)

Other: (optional)

All requests are free, though doubloon tips would be appreciated. Now get requesting!

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Just hit me I haven’t had a real signature in years lmao so hit me up fam


Type of Signature: Traditional

Text/Name: jjsthekid

Text color: blue 

Text font: a Star Wars themed font 

Background/Background color: 


Border: orange border 

Other: Have images of MLG Oshawott (my current avatar), Gary the Snail, King Dedede and Kenny from South Park on there 

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