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The Golden Community Awards XII: Nominations

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I.) Member Categories

1.) Best Debater -hawk trophy

2.) Funniest Member -goofy goober coffee lover

3.) Most Serious Member -hawk jjs

4.) Most Unique Username -cakecup wintermelon43 

5.) Spongiest Member -wintermelon squiddyface rdsp coffee lover hippythehippo

6.) Kindest Member -cakecup patty sof jjs rdsp 

7.) Most Competitive Member -hayden trophy rdsp

8.) Maturest Member - hawk jjs

9.) Most Contributive Member -jjs patty cha localaquatic

10.) Most Creative Member -goofy goober slug jcm 

11.) Most Missed Member - conehead jelly

12.) Smartest Member -hawk jjs


III.) Hall of Fame

1.) Honorary Creator Award -honest slug goofy goober

2.) Honorary Show Award -obab show season 3 the goofy goobers show

3.) Honorary Staff Member Award -patty rose kylie

4.) Honorary Member Award -storm hawk

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