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Worst Episode in each season?


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Do you mean ONLY Seasons 5-7? Just in case, I'll place those only:


5 - Since the obvious choice would be To Love a Patty, I'm going with Spongehenge. There's just something... off about this episode. One thing is the wind. Where is it coming from? Why is it so strong? Also, how long was Spongebob in the cave?

6 - Dear Vikings. The Olaf joke was ok but not the best thing ever. Overall, the episode was just... slow. Plot progression took forever and nothing but filler held the almost non-existent storyline together.

7 - You can't deny the obvious choice: A Pal for Gary.  Either Spongebob stopped caring for Gary or he has somehow lowered his intelligence TENFOLD. Spongebob is oblivious that there's a gigantic creature about to kill him and he scolds Gary for saving him. In fact, Spongebob also blames Gary for the destruction of his house. Otherwise, the plot seems slow at times and nothing really happens until the nighttime (a few minutes in).


If you meant all seasons, then I will edit this post to accomodate for all (current) seasons.

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Season 1: Nature Pants

Season 2: Bossy Boots

Season 3: The Sponge Who Could Fly

Season 4: Rule of a Dumb

Season 5: Fungus Among Us

Season 6: Pet or Pests

Season 7: A Pal For Gary

Season 8: Face Freeze!

Season 9: Squid Baby

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Season 1: Reef Blower

Season 2: Dumped

Season 3: Krabby Land

Season 4: Chimps Ahoy

Season 5: Atlantis Squirepanties

Season 6: Squids Visits

Season 7: A Pal For Gary

Season 8: The Googly Artiste

Season 9: Lost In Bikini Bottom (sue me)

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Season 1: Pickles

I remember feeling bored while watching this.


Season 2: Your Shoe's Untied

This season gets SO strong later on. This episode is just a warming-up for the rest of it.


Season 3: Ugh

This one is fun to watch. Once a year.


Season 4: Squid Wood

Too much dancing and babbling in the second half.


Season 5: Banned in Bikini Bottom

The old lady was very ugly and annoying. This is also the first episode which had the same problems as most season six episodes (which were mostly bad).


Season 6: Professor Squidward

SpongeBob and Patrick were out of character. The jokes were not funny. It was boring and annoying. Like many more music related season six episodes (like Krabby Road and Choir Boys) it could have had a beautiful song in it. They messed up so bad.


Season 7: Rodeo Daze

I would have been cool with a rodeo related episode. In stead we get this. It's boring, stupid and frustrating and it actually has a song in it which makes me turn off the tv.


Season 8: Face Freeze

No idea where they were going for. It's not super bad, but just not interesting and weird (not in a very amusing way).


Season 9: SpongeBob, You're Fired

It could have been way more interesting. We see SpongeBob try out four jobs which gets very predictable fast. Also, they took several old episodes and stole ideas from it. We all know the Krusty Krab is a mess without SpongeBob, so this wasn't even slightly suspenseful <_<

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S1: I was a teenage gary: Just so weird, a bit uncomfortable to see they never change back even though continuity doesn't matter in SB.

S2: Dumped: For many of the same reasons as 1, not a lot of jokes, a cliched " let the pet decide" and the plot twist was lame.

S3: UGH: I dont know why this episode doesnt get more hate, it's really stretched, the Patchy segments do nothing, huge lack of jokes.

S4: The thing: Squidward abuse for no reason, in a lot of episodes it is still funny, this is completely boring.

S5: Goo goo gas: Spongebob goes out of its way to make babies disgusting and its cliche Krabs - Plankton. Boring.

S6: Choir Boys: As someone who is a singer, this episode takes no advantages of the humor available. Spongebob is also a huge jerk.

S7: Pal for Gary: Spongebob deserved gary to run away from him after this episode. I cant believe him in it.

This took a while to figure out while some may say season 6 is the worst, there are like 10 episodes I hate here

S8: Demolition Doofus: Character assassination, what puff is doing to spongebob and what the writers did to puff here.

S9:Little Yellow Book: Hate everything this stands for and its a snoozefest.

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1. The Chaperone

2. I'm With Stupid

3. Party Pooper Pants

4. Good Neighbors

5. Spongehenge (my least favorite episode)

6. To SquarePants Or Not to Squarepants

7. The Great Patty Caper

8. Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom

9. The Fish Bowl

10. House Worming

I need to watch seasons 11 and 12 before rating them.

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