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    ?Arrowverse and general DC
    ?Gravity Falls
    ? Star Wars
    ? Terraria
    ? Ghostbusters
    ? Marvel
    ?Samurai Jack
    ?Detective Conan
    ? My Hero Academia
    ? the fact that Winx Club is considered an anime by google play
    ? doofenshmirtz
    ?bojack horseman
    ?The Office (U.S)
    ?Parks and Recreation
    ?Star Trek
    ?fluffy animals (I gotta buncha rodents)
    ?conspiracy theories
    ?Dirk Gently’s Hollistic Detective Agency
    ? Daisy Johnson (love that girl)
    ? funny out of context shit
    ? Wonder Woman
    ?pretty animation
    ?soft music (I’m a sucker for it even though I’m really into metal)
    ? Homestuck
    ?Ava’s Demon
    ?general webcomics
    ?symmetrical numbers...
    ? Sherlock Holmes
    ? Preacher
    ? Twin Peaks
    ? Avatar The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
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