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Status Updates posted by That Excited SpongeKid

  1. Hey Krabby, do you like my new profile picture? 

    1. Mr. Eugene Krabs

      Mr. Eugene Krabs

      How dare you support Plankton propaganda!? :angrykrabs:

  2. I finally see My Chemical Romance tomorrow.. then after that, it's Demi Lovato.

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      Have fun at both! MCR is a classic act and all of their albums are so good!

  3. Just saw a woman bust someone's window with her fist and then that person tried to run her over.. gotta love memphis lmao

  4. I'm finally going to another concert since 2019.. I'll be seeing My Chemical Romance

  5. Tw for self harm and eating disorder mention

    But I'm finally 5 years clean and slowly trying to recover from an eating disorder I've been suffering from for 8 years!!

  6. Update: I saw the Blackpink movie and I loved it 

  7. Yesss my brother got me and him tickets to see the blackpink movie!!

  8. I was in east Tennessee for a few days and when we went to our car this morning there was a bear pawprint on our car door handle! 

  9. i am 4 years clean from self harm today people! it does not feel like it has been four years but apparently it has lol

    1. Cha
    2. ooooooofy


      i am so glad to hear that puffy ILY :hug: <3333 time is flying by!

  10. ok people, so a year or two ago, i went on sbm and made a status update about how i was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (which i was afraid to do because i thought people would think i am crazy, which i am not!),, but i think i do not have that. i just don't think i have those symptoms of that. i don't think i should be sharing this, but i did on ask.fm so whatever! i think it is schizoid personality disorder, not schizoaffective.. but i cannot see a doctor until all this is over and i am not saying i  have something like that without a diagnosis.. you guys do not have to answer this, but hopefully i can attend therapy again soon

    1. kev


      i hope you're able to find the help that u need as soon as this is all over, bro

  11. my mom said she would like to become a let's player

  12. remember : no employee wants to be a squidward!

  13. i am seeing ariana grande next saturday!

  14. i am 3 years clean from self harm! ( i forgot to say this, it was actually on november 1st!)

  15. i am sick, someone put me out of my misery

    1. Cha


      sick buddies

  16. gary DO NOT go near that mud puddle

  17. i have never seen astrology with squidward

  18. i do not feel good :(

    1. dmandagiraffe


      Hey man, I'm sorry if I really did hurt you with that post earlier. My intentions were to joke around but it took a moment to realize it can be pretty hard to take words like those in a joking sense. I almost didn't want to post what I typed for a moment because of a bad gut feeling, but I went along with g4y's joke anyway. I hope you can understand. If there's anything I can say/do to make you feel better, you name it. Once again, I really am sorry for what I did.  

    2. That Excited SpongeKid

      That Excited SpongeKid

      it's ok friend ❤️ you didnt do anything wrong :) i dont know why my stomach is messed up, but i hope you have a good night!

  19. Kelp Forest - an interesting area with many sights to see! for those who don't get hopelessly lost first!

  20. For the first time ever, a customer has made me cry.

  21. lets make g4ry our new mod

  22. I'm leaving tonight to go to Orlando. So I'll probably be back either Friday night or Saturday morning. Fun fact: I'm actually staying at the Holiday Inn that used to be the Nick Hotel.

  23. I'm having the worst week. lol

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