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  1. There is a lot of amazing things I'm sure this man can do... but I bet he could never exaggerate a whole wall
  2. Ever since 2021, a few times a year I get severe pain in my upper left and middle part of my stomach. It's increasingly gotten worse and was at its all time worse on Christmas. It went away the next day, then returned on Thursday and didn't get better until Friday night. Everytime I have this pain, I try taking pepto bismol and it of course does absolutely nothing. I haven't eaten in two days (besides small bits of tomato soup) because I physically can't eat anything without that pain coming back. I'm all by myself and my mom has done nothing to take care of me. She's literally the only person I have at all and ever since she's gotten engaged (and now married), it feels like her husband comes before me. I've lost so much weight. I'm currently at 178 pounds and I have a really really hard time gaining weight and I lose it quickly, so if I lose too much, it's not coming back lol. I just really wish my mom would stay with me while I'm suffering. She doesn't like having to go to hospitals and stuff, there have been Times in the past where I've needed to go and she refused. Plus, I've never been inpatient at a hospital before. I did go get blood drawn from one once, and passed out from blood loss when i was sixteen, because i was underweight and only 101 pounds, but I recovered before they had to admit me. If that pain comes back, I'm one hundred percent going to the emergency room, even if they have to give me a feeding tube. And I would honestly just have my mom call an ambulance, because I don't want to sit in the waiting room for 15 hours in severe pain, or however long it would be I don't know. My assumption is that it could be pancreatitis, but I wouldn't know without a diagnosis. My mom did say that she will get me a doctor and do a abdominal ct scan or something, but its going to be quite a few weeks. I know that I'm an adult, but I have no clue on how to be independent. A lot of people have told my mom that she needs to help be more independent and I definitely am ready to be, but I'm more concerned with this severe stomach pain that I've been having. When I was nineteen I developed really bad chronic pain in my upper back leg and it wasn't diagnosed until I was twenty-two. It's called piriformis syndrome, and whenever I was in horrible pain, my mom told me that I was being over dramatic. I'm not saying my mom is a bad parent by any means, but I don't understand why she is never concerned when something is seriously wrong. Even when she has something seriously wrong, she refuses to go to the hospital. When I developed asthma, she immediately took me to get diagnosed.. and I have an extremely mild case of asthma. But if it's anything really bad, she ignores it.. I don't get it, it's extremely weird.
  3. Spongebob wall decor to hang up in my apartment Spongebob socks Spongebob 2024 meme calendar Flying Dutchman board game from the episode arrgh Kirby slippers Dog slippers Little Cesar's gift card Two chick fil a gift cards Another gift card that can be used at various restaurants Glow in the dark pop it Marine life mocchis Sushi squishies Spongebob sweatpants Two spongebob shirts Two pairs of pajamas A new robe Reeses and a reeses teddy bear Lindt chocolate Spongebob mug And there's probably a few more things I'm forgetting.
  4. I'm mentally and emotionally tired af. I'm tired of people not coming through when I need them too. I'm tired of being unimportant and worthless. Im tired of believing that people care about me and me believing that they love me when they don't. I'm tired of being nothing to anybody. I'm tired of being so depressed that I can't breathe and my head hurts. I'm tired.
  5. Already deleted sorry to everyone that had to read that lol
  6. I'm a little emotional today, but I usually am around the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those two holidays are overwhelming for me. They also make me think about the future and what am I going to do when I get much older and if I have no family around? I'm only 23, but the holidays make me think about that stuff too hard, and I get anxious about my birthday too. I've had people who I thought cared about me treat me like dirt on my birthday. I've even had family forget about my birthday even though it's not that hard to remember, considering it's Christmas eve. And I'm not talking about out of town family, I'm talking about family that I was living with at the time. I think I'm just anxious about my birthday this year because of my birthday last year, where I cried like three times.
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