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    The Batman

    sad this doesnt have a topic yet but i'm gonna make it so if you want my take on the movie click the spoiler it's in spoiler tags not because it's super spoily but because it's super long gn
  2. Chapter 12 Sheriff Blubs arrived to Main Street with Deputy Durland in their police car to find people running away in terror as Merlin destroyed everything in sight. Blubs came out of the police car with a megaphone. "Hey, wizard guy!" said Blubs into the megaphone. "Cut that out!" "Have you brought your leader with you?" asked Merlin. "I'm the leader in these parts, and I'm telling you to take your behind home!" said Blubs. "And what will you do if I don't, fat man?" Blubs reddened. "Durland, get the tasers!" Merlin laughed. "Whatever those 'tasters' are, they're no match for…" Before Merlin could finish the sentence, he felt two sharp objects puncture his neck. Electricity then pulsated through his body, and he fell to the ground shaking as Blubs and Durland approached him. "What...kind of...dark magic...is this?" croaked Merlin. "You can thank our old friend Thomas Edison for that!" said Durland. "When...I find...this sorcerer Edison...I shall…" Merlin again struggled to finish his sentence before passing out. Dipper had just finished telling Stan what had happened while he, Mabel, and Soos were gone when Wendy entered the Mystery Shack. "Dipper!" cried Wendy. Wendy ran to Dipper and squeezed him in her arms. When she let him go after a few seconds, his face was red, and his legs were shaking like he was carrying something double his weight. "Do you know what happened to Soos and Mabel?" asked Wendy. "W-w-w-well, y-y-y-y-you s-s-s-s-s-see," stuttered Dipper. "We don't know," said Stan. "Dang," said Wendy. "I hope they're alright." The door to the Mystery Shack opened again, and this time, Soos' grandmother, known to Gravity Falls' residents only as Abuelita, walked in. "Oh, no!" said Stan. "It's her again!" Stan hid under his chair as Abuelita entered the living room. "Hi, Abuelita!" said Dipper, who had regained his composure enough to be able to talk normally again. "Hello," said Abuelita. "Do you have any news about my grandson?" "I don't," responded Dipper. "I'm sorry." "Dios mio," muttered Abuelita. "My tibuelo Bruno warned me of this. Once again, I am unhappy to see him proven right." Dipper raised an eyebrow. "What exactly did he tell you?" asked Dipper. "Oh, it was so long ago," said Abuelita. Abuelita closed her eyes, and she felt something she couldn't explain, even in her native tongue. If she had to describe it, she was somehow feeling the color green. Once she opened her eyes, she had a much better memory of what her great uncle had predicted. "He told me I would lose somebody dear to me," said Abuelita. "And to get him back, I would have to consult el padre de los ratones, the father of mice." "Father of mice?" repeated Wendy. "What could that mean?" "Sadly, I do not know," said Abuelita. "If you hear about Soos, please stop by mi casa and tell me. He's been gone for days without any of Abuelita's home cooking. He must be so skinny now!" Before Abuelita left, she turned around. "Tell Mr. Pines I said hello, as well," said Abuelita. Wendy kicked Stan under the chair. "Ow!" said Stan. "I mean, there's nobody under here! This is just your mind playing tricks on you!" Abuelita smiled before leaving the Mystery Shack. A few seconds later, Stan crawled out from under his chair. "What was that for?" asked Stan. "What was what for?" said Wendy, playing dumb. "You know what I'm talking about! That kick in the keister you gave me!" "Are you sure that wasn't just your mind playing tricks on you?" "Very funny!" Stan wiped the dust off of his pants before sitting in the chair. "Why didn't you want to talk to Abuelita?" asked Dipper. "She's been here every day since Soos disappeared, asking me the same questions. And I get it! It's her grandson, but that doesn't make it any less annoying!" explained Stan. "Do you have any idea who that 'father of mice' might be, at least?" "It's no one! It's a crazy old woman making stuff up! You should just ignore it!" Dipper sighed. "You might be right," said Dipper. "But I need something, anything to help me bring back Soos and Mabel." Wendy put a hand on Dipper's shoulder. "It's okay," she said. "We'll find them. Every mess we've gotten in, we've managed to dig ourselves out of, haven't we?" "Yeah," said Dipper. "But every time, I've had Mabel with me." "I know what will cheer us up! Pizza!" said Stan. "All right!" said Wendy. Dipper shook his head. "I'm not hungry," he said. "If it's alright with you two, I'll call it a night." Dipper went back up the stairs to the attic, and he disappeared into his room. "Poor guy," said Wendy. "I wish I could tell him how much I understand what he's going through," said Stan. "What do you mean?" "Nothing." It was late at night when Merlin finally regained consciousness. He was now in a jail cell, and he saw Deputy Durland sleeping in a chair across from it. "Big mistake," whispered Merlin as he pointed two open palms at the bars of the jail cell. The bars didn't move, so Merlin said a spell out loud in Latin while keeping his open palms pointed at them. "Why isn't this working?" grumbled Merlin. Merlin closed his eyes and said a transportation spell as carefully as he could. When he opened his eyes again and saw that he was still in the jail cell, he punched one of the walls out of frustration. "Why don't my powers work anymore?" wondered Merlin. Merlin stared at Deputy Durland in his chair. "Whatever he did to me must have crippled my magic," said Merlin. "I can't believe I was defeated by such a pathetic excuse for a human!" Deputy Durland woke up. "Sorry, ma! Didn't mean to wet the bed again!" blurted Durland. Durland then realized where he was. "You...didn't hear that, did you?" said Durland. "Oh, I heard every word," said Merlin. Durland sighed before standing up. "I'm happy you're alive, by the way," said Durland. "It was pretty touch-and-go there for a while. Sheriff Blubs bet you wouldn't make it, but I bet you would. Now that you're moving again, I get to cash out!" As Durland started to leave, Merlin grabbed the cell bars. "So, you're just going to leave me here?" said Merlin. "Yep!" said Durland. Durland thought for a moment, and then he grabbed a pack of cheese and crackers from his shirt pocket and threw it into Merlin's jail cell. "In case you get hungry," said Durland. "Last thing I want is for you to starve to death before I can prove to Daryl you're alive. BRB!" Durland went into the hallway, leaving Merlin alone in his prison cell. Merlin picked up the cheese and crackers and studied them. "I've never seen anything like this," said Merlin. Merlin licked the pack of cheese and crackers without taking the plastic wrapper off. "Strange what people in these lands are willing to eat," said Merlin. Merlin slid the cheese and crackers into a pocket inside his robe, and he sat on a bed in the corner of his jail call, thinking about everything that had led up to this, all of the loved ones he had betrayed just to wind up in this smelly dungeon without his powers on a world he knew nothing about. He thought about Arthur. He thought about Evelyn. He thought about the Big Bad Wolf. And he questioned whether all the pain he had inflicted on those he had once considered his friends and family would be worth it in the end. It had to be. Otherwise, he had become a monster for nothing. Dipper lie awake in his bed at 2 in the morning. Every time he closed his eyes, he heard Mabel's screams, those horrible screams. He hoped that she was alive and that wherever she was, she was being taken care of, but it ate away at him that he didn't know. As her twin brother, losing Mabel felt like losing a part of himself, and he had no idea how to function without her. He scanned the toys by Mabel's bed, hoping that having something to talk to, even a stuffed animal, would make it easier for him to relax. One of the toys immediately caught his attention: a plushie of Minnie Mouse. El padre de los ratones. "That's it!" said Dipper. "Walt Disney!" Dipper remembered the conversation he had with Bill Cipher while playing Rumpelstiltskin. Bill had told him that Disney visited the world of fairy tales long ago, which means if Bill was telling the truth, and Disney was still alive, and he knew how to get back to that world, they could bring back Soos. If they could back to that world, they could possibly find where Mabel is and bring her back, too. He knew it was unlikely, but it was the closest thing to a solution he had, and to his sleep-deprived brain, it made perfect sense. He turned off the lights, returned to his bed, and was asleep in seconds. Merlin woke up to the sound of a tin cup jangling through the bars of his jail cell. "Sorry," said Deputy Durland, who was holding the cup. "I've always wanted to do that." "What do you want?" growled Merlin. "You have a visitor. She says she's a big fan of yours." "Really? Interesting." Durland left, and a woman who appeared to be in her mid-thirties walked in. "I...I can't believe it's you!" said the woman. "Who are you?" said Merlin. "Sorry," said the woman. "I'm Abigail Waybright, but everyone calls me Abby." "Well, Abby, what do you want?" "I wanted to know if you were really here. The police said you were being detained here, but I couldn't believe that after seeing those videos of you." "Videos?" "Yeah! That crazy stuff you did downtown is all over YouTube now! You're a viral sensation!" "Viral sensation? That sounds painful!" "Well, it isn't! It's great for you! I'm actually a part of a group, the Children of Merlin, that started online last night. We already have hundreds of members, and we're adding new ones every minute." Merlin scratched his chin, intrigued by what he was hearing. "These Children of Merlin, would you say that they worship me?" he asked. "Of course!" said Abby. "We think somebody like you is exactly what this world needs, somebody powerful enough and ambitious enough to take complete control, end all of the stupid fighting we see between countries, and just focus on making the world a better place." Merlin smiled. "Yes," he said. "That's exactly what I want, and I can accomplish it with the help of you and the rest of these Children of Merlin." "But, if you don't mind, can I ask why you're still in this jail cell? With what I know about your powers, it shouldn't be difficult for you to break out," said Abby. "You're right. I can leave this bloody place whenever I want to," lied Merlin. "But I won't, because when it's time to attack, I want it to come by surprise." "Of course!" said Abby. "I never should have doubted you." "That's right. While I'm in here, though, can you ask somebody in your group to monitor two children from this area?" "That shouldn't be hard. What are their names?" "Dipper and Mabel Pines." Dipper ran downstairs as soon as he woke up. Stan was showing customers around the gift shop while Wendy was behind the cash register. "Guys! Guys! I know how we're bringing back Soos!" said Dipper. "Alright, everyone out!" said Stan. "This is family business!" The customers left the gift shop visibly irritated, and Stan joined Dipper in front of the counter opposite Wendy. "So, you remember what Abuelita said about the father of mice?" said Dipper. "I think when she said that, she was referring to Walt Disney." "The movie guy?" said Stan. "Even if it was possible that it was him, he's been dead for close to 50 years!" "Wait a minute," said Wendy. "I have a friend who works at Disneyland, and she told me once about a rumor that Walt Disney never really died but was cryogenically frozen and stored in a secret chamber right under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride." "So, let's start there," said Dipper. "If we can find Disney, we can find Soos, and who knows? Maybe he can help us find Mabel, too." "This is nonsense! I've already had to run off my paying customers just to talk about this! I'm not closing down the Mystery Shack for days so you can look for a ghost under a pirate ride!" said an exasperated Stan. "Please," said Dipper. "If there's even a small chance, one out of one hundred, one out of one million chance that this is how I bring Mabel and Soos back, I have to try it." "No!" said Stan. "And that's final!" "Hey, old man, can we talk for a sec?" said Wendy. Stan and Wendy went into the living room while Dipper sat on a barrel beside the counter. Wendy made sure Dipper was out of earshot before she started speaking. "Listen, dude, we both know what Dipper is saying is crazy, but he just lost his sister," said Wendy. "Can't we just entertain him for a bit? Whether Walt Disney is there or not, he'll still get to have fun at Disneyland, maybe meet a cute girl his own age, and start to accept that he doesn't have all of the answers, and that's okay." Stan sighed. "All right," he said. "I haven't taken a break from the Mystery Shack for years, so maybe some time off will be good for me, too." Stan and Wendy returned to the gift shop to find Dipper still on the barrel, looking down at the floor dejected. "Chin up, brat," said Stan. "We're going to Disneyland." Dipper looked up at his great uncle with surprise. "What made you change your mind?" said Dipper. "You moping around here is bad for business," said Stan. "Just promise me that after we go to Disneyland, no matter what happens, you'll at least try to be more cheerful. Dipper nodded. "Also," said Dipper. "Can we bring Abuelita?" "Absolutely not!" said Stan. "She was told that she would be the one to talk to Disney about bringing back Soos. I want to make sure we do this right," said Dipper. Stan clenched his fists for a moment, but then he released him. "Fine," he said. "But she's driving in the back with you!" "Woo-hoo!" said Dipper. "I know you won't regret it, Grunkle Stan! I just know it!" As Dipper ran to the Stanmobile, Stan shook his head. "How much I wish I could believe you, kid," he whispered. Wendy followed Dipper to the car as Stan locked all of the doors around the Mystery Shack. Stan then turned on the Stanmobile and joined Wendy in the front seat. "Remember," said Wendy. "Stay cool. For Dipper." "Yeah," said Stan. "For Dipper." Stan took one last look at the Mystery Shack in the rearview mirror before driving off.
  3. bringing this back for febracadabra Chapter 11 Ever since she was a young girl, Evelyn had been fond of mirrors. She would spend 20 minutes, 30 minutes, even an hour some days in front of the large mirror in her bedroom, trying out different hairstyles or dresses or just thinking with her large, brown eyes staring back at her. It was a habit her mother scolded her for as being vain, but it was one she would never lose. The morning of the day she was supposed to join Merlin and the Big Bad Wolf on a journey to the “secret realm”, the only world out of thousands out there that couldn’t be viewed on Merlin’s crystal ball, she looked in the mirror like she did every other morning, but this time, something was different. A single strand of white hair, a bold defector in an army of black, caught Evelyn’s attention. Merlin had used a spell on her that slowed her aging shortly after he captured the Kingdom of Germania, which he renamed New Britain. In the hundreds of years since then, looking into this same mirror every single day, she hadn’t seen one white or even gray hair. Not one until today. It’s okay, Evelyn thought. It happens to everyone eventually. It was something Evelyn hoped would never happen to her, however. Her youth, her beauty was all she had for so much of her life. It was what allowed her to escape the squalor of peasantry and marry a king, a king much older than she was whom she didn’t love, but a king nevertheless. One of King Phillip’s first gifts to her and the one she prized more than any other was a magic mirror Phillip had purchased from a witch. Instead of simply looking in the mirror like before, Evelyn asked the all-knowing spirit trapped inside the magic mirror who the fairest in all the kingdom was, and every day since she first looked into the spirit’s dark and expressionless eyes, the answer from the spirit was the same: “You, my majesty, are the fairest in these lands.” Then, on a morning Evelyn could recall even hundreds of years later, she asked the spirit the usual question, and at first, the spirit hesitated. This time, its reply was: “As beautiful as you are, my majesty, there’s a girl with skin as pale as snow I see. A girl who now, I’m afraid to say, is fairer even than thee.” Evelyn’s face turned red, as she knew exactly who the magic mirror was talking about. Her stepdaughter was now more beautiful than she was, and soon other daughters would be more beautiful, and it was only a matter of time before the king left her to marry one of those younger, more beautiful women. The thought induced sadness at first, and then that sadness turned into rage. The magic mirror became a victim of that rage, as Evelyn grabbed a shoe and threw it into the mirror, shattering it. The outline of the spirit that was trapped inside the mirror appeared above what remained of it for a few seconds before fading away, letting out a scream that sent shivers down Evelyn’s spine. King Phillip hurried into the room. “Evelyn, are you okay?” asked Phillip. “Yeah!” responded Evelyn. “What happened to the mirror?” “I-it broke!” That was one of the last conversations she would have with Phillip, as Merlin would be brought to the palace by the royal guard later that day, and the king would die at Merlin’s hands just a few days later. Evelyn made sure the white hair was out of view as she descended into the dungeon, where Soos lay on the ground with a bored expression on his face. Once he starting hearing footsteps, he sat up to get a better look at who was coming. “Queen Evelyn? What do you want?” asked Soos. “I just wanted to give you the good news: you’re free to go!” said Evelyn. “Really? You don’t want me to do anything first?” “No, the king has all he needs from those friends of yours.” Evelyn and Soos climbed up the stairs of the dungeon together, and as they reached the top, Soos tripped, causing them both to tumble into Merlin’s kitchen. “Watch where you’re going!” said Evelyn as she pushed Soos away from her. As they both got up, Evelyn noticed that her white hair was now in plain sight, and she quickly turned away. “What’s wrong?” asked Soos. Evelyn didn’t bother to try to hide the white hair this time and turned again to face Soos. “It’s this, okay? This white strand of hair! You must think it makes me ugly,” conceded Evelyn. “I don’t think that,” said Soos. “I think you’re as pretty as before.” Evelyn, who was holding back tears expecting a verbal berating like the ones her mother gave her whenever she did something improper, opened her mouth with surprise, not knowing how to respond. Before she could say something, Merlin rushed into the palace. “Good! You’re still here!” said Merlin. “What’s going on?” wondered Evelyn. “There’s no time! They’ll be here any second!” Merlin took a needle out from under his robe and pricked Soos in the arm with it. “Ye-ouch!” screeched Soos. Merlin squeezed two drops of blood from Soos’ arm into a small tube, and he ran into the dungeon with it. “What’s his problem?” asked Soos. Evelyn sighed. “I don’t know. Merlin told me and Big Bad to meet him at Charming’s castle after I let you go, but it seems he needs to do something with your blood in the dungeon first.” “What do you think it is?” Suddenly, the palace started to shake. The Big Bad Wolf ran into the kitchen, clearly terrified, and Evelyn grabbed him and rubbed his back to calm him down. “It’s okay, Big Bad. It’s okay,” whispered Evelyn. After the shaking stopped, the Blue Fairy appeared in front of the painting of the arch that led to the dungeon. “You!” said Evelyn. The Blue Fairy immediately recognized Soos. “You!” cried the Blue Fairy. “Me!” said Soos. “How are you here?” said the Blue Fairy. “I just saw you leave with your friends in the dungeon. Unless…” “That’s why he needed Soos’ blood!” said Evelyn. “A transformation spell,” groaned the fairy. “I should have known. Merlin did it. He tricked me. He won.” “And he...didn’t take me and the wolf with him,” realized Evelyn. “He abandoned me...just like my pack,” said the wolf. The Blue Fairy grabbed Soos’ shoulders. “Boy, your world is in grave danger,” said the fairy. “If it’s true that there’s no magic where you live, Merlin could face little resistance on his quest to conquer your planet.” “Wow, that sounds really bad!” said Soos. “Also, your hands hurt a lot!” “Sorry,” said the fairy, letting go of Soos to reveal patches in his shirt where her hands were. “How can we help?” asked Evelyn. “You two?” exclaimed the fairy with surprise. “Us two?” exclaimed the wolf with even more surprise. “Come on, wolfie,” said Evelyn. “Wouldn’t you like to get revenge on the king for leaving us here? Going to that new world and messing up his plans would be the perfect way to do that!” “No offense,” said the Blue Fairy. “But I don’t trust the two of you in the slightest.” “Fair enough,” said Evelyn. Soos felt a chill overcome him. “Does anybody else feel that?” asked Soos. “Feel what?” said the Blue Fairy. The doors to the palace flew open, and Grimhilde, a witch from the nearby forest, walked in. “Who are you?” asked the Blue Fairy. Soos gasped. “That’s the crazy candy witch from the forest!” “There you are, my little darling,” cooed Grimhilde. “I didn’t think you would be here. As soon as your garment led me to this palace, I believed Merlin was tricking me, but I’ve never been so happy to be wrong!” “His garment? You used a locator spell on this boy?” said the Blue Fairy. “Indeed. And in exchange for this spell, I taught Merlin a spell he coveted for a long time, one that would allow him to tether somebody’s life force to a wand.” As soon as the Blue Fairy heard this, she charged at Grimhilde with rage. Grimhilde simply touched the Blue Fairy’s neck with her wand, and the Blue Fairy fell to the ground, the glow around her now flickering. “That’s one thing I didn’t teach Merlin!” said Grimhilde, cackling. “You fairies are all so pretentious for what are essentially overgrown insects.” Grimhilde turned to Soos. “I see she did a number on your shirt as well,” said Grimhilde. “Here.” Grimhilde threw a piece of Soos’ shirt to him. The shirt was glowing so brightly that Soos had to squint as he looked at it. “Use that to keep yourself warm as we return to my house,” said Grimhilde. “No,” said Soos. “I’m not going!” “And why not?” “Because once we get there, you’re going to eat me!” “So?” “So I don’t want to be eaten!” Grimhilde shrugged. “We all have to do things we don’t want to do sometimes,” she said. “I didn’t want to come to this dreadful palace to retrieve you, but here I am. Whether you want to be eaten or not, you shall be eaten.” Soos looked down at the glowing piece of shirt he held, and before Grimhilde could react, he threw it at her eyes. “Oh, you brat!” cried the witch. “Once I get my hands on you…” Soos darted to a window, but just as he made it out, he felt a cold, wrinkly hand grab his ankle and pull him back in. “No, no, no!” said Soos, trying his hardest to pull himself back out the window. “Face it,” said Grimhilde. “You don’t have the Blue Fairy protecting you any longer. Your annoying little friends are nowhere to be found. There is only you and me now, and it isn’t even close to a fair fight.” Soos felt his grip on the edges of the window loosen, and his eyes welled up as he no longer had the strength to hold on. Soos fell to the floor and turned around to find Grimhilde looking down at him with a large smile, the smile of a predator that has finally captured its prey. Soos closed his eyes, expecting Grimhilde to pick him up and take him to his death. When nothing happened for several seconds, Soos opened his eyes again to find that Grimhilde was now frowning and Evelyn was standing behind her with a knife lodged in Grimhilde’s back. “It seems you forgot someone,” said Evelyn. “Do you know...what you’ve done?” said Grimhilde, struggling to get every word out. “Yes,” said Evelyn. “I’ve done something I should have done a long time ago but that my witch-sympathetic husband would never let me.” “With me...and Merlin...gone...there will be...nothing...to stop others...from invading,” whispered Grimhilde. “And how exactly will they find out?” asked Evelyn. Grimhilde glanced at the window she pulled Soos out of. Evelyn looked at it too and saw there now was a raven sitting there. “No,” said Evelyn, realizing that the raven had seen everything that had just occurred. “What will become of my kingdom?” Said the raven, “nevermore.” The raven then flew off, and Grimhilde, now with a satisfied expression on her face, collapsed to the ground as Soos got back up. “Th-thanks for saving me,” said Soos. “No, thank you,” said Evelyn. “I had forgotten what it was like to think about somebody other than me for a change.” Evelyn watched as the raven disappeared into the sky. “If only it hadn’t come at so great a cost,” she whispered. Mabel and Dipper walked into the Mystery Shack’s parlor and stopped in front of the fireplace. Dipper glanced at Mabel, and then he glanced down at the book he was holding with “Fairy Tales and Other Stories for Children” etched into its cover. He took a deep breath, and then he chucked the book into the fireplace. “Did we really have to destroy it?” asked Mabel. “We can’t risk Merlin finding a way onto this world,” said Dipper. “If the book is ashes, we won’t have to worry about it anymore.” “Yeah,” said Mabel. “But there were some good memories in there.” “Yeah, for you,” said Dipper. “You seemed to get along well with Mr. Thumb.” “He’s a storybook character, just like everybody else we met. The relationships we formed, none of it was real. You need to understand that, Mabel. Everybody here: Grunkle Stan, Wendy, Soos, those people are real, and we can’t put them in danger.” “Speaking of Soos, we haven’t heard from him in a while. You think he’s okay?” “As okay as somebody who spent days being held hostage in a dungeon can be, I guess.” “Where do you think Grunkle Stan is?” “Looking for us, probably.” Dipper sighed. “I can’t imagine what he’s going through,” said Dipper. “I have my suspicions about him, but he does seem to care about us.” Mabel nodded, then her eyes widened. “Ohmygoshiforgotaboutwaddles!” shrieked Mabel. “Huh?” said Dipper. Mabel ran out of the parlor. “Waddles? Waddles? Oh man, I hope Grunkle Stan fed him!” said Mabel. Mabel heard a familiar oinking from the storage room. She went into it and found Waddles sniffing at a large cardboard box. “I’m so sorry for leaving you, Waddles!” said Mabel. Waddles oinked at Mabel and then oinked at the box. “Oh, you want something from there?” Mabel used a hairpin to open the box, and Waddles climbed into it before climbing back out with an already-half-eaten apple in his mouth. “Don’t worry, Waddles! I’ll have you eating like, well...a pig as soon as I see what else is in this box.” Mabel rummaged through the objects in the box before taking out a golden chest with a picture of a frog engraved into it and blue, green, and pink gems on top of it. “Wow,” Mabel said. “It’s beautiful.” Mabel opened the chest, and she felt a powerful energy enter her body, causing her immense pain. Waddles ran out of the room as Mabel started screaming. Dipper heard the screams in the parlor and hurried out, being careful not to trip over a frenzied Waddles as he went into the storage room. By the time Dipper was inside, however, Mabel and the chest were gone. “Oh, no,” said Dipper. Dipper ran up to the attic and looked around. “Soos? I would have sworn I had seen Soos come up here,” said Dipper. Dipper heard a door open and close downstairs. He then heard a familiar voice speak. “I still can’t find them anywhere,” said the voice, which belonged to Stan. “I promised my niece I would keep them safe, and I couldn't even do that.” Dipper heard Stan sigh before walking into the living room. He knew that he should go downstairs and let Stan know that at the very least he was okay even if he didn’t know if the same were true for Soos and Mabel, but a part of him wanted to stay in the attic instead of having that awkward conversation with his great-uncle. Eventually, his better judgment prevailed, and he went downstairs, walked into the living room, and cleared his throat. Stan, who was watching television, turned around, and his jaw dropped when he saw Dipper standing in front of the staircase entryway. “D-dipper? You’re not a ghost, are you?” asked Stan. Dipper shook his head, and Stan raced to him to hug him, not bothering to stop the flood of tears coming from his eyes. “I’m so glad you’re safe!” said Stan. “Where’s Mabel? Where’s Soos?” “Uh,” began Dipper. “You see, what happened…” “We interrupt this program to bring you some breaking news!” said a reporter on the television. “A man dressed as a wizard has been causing havoc downtown and threatening to level the city unless he gets a meeting with the president!” “Wow, you don’t see that everyday,” said Stan. “Now, you were saying?” Dipper stared at the television screen, which featured Merlin shooting energy beams from his hands at cars and buildings, blowing them up. Dipper’s jaw had dropped this time, and Stan waved a hand in front of his face. “Hello?” said Stan. “Did whoever you were with the last few days steal your brain?” “You may want to sit down,” said Dipper.
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    What did you do over the holidays?
  5. This is my thoughts on the movie, truncated from a longer blog post I wrote on my relationship with Spider-Man in general: So, I give it a 5/5, two thumbs up, and a standing ovation, and even though it's not a good time to go to a theater, I'm happy I made the trip and paid the inflated movie prices to watch this. What people said about seeing Avatar and Endgame in theaters is exactly what I felt watching this, and the personal connection made it all the more special to me. Now that I've said all I wanted to say, I'm going to retire from movie criticism after this brief return. Maybe I'll unretire again in the future, idk. Writing these things is hard. That's enough, true believer!
  6. Hello everyone! Welcome back to the 15th Golden Community Awards. Your host JCM is back, live from another dimension. Now we get to the good part: the voting stage! You can send me your votes through here or through Discord (my username is in my profile)! But do remember–you can only vote for one nominee per category! There is no deadline yet, but once there is, and once it is reached, the winners will subsequently be announced. Voting Rules 1) As stated above, please PM/DM your votes to me via the contact method you choose. Do not post them in this thread or you’ll get a whack on the head. 2) You cannot vote for yourself in any category for which you are a nominee. This also applies to anything you have made in the Writing categories. 3) You can vote for only one nominee per category. 4) You must vote for at least one section. You are welcome to skip a section if you’re not comfortable voting in that field, but it would be most appreciated for the holiday season if votes could be given in all of the categories. Prizes Now, here's the goodies–if a nominee wins a GCA, they'll receive: 1000 doubloons (per category), 200 experience points, an exclusive winner badge (if not already obtained from previous years), a GCA trophy for your iFish, and a graphics piece with your name and the corresponding category, which they are then free to place in their signature or profile! Nominees And now...your feature presentation-I mean, the GCA XV Nominees! MEMBERS: Funniest Member: OWM Fred Slug Cha dman Spongiest Member: NegiSpongie 4EverGreen Winter Carotte Salmon Kindest Member: Cha Patty Rose SOF Mythix SpongeKid Storm Maturest Member: Jjs Hawk Wumbo OMJ Nuggets Best Gamer: dman Slug DarknessDG Ding Fa Most Cinematic Member: WhoBob Clappy Nuggets Katniss Kev JCM Geekiest Band Geek: Wumbo Katniss Kev Kylie Prez Fred Most Artistic Member: Kieran Patty Cha Salmon Jane Dreaded Patrick WRITING: Best Creation: One-Time Star Wars Characters: Where Are They Now? (OWM and jjs) SBCinema (jjs/Clappy) Wumpa Defender, Crash Bandicoot! (OMJ) SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation (Steel) Power Rangers: Multiverse Force (4EverGreen) Best Miniseries: The Critic Chronicles (jjs and crew) Skod on the Run (OMJ and jjs) Duck Dodgers 40,000 (Renegade) Forum Wars (WhoBob) Old Man Squidward (Winter) Best Ended Creation: JCMovies (JCM) The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star (JCM) The Misadventures of Casper and Wendy (Appy) Bikini Bottom Nature Watch (OWM) Sub-Tropical Academy (Steel) Best Episode: The Wall (The Critic Chronicles - jjs and crew) Prelude to N. Sanity (Wumpa Defender, Crash Bandicoot - OMJ) World’s End (Pirate Legends - jjs) Reunion (Storm Racers - jjs) Patrick-Man: Endgame (The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star - JCM) I’m scared. (Lost in Translation - Steel) Best Comedy: One-Time Star Wars Characters: Where Are They Now? (OWM and jjs) The Critic Chronicles (jjs and crew) Battle for Bikini Bottom - A Nonsensical Parody (Kieran) OMJ’s Die-In Theater (OMJ) SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation (Steel) Best Storyline: Pirate Legends (jjs) Wumpa Defender, Crash Bandicoot! (OMJ) Skod on the Run (OMJ and jjs) Power Rangers: Multiverse Force (4EverGreen) Forum Wars (WhoBob) Best Protagonist: Keanu Reeves (Skod on the Run - OMJ and jjs) Lettuce (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force - 4EverGreen) Squidward (Old Man Squidward - Winter) Crash (Wumpa Defender, Crash Bandicoot - OMJ) JCM (JCMovies - JCM) Best Antagonist: Skodwarde (Skod on the Run - OMJ and jjs) Lennett (Pirate Legends - jjs) Cortex (Wumpa Defender, Crash Bandicoot Thanos (The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star) Beryl (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force - 4EverGreen) HALL OF FAME: Honorary Creator: Cha Renegade 4EverGreen OWM Nuggets Honorary Creation: SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation (Steel) One-Time SpongeBob Characters: Where Are They Now? (Wumbo) Squid (tvguy/jjs) Miss Appear (teenj12) Honorary Staff Member: teenj12 OMJ CDCB OWM Honorary Member: OMJ NegiSpongie Storm Fa Steel There is no deadline as of yet to submit your votes, so take your time...until a deadline is set! Now, get to voting, sailors!
  7. never officially announced this but the rest of the tv.com forum archives have been added to https://www.thesbcommunity.com/archive/ and a new page with archives of spongebob's tv.com reviews can be found at https://www.thesbcommunity.com/reviews
  8. Hello, everyone! It’s that time of the year again. It’s time for the Golden Community Awards! A previous host returns after 5 years…JCM in a cameo! That's me! Let’s dive right in. Of course, this show can’t start without nominating some people for the awards! First, let’s go over the rules: 1) Don’t nominate yourself. After all, we are a community! As you can see, I've already put the “Golden” in Golden Community Awards, and when we start nominating we’re putting the “Community” in there too! 2) You may nominate between 2 to 5 choices for the Members section and can only nominate 2 categories for the Hall of Fame categories. 3) If you really don’t know who or what to nominate for a particular category, you are most welcome to skip that category. However, don’t do this for every category otherwise you may as well just not nominate. 4) Don’t copy/paste other members' nomination lists. I’m sure you may have similar choices as others...but the entire list? Come on, be original! 5) Don’t get upset if you aren’t nominated in this topic. There’s always next year! Now, here are the categories! CATEGORIES: MEMBER CATEGORIES: (Note: Two new categories have been added: Most Cinematic Member to recognize users passionate about film, and Geekiest Band Geek to recognize users passionate about music. Best Gamer was previously named Most Competitive Member.) Funniest Member: Spongiest Member: Kindest Member: Maturest Member: Best Gamer: Most Cinematic Member: Geekiest Band Geek: Most Artistic Member: WRITING CATEGORIES: (Note: You are no longer required to nominate for these, the staff will choose and reveal categories when it’s time to vote. However, if a member passionate about spin-offs and literature really wants to nominate works as a “guild member”, they can contact us privately.) HALL OF FAME CATEGORIES: (Note: For this section, you only nominate 2 for category.) Honorary Creator: Those who have had a profound impact on SBC fanfictions will be nominated and inducted. Sabre, Wumbo, jjsthekid, OMJ, Clappy, Steel Sponge, teenj12, JCM, tvguy, Fa and NegiSpongie have won previously and cannot be nominated. Honorary Creation: Creations that have had a profound impact will be nominated. "Adventures in the Underground City", "Storm Racers", "Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000", "JCMovies", "Team SpongeBob", "SBCinema", "Community Deathmatch", "Mystic Guardians", “My Leg!”, “Skodwarde” and “The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star” have won previously and cannot be nominated. Honorary Staff Member: Those who have had a profound impact on SBC can be nominated. Former staff can also be nominated for this award. tvguy347, jjsthekid, CNF, Wumbo, Nuggets, JCM, Clappy, Patty Sponge, Cha and Fred have won previously and cannot be nominated. Honorary Member: For ordinary members who you feel deserve special recognition, whether it be based on behaviour, activity, or their contributions in general. Current staff – jjsthekid, JCM, Fred, OWM, Trophy, Patty Sponge, sbl and Aquatic Konquest – cannot be nominated for this award. Cha, WhoBob, SOF, HawkbitAlpha, sbl, and Katniss have won previously and cannot be nominated. There is no deadline...yet. But the higher-ups say there will be one soon, so make sure to submit your nominations when you can, and we'll make sure to get this whole shebang going as quickly as we can!
  9. Looks like I was early but I'll be Incidental 24.
  10. I said this already in the shoutbox, but this is the best superhero movie since The Dark Knight. It blends action, comedy, pathos, and social commentary better than almost any movie I've seen, and it's only more proof that Warner Bros allowing directors to have more creative control over films set in the DC universe is the right decision, even if it naturally leads to results more hit-and-miss than what we've gotten from Marvel over the last decade. I liked Black Widow, but it frankly doesn't hold a candle to this or to Zack Snyder's Justice League, which were clearly the result of an artist's singular vision and not of a hyper-efficient movie-making machine. Guardians of the Galaxy was actually the second MCU movie I watched after the The Incredible Hulk, and while The Suicide Squad obviously has similarities, being written and directed by the same person and also being about a group of misfit antiheroes learning how to bond and fight for something bigger than themselves, it's a more confident movie. Losing the shackles Kevin Feige and Disney put on him allowed James Gunn to show us what he was really capable of with a big budget and a property as dark and as strange as this one. The promises of the original Suicide Squad's trailers, which disappointed almost everybody who watched the actual movie, are fulfilled here. It's like a comic book come to life, but more violent, more profane, and more willing to go completely off the rails than most mainstream superhero comics are. The world is a better place with The Suicide Squad in it, and if you can only watch one movie from 2021, it needs to be this one.
  11. You're way too small for an adult-sized Krabby Patty, you'd never finish it.
  12. Blue. Brown is poo color and I'm just not into that
  13. After a one year break, the SBC March Madness Bracket Challenge is back! We'll be doing things a bit differently this year, however. Instead of it being on NCAA.com, it will be on ESPN. If you have a Disney Plus account or an account with another Disney service, you should already have an ESPN account (at least that's how it works for me, please don't get mad at me if it doesn't for you). Also, there will only be one winner this time, and that winner will get $100 (unless I win again, then I'll just be more annoying than usual). If you haven't followed college basketball at all this year, don't worry! I barely have myself, but the randomness of March Madness gives anyone a chance to win these types of things. Just choose the team you think will advance past each round, and you'll get more points the further each team actually goes. Whoever has the most points by the end of the actual tournament will win the challenge, and they'll also win my hard earned money! Link to the group: https://fantasy.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2021/en/group?groupID=3959856 Password: sbc If you have any trouble accessing the group or submitting your bracket for some reason, let me know.
  14. For those of you who haven't read it yet, this is my Gravity Falls fanfic. Chapter 1 It was another slow day at the Mystery Shack. Wendy had gone home early, so Stan left Soos, Dipper, and Mabel to watch over the gift shop. Dipper sat behind the counter, flicking through an issue of Wacky News in boredom, while Mabel played with a Magic 8-ball she found. “Grunkle Stan told us not to touch anything, Mabel,” said Dipper. “I just want to ask the Magic 8-ball a question,” said Mabel. Dipper rolled his eyes. “Fine, but don’t blame me when you get in trouble.” “Will Dipper ever loosen up?” Mabel asked the ball. Mabel turned the ball around and looked through its tiny window as the answer revealed itself to her. “Don’t count on it,” she read aloud. Mabel giggled and put the magic 8-ball back where she got it, next to a stack of books, one of which caught her eye as she was returning the ball. “Look at this! Fairy Tales and Other Stories for Children!” said Mabel. Soos, who was sweeping up the floors, perked up at the sound of the book’s title. “My grandma reads those to me all the time!” exclaimed Soos. Dipper and Mabel looked at Soos with confused expressions. “I mean used to. Used to read them to me,” corrected Soos, who then went back to sweeping the floors. Mabel grabbed the book and blew the dust off of its back cover. “Little Red Riding Hood? Hansel and Gretel? Snow White? These are some of my favorite stories!” gushed Mabel. “I can’t wait to read it!” “Yeah, yeah, read your fairy tales. Meanwhile, I’ll be reading something intellectually stimulating,” said Dipper, reading a tabloid with the headline: “I Married a Unicorn”. Mabel opened the book and put her finger on the first page. “Once upon a time…” Suddenly, Mabel, Dipper, and Soos were in the forest. “What the…” Dipper, who had been sitting, fell onto his back. “Wow! We’re in the story!” said Mabel. “Can you get us out of the story?” said Dipper, standing now and brushing dirt off his back. “I don’t know how.” “Wait, I’ve got an idea,” said Soos. “If we play out the fairy tale, we should be able to go home once we’re finished.” “How are we supposed to play out the fairy tale?” asked Dipper. “I don’t see a wolf around.” “Uh, Dipper…” Mabel pointed to patches of fur on the back of Dipper’s hands. “What?” Dipper saw the patches and screamed. “No! This is not happening! This is not happening!” A few seconds later, Dipper’s entire body was covered with fur. “This is happening,” he sighed. “I guess that means I’m the lumberjack,” said Soos. “See you guys later!” Soos hurried off. Mabel noticed a basket of food in her hands, and Dipper, smelling it, licked his lips. “Hey, Mabel, would you mind sharing some of that with me?” asked Dipper. “I’m starving.” “Oh no, I can’t! It’s for my grandma!” said Mabel, winking before she ran off into the forest. Dipper growled. He tried to chase Mabel, but his feet got too big for his shoes, making him trip. “Stupid wolf feet!” said Dipper, who tried to pull his shoes off, but when he couldn’t, he used his sharp teeth to do it instead. By the time he got both of his shoes off, Mabel was out of sight. Dipper wandered through the forest, occasionally putting a berry in his mouth and spitting it out due to the sour taste. When he could hardly bear his hunger anymore, he noticed a bunny hopping along. Without even thinking, Dipper lunged at the bunny and ate it whole. “Hey! I saw him first!” said a voice behind Dipper. Dipper turned around to find a bigger wolf with bigger teeth and bigger, yellow eyes looking down at him. Dipper tried to run, but the wolf grabbed him by the tail. “Not so fast,” said the wolf. “I didn’t know there were others like me in this forest.” “I’m not from here,” said Dipper. “You aren’t?” The wolf raised an eyebrow. “No, my stupid sister brought me here. Listen, I didn’t mean to go after your prey. I was just really hungry. Please let me go. I won’t do it again.” “Of course. Anything for my fellow canine.” The wolf let go of Dipper’s tail, and Dipper ran away as fast as he could. When he finally stopped, he noticed a log cabin in the distance. “That must be grandma’s house,” he said. “Meaning it must be where Mabel is!” Dipper ran to the cabin and pounded on its door. The old woman who lived in the cabin peeked at Dipper through a pair of logs. “Let me in!” shouted Dipper. “Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!” said the woman. “What?” “You heard me!” “If you don’t let me in, I’ll huff, and I’ll puff!” Dipper took a deep breath and then blew at the cabin, causing it to collapse. “Oh, no!” said Dipper. “What have I done? I killed grandma!” Meanwhile, Mabel was skipping through the forest as a group of birds dropped a red riding hood over her. “Thanks, guys!” she said. As Mabel reached the end of the forest, she spotted what was left of the cabin, and she hurried to it. “Grandma? Are you okay?” she asked. Dipper popped out of the wreckage wearing the old woman’s clothes. “Yes, dear! Nothing to see here!” said Dipper. Mabel smiled. “Grandma! What big ears you have!” “The better to hear you with, my child.” “But what big eyes you have!” “The better to see you with.” “What big hands you have!” “The better to hug you with.” “And what a big mouth you have!” “The better to eat your goodies with!” Dipper jumped out of the woman’s clothes and grabbed Mabel’s basket with his big hands. “I’m glad you’re getting the hang of this, Dipper!” said Mabel, taking her basket back. “Gimme the basket!” said Dipper, pulling it his way. “Sorry! Can’t do that!” ”I’m not fooling around!” As Dipper and Mabel tugged the basket back and forth, Soos showed up wearing a lumberjack costume and holding an axe. “Hey, dudes. Like the getup?” said Soos. “Tell Mabel to let go of this thing!” said Dipper. “You two shouldn’t be fighting,” said Soos. Soos raised his axe and used it to cut the basket in two, spilling its contents on the ground. “There. Now you can share it,” said Soos. Before Dipper or Mabel could pick anything up, ants covered the food and left it as nothing but crumbs. “Aww,” said Dipper. A man in a large castle watched Dipper, Mabel, and Soos through a crystal ball. The wolf from earlier walked up beside the man. “Sir, we have visitors,” said the wolf. “I know,” said the man, rubbing the wolf’s head. “I know.”
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