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  1. "Truth Or Square" and "The Algae Is Always Greener" made my list at number 5 and number 11 respectively. I can't wait to see the top 10!
  2. So, we're FINALLY getting another episode revolving around Kevin; it's about TIME! Only took Nickelodeon 12 seasons to do another one!
  3. I saw the movie yesterday; it was pretty good, definitely a lot better than I thought it would be! It was a lot better than "Garfield The Movie", and just about on par with "Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties". I like how Odie is a lot smarter in this adaptation, and Garfield treats him better, almost like an equal (usually, you have to pay EXTRA for that!) Of course, Garfield is still as snarky as ever; and we find out some LOGICAL explanations as to WHY Garfield hates Mondays; he always seems to go to the Vet on a Monday, or he has to have his bath taken on a Monday! The voice acting was great, the animation was great, and the pacing was great! Some people might COMPLAIN that this movie doesn't really FEEL like "Garfield" at all; but SPOILER Alert, "Garfield" was also pretty active in "Garfield And Friends" and "The Garfield Show". Besides, if "The Garfield Movie" was MORE like the comic strip, we'd have about a little over 90 minutes of Garfield mostly sleeping, eating, kicking Odie off the table; lather, rinse, repeat! So, I'd just LOVE the complainers to TRY to make a BETTER written version of a "Garfield Movie" than "The Garfield Movie"! So far, that movie is definitely one of the candidates for Best Animated Motion Picture Oscar Nomination of this year, MINIMUM! I'd give it a 9.9 out of 10! Enough said, true believers!
  4. Orange, because I just saw the animated "The Garfield Movie" in movie theaters today.
  5. "Fear Of A Krabby Patty" actually made it onto my list at #12, probably a little lower than I've ranked it in the past, mostly because I was trying to give some promotion to some later season episodes that I thought deserved a chance to be on this list. All the other episodes listed so far, I probably would've put onto my list had I been given more choices to work with.
  6. "We All live in a--" oh, you know what color I want!
  7. Doesn't get much more green than THAT!
  8. Red It reminds them of home.
  9. Finished listening to all of the Bonnie Raitt music I brought; all five CD's were really solid, good musical albums that MORE people should listen to! Right now, I'm working on a Tom Jones greatest hits CD's, which specifically has all of the hit songs on that albums be COVERS of Original songs (except for "Thunderball", but he STILL didn't write that one) and it's pretty good so far. I also bought a bunch of new (old) albums for a pretty great price; six albums for just a $1 a piece (fingers metaphorically crossed that they all SOUND good!) The Who's Greatest Hits Album "Who's Better, Who's Best"; The Police's "Regatta De Blanc" and "Zenyatta Mondatta"; Van Halen's 1991 album that I can't say and/or write because it anagrams into something NASTY that I won't HAVE people taking out of context; 10,000 Maniacs' "Our Time In Eden"; and a special album that I'm planning on saving as a Christmas Stocking surprise for my mom, because it's one of HER personal favorites; BEST personal earliest Christmas purchase EVER! Enough said, true believers!
  10. Here are songs that I would play at a party! / Santana: "Oye Como Va; Smooth" with Rob Thomas; and "The Game Of Love" with Tina Turner (and yes, I know Michelle Branch's version is more better known, but Tina recorded HER version first even if it WAS released later). / Duran Duran: "Rio; Hungry Like The Wolf;" and "Save A Prayer" for the Slow Dance. / Van Halen: "Jump; You Really Got Me;" and "Dreams". / I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did coming up with it!
  11. Another week, another...NICKEL!!!! In movie theaters, I got to see the live-action/C.G.I. animated movie "IF" with my girlfriend. Awesome, AWESOME "IF"! C.G.I. has come such a LONG way since the early days of "Tron", "IF" is now THE gold standard for the "Roger Rabbit Effect". Kudos to the voice actors, regular actors, and C.G.I. Effects Artists who all made it possible! And a special thank you to the late Louis Gossett Jr.; thanks for providing one last great movie role for us. Enough said, true believers!
  12. "Stuck In The Wringer" is probably one of those episodes that no matter how many episodes of "Spongebob Squarepants" they make, it will probably ALWAYS be in the bottom two! I ALMOST put "Squid Baby" on my list, but I decided to switch it out for "Welcome To Binary Bottom", mostly because I felt that episode had more WASTED and pointless potential that couldn't be utilized. And I say that, because "Breadwinners" of ALL shows managed to do a similar concept to "Squid Baby", and actually PROVED that such a concept could be pulled off TASTEFULLY WITHOUT the two main protagonists acting like idiots! And SERIOUSLY; nobody ELSE put "Kooky Cooks" on their LIST?!!! Well, at least I got the highest (or lowest) ranked #1 episode that was only on one list. Maybe if we get some more new faces around here (and I'm not TOTALLY busy being famous like I hope to become by that time) maybe we can do this again in about three years. Enough said, true believers!
  13. Just wanted to let people know that tomorrow, on May 24, Bob Dylan; the oldest surviving member of The Traveling Wilburys; turns 83 years old. That is all I wanted to say; Enough said, true believers!

  14. I just want to comment on "5 Star Restaurant". Well, I was KIND of right about Granny Tentacles and Grandpat getting together; too bad Granny Tentacles only DATED him for his money and scooter! Also, I don't think I've ever seen ANY cartoon series with such a schizophrenic sense of continuity compared to the larger franchise universe they're a part of than "The Patrick Star Show". Most of the time, they don't really care if something makes sense in the larger scale of the franchise. But when they decide to actually set things up for things that happen later in the franchise; they REALLY go all out! For instance, It just goes to show you that you can never predict when this show will set up something that will actually connect something continuity wise with the rest of the larger franchise! Enough said, true believers!
  15. Says the man who once voiced The Lorax, a character that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to be more progressive than THAT!
  16. "The Nitwitting"...is complicated for me to personally hate. For starters, it was the very FIRST episode segment to air after Stephen Hillenburg passed away, and ANY episode segment to air after that happened (let alone the first one) was going to have a tough sell. But...I just can't find it terrible enough for me to put it on my personal Worst list. And I can honestly see how "Spongebob, You're Fired" was basically a FORCED episode write by the Nickelodeon Studio, but the writers could've STILL at least TRIED to write a good episode about it. For instance, Mr. Krabs once tried to fire Spongebob for focusing too much on Karate instead of work, so it's not like the writers didn't HAVE options they hadn't already tried before! I probably would've put "Spongebob, You're Fired" on my list had there been more choices. Only two picks left to see. To quote Patrick: "I'm so close, I can almost TASTE it!" Enough said, true believers!
  17. ...I...I will NEVER understand why people have so much HATE for "Truth Or Square"! Okay, FINE! Maybe some of the special WAS wasted potential and the "Patchy" segments not really needed, but let's see YOU write a one hour special and do better!...Oh, wait! You'd have to actually HAVE your own show to write one, first! Go ahead, I can WAIT to hear who actually HAS one and can back it up with proof! As for "Ink Lemonade", I have always FELT like it was bottom tier from the first time that I ever saw it aired! The only reason why I ranked it number 11 on my list is because I KNEW the episode was going to make bottom tier regardless of where I put it on my list, and there were a number of episodes that I wanted to TRY to get onto this list because I felt like they really deserve to be on this list!
  18. "Smooth Jazz At Bikini Bottom"...I don't know WHY this episode is so high up on this list, it's one of the most boring, most NOTHING episode segments that I can personally THINK of! To quote someone from an "Animaniacs" special: "Congratulations, you just discovered the cure for Insomnia!" As for "Pets Or Pests"...maybe the Baby Worms DID look a little ugly, but in my personal way of thinking, that alone is NOT enough reason for me to put it on my worst list, especially since there are SO many other cartoons (and some of it actually INTENDED for kids to see) that have gotten away with depicting SO much uglier! If something is both mean-spirited AND ugly, that would be my personal number one choice for the Worst "Spongebob Squarepants" episode ever! That's all I want to say for now. Enough said, true believers!
  19. Breakfast...even PATRICK knows it's the most important meal of the day!
  20. Actually, "Too Many Patricks" aired earlier today WITH "Tatoo Hullabaloo".
  21. "Choir Boys" is another one of those episodes that's too boring and too pointless to remember from my perspective...and oddly enough, I'm not exactly sure on how I feel about "You Don't Know Sponge". I half don't like it, and I also half don't care about it. Plankton would probably serve it as Chum if he could, but that's probably ALL the episode segment is really GOOD for!
  22. Finally starting to watch "Smiling Friends" from episodes I've recorded on my DVR, I've watched the first three so far. It's looking pretty good so far.
  23. I'm starting to watch this series now. I'm only a few episodes in (I've got the other episodes that have premiered on DVR), but it looks really interesting from what I've seen so far!
  24. I wasn't even AWARE that some OTHER people were NOT hating "One Coarse Meal" as much as they used to; but for me, I cannot understand how ANYONE could HONESTLY defend that episode segment! Mr. Krabs LITERALLY tried to terrorize Plankton to the point where he TRIED to honestly KILL himself! If Plankton ever tried to do THAT to Mr. Krabs, people would be SCREAMING from the top of a freaking mountain on how WRONG that is; so I am NOT going to stand for such hypocrisy, which is why I made it my number two pick! "Someone's In The Kitchen With Sandy", made my list because at number nine...who in their right MIND would make an episode about Sandy being able to remove her fur, have it STOLEN by Plankton (in one of his WORST attempts to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula EVER) and Sandy somehow going to jail for running around without her fur, even though that WASN'T even her fault! "Clash Of Triton" made my list at number eight, because a concept that SHOULD'VE revolved around King Neptune's Birthday, instead revolves around King Neptune punishing Triton for liking the surface world; and by the time Spongebob and Patrick find him, he's become SO jaded he goes on a RAMPAGE against the surface world, and neither King Neptune or Triton get punished for their actions by ANYONE! "Are You Happy Now?; The Splinter; Waiting; Face-Freeze"; and "Big Sister Sam" all barely missed making my list; and I'm REALLY surprised "House Sitting For Sandy" made this list, as it's another too boring to really care about episode in my books. As for the other dishonorable mentions, most of them I'm not sure why ANYONE would hate them enough to put them on their lists. Anyways, we're finally getting to the top (of the bottom) ten! Be prepared for just about anything!
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