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Status Updates posted by Minty Car

  1. A broken phone has more or less locked me out of discord for the time being 😑

  2. Divisional round:

    Falcons over Eagles, 20-12

    Pats over Titans, 28-13

    Steelers over Jags, 24-17

    Saints over Vikings, 28-24

    1. E.V.I.L.


      Lmao if the Falcons hold the Eagles to a FG the entire game for another time this playoff season(yeah ik Panthers eventually TD but still xP ) I swear to god

      I feel like all of these are pretty set in stone tbh besides Saints vs. Vikings just make sure Vikings don't miss a FG this time (god I'll never get over that). If Vikings can really pummel offense though I could see them winning by quite a difference

    2. So Sejima

      So Sejima

      One team sure scored a 24 so you didn't get everything about the NFC wrong

  3. Wild card Weekend:

    Chiefs beat Titans, 20-19 20-9 (Demarco being out is the dagger)

    Rams beat Falcons, 31-20

    Jags beat Bills, 24-20

    Saints over Panthers, 34-17

    (lets see how wrong this is lel)


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    2. E.V.I.L.


      Why do I feel like our expectations for Sunday are going to be completely and utterly bodied

    3. Minty Car

      Minty Car

      @E.V.I.L because they kinda were. Rams and Jags underperformed offensively, Chiefs choked and the Saints almost gave the Panthers the game. Still went 2-2 in picks somehow.

    4. So Sejima

      So Sejima

      I, for one, am glad that I'm not a betting man because I would've had most on the Chiefs

  4. Wow what a time that turned out to be

  5. It's hard to believe I'm about to live on campus for the first time

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    2. fortnitefan12


      Living on a campus sounds so fun. Hope you have a fun time <3

    3. SpongeOddFan
    4. Inanimate Carbon Rod

      Inanimate Carbon Rod

      I hope you have a fun time.

  6. R.I.P Jose Fernandez. Tragic loss of life and for baseball.

    1. So Sejima

      So Sejima

      Immigration story, dominance, the smile of his, even a pregnant GF. Just shows how fragile and cruel life can be. 

    2. Metal Snake

      Metal Snake

      Poor guy. Rest in peace to him.


  8. It's amazing to finally have a phone again <333

    1. Cha


      glad for you man

  9. Getting a perfect score plus bonus points on the final exam is pretty lit B)

    1. WhoBibbles


      Congratulations. <3

  10. Dumb ol allergies striking on the worst day ever

    1. WhoBibbles


      Aww man sorry to heat that :(

    2. WhoBibbles
  11. Thanks 8 am class professor for canceling tomorrow, your the real mvp

    1. E.V.I.L.


      I'll see you after precalc then :funny:


  12. I hate the totally useless to most people feeling I've been having more often then not lately :(

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    2. Cha


      What Hal said, sometimes it's all in your head too. But I hope you feel better soon about yourself.

    3. WhoBibbles


      I can see that. I hope you feel well soon.

    4. Metal Snake

      Metal Snake

      Toooootallllly understand. I can't stand feeling useless. To like, anyone. But yeah, as implied above, positive thinking helps. When I'm feeling down like that, I usually just like to go to my comfort zone and meditate.

  13. Just started snowing like crazy

  14. This game almost made up for all the bowl blowouts. Almost. Dammit Bama

    1. E.V.I.L.


      what's sports :laugh: #SAT

    2. So Sejima

      So Sejima

      The coach forgot to give the memo that the special teams plays both halves, and the defense has to play more than 3 quarters, yet not to the offense strangely. :S 

  15. Computer screen fixed B)

    1. E.V.I.L.


      more red velvet trash on a bigger screen :laugh:


  16. Does it ever get better? :(

  17. That moment when you open the fridge and find a bag of potato chips inside instead of hot dogs o.o

  18. Omg, how am I alive right now? That was truly hell week (even if only for 2 days)

    1. Metal Snake

      Metal Snake

      Sorry your week (for two days) was crap, hope next one is better.

    2. Minty Car

      Minty Car

      Well it's break now, so it already is :squilliam2:

    3. E.V.I.L.


      this month is truly hell month, but you knew that already :laugh:


  19. Turning on the car radio on the way to job orientation: "Have you been talking with your doctor about your poop?"

    Awkwardly defined my day today

    1. So Sejima

      So Sejima

      Nice to know that's what you missed the first round for :)

  20. I forgot how expensive Chipotle was omg. At least it's worth it B)

    1. E.V.I.L.
    2. Popeye Q. Krabs

      Popeye Q. Krabs

      I like it, Moe's and this place called Willy's Mexican Grill down here. All these taco joints have their own unique flavors.

  21. These mood swings lately suck :(

    1. E.V.I.L.


      mood swings are the fuckin worst

  22. Nirvana playing on a classic rock station feels strange

    1. fortnitefan12


      The station that I listen to does that :P

    2. Grubby Grouper

      Grubby Grouper

      The classic rock stations in my area are starting to play more 90s music in general too

    3. Burgerpants


      At least until you realize that the 90s were over 20 years ago

  23. Memphis is beating Ole Miss 34-24 in the fourth quarter.

    That's a thing

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