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  1. You popped 10, giving you 100 dbs! Try again in 17 hours!
  2. You popped 10, giving you 100 dbs! Try again in 13 hours!
  3. You made a Bubble Pie, giving you 200 dbs! Try again in 13 hours!
  4. Episode VIII: There's No Party Without Politics (Warning: Cringe, sexual content and disturbing visuals. Viewer discretion is advised.)
  5. Friday, August 18th: 7:00pm EST: [1st] Cards Against Humanity 8:00pm EST: [1st] Turntable Party Whoever wins CAH will receive 1,000 doubloons, 300 experience points and 20 bubbles. Several prizes will be raffled at turntable, including bubbles. Edit: Congrats to Meko who won CAH and those who won turntable prizes!
  6. I happen to know you were high at my mother in law's wake, you were talking nonstop for twenty minutes, nothing but gibberish.

  7. During Bubble Festival, each game and activity will award you bubbles. Whoever comes in 1st place at a main game will receive 20 bubbles, while 2nd and 3rd places will receive 15 and 10 bubbles respectively. You can also be awarded 5 bubbles by minigames and turntable raffles. There's a catch, however: you can actually lose bubbles in this event through two methods: coming in last place at a game or missing in a minigame. This will add some tension. Whoever has the most bubbles gathered by the end of the event will receive 3,000 doubloons, a Bubble Blower badge and 400 experience points. Scoreboard: Meko: 135 Dman: 110 Prez: 79 Fred: 55 WhoBob: 50 Darkness: 45 4Ever: 29 Appy: 25 Steel: 20 Winter: 15 SOF: 15 Ex: 15 SpongeKid: 13 Trophy: 10 Hawk: 10 Carotte: 10 SBManiac: 5
  8. Here's an easy way to get some bubbles. I’ve hidden six around the forum. Whoever finds them all will receive: 30 Bubbles on the scoreboard, Bubble Wand, 400 Doubloons and 200 experience points. Here's hints on where each piece is located: Bubble 1: First go like this, spin around. Stop! Double take three times: one, two, three. Then, pelvic thrust! Then, pelvic thrust! Whoooo! Whooooooo! Stop on your right foot, don't forget it! Now it's time to bring it around town. Bubble 2: He made me provide excellent service! Bubble 3: A distant cousin of SpongeBob’s. Bubble 4: Set a destination course in this poll! Bubble 5: Dive under the sea in a recent film to get this bubble. Bubble 6: With a true sponge lover. You may ask for 2 additional hints per piece. PM or DM me on Discord all six pieces when you find them. You have until September 1st at 8pm EDT to find them all. Finders: WhoBob 4EverGreen Meko
  9. Here's the second minigame for Bubble Festival. There's an influx of bubbles annoying people, so it's your duty to pop them. Depending how many bubbles you pop, here are potential prizes, which will be randomly generated: 0 = Failure (makes you lose one bubble on the scoreboard) 10 = 100 Doubloons 20 = 200 Doubloons 30 = 300 Doubloons 40 = 400 Doubloons 50 = 20 Experience Points 60 = Bubble Wand Pin 70 = 5 Bubbles Shout "POP THE BUBBLE!" or whatever to let me know you're playing. You may only play in this once every 24 hours.
  10. Here's the first minigame for Bubble Festival. Show off your bubble artistry by blowing one of the following creations: SpongeBob Patrick Bubble Buddy Krabby Patty Boatmobile Pie Giraffe Hippo Depending how well you make your bubble, here are potential prizes, which will be randomly generated: Failure (makes you lose one bubble on the scoreboard) 100-400 Doubloons 20 Experience Points Bubble Wand Pin 5 Bubbles Say "Bring it around town!" or whatever to let me know you're playing. You may only play in this once every 24 hours.
  11. It’s that time of the year again: Today marks SBC's 14th birthday! It's hard to believe the community continues to prosper in some form and we continue to bring in new faces. A special thanks to everyone who continues to contribute in some way, whether through the Discord or forums. Remember SBC would never be what it is without the crew.
  12. (Credit to Kieran for the logo) For this year's August event, get your bubble wands ready because we'll be hosting the Bubble Festival! Bubble Festival will start August 18th and end September 1st. Throughout the event, each game and activity will award you bubbles for a scoreboard count. But there's a twist: there will be ways for you to lose your bubbles, such as by coming in last place during a game, so be careful! Whoever has the most bubbles collected by the end will receive grand prizes. Here's what games and activities will be held throughout it: Cards Against Humanity: A CAH game will be held every Friday night during the event! Turntable Parties: A turntable party will be held every Friday night during the event! Prizes will be raffled at each party again, including a chance to win bubbles. SpongeBob Pictionary: One Pictionary game will. be held during the event on August 18th, which will be SpongeBob Bubbles themed! Discord Activities: A Discord Activity will be held every Saturday night during the event! Jackbox: A Jackbox game will be held on both Monday nights during the event! Double Game Pack: Play in a mix of two different activities on August 22nd! Kahoot: A Kahoot about SpongeBob bubble episodes will be held on August 23rd! SpongeCraft Frontiers Party: On August 26th, a building party will be held for the hit new game! Bubble Hunt: As a bonus way to earn more bubbles, there will be a scavenger hunt! Forum Minigames: The two minigames will be Bubble Blowing and Bubble Popping. You can be the creator or destroyer! We hope this will be a great way to conclude the summer and that some will master the sacred art of bubble blowing techniques. Bring it around town!
  13. Quasimodo predicted all this.

  14. Premieres: Thursday, August 10th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: Squidward gets left with a mess when SpongeBob and Patrick use carrier clams to send messages to each other.
  15. Premieres: Wednesday, August 9th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: Mr. Krabs must reckon with the Goobfather after he adds "Patty Whips" to the menu at the Krusty Krab.
  16. Premieres: Tuesday, August 8th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob builds a pool in his backyard and Squidward tries to resist taking a dip.
  17. Premieres: Monday, August 7th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob builds a snail-house outside for Gary to play in while he is at work.
  18. Episode VII: Dipper Goes to Taco Bell (Warning: Cringe, disturbing imagery, graphic violence and sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.)
  19. The guy was an interior decorator.

  20. Quite a bold choice for them to roast the animation community like this, but damn, I had a stupid smile on my face the whole time. Love how Patrick and Squidina basically made their own riff theater lol. Best episode of Pat's show I've seen. 10/10 Never thought NC and SB would crossover like this, but once again SBC's influence is eternal. Now I go back into hibernation until the next meme worthy episode.
  21. Premieres: Thursday, July 27th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: Patrick hosts a series of game shows.
  22. Premieres: Wednesday, July 26th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: The Patrick Star Show! sells merchandise in order to fund its second season.
  23. Premieres: Tuesday, July 25th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: Bunny brings Patrick to prison for "Bring Your Kid to Work Day."
  24. Premieres: Monday, July 24th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: Bubble Bass reviews and critiques The Patrick Star Show!
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