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Cards Against Humanity is an occasional game SBC hosts. It was first introduced to the site in summer 2014 by Shinya, and March Madness 2015 was the first event to officially use it. The games originally used Pretend You're Xyzzy as a host, but due to frequent issues with the site, they are now hosted on Picture Cards Online as of July 2021.


These are results of Cards Against Humanity games since July of 2019


July 15th, 2019: Honest Slug (Band Geeks)

July 22nd, 2019: Dmandaman (Band Geeks)

July 29th, 2019: Dmandaman (Band Geeks)

Customer Appreciation Month (SBC 10th Anniversary)

August 19th, 2019: Leedles

August 26th 2019: Jjsthekid

Octerror Fest 2019

October 13th, 2019: Hayden (Drasticals)

October 20th, 2019: Hayden (Drasticals)

October 27th, 2019: WhoBob (Band Geeks)

Snowcember Ball 2019

December 22nd, 2019: LocalAquatic (Band Geeks)

December 24th, 2019: LocalAquatic (Band Geeks)

December 29th, 2019: Hayden (Drasticals)

March Madness 2020

March 6th, 2020: LocalAquatic (Krusty Krew)

March 13th, 2020: Hayden (Solos)

March 20th, 2020: SBManiac (Solos)

March 27th, 2020: Dmandaman (Krusty Krew)

Arcade Anarchy

May 25th, 2020: Dmandaman

June 1st, 2020: Dmandaman

June 8th, 2020: jjsthekid

Spongy Games

July 13th, 2020: Fred (Chum Buddies)

July 20th, 2020: Fred (Chum Buddies)

July 27th, 2020: Dmandaman (Krusty Krew)


August 16th, 2020: Mythix

August 23rd, 2020: Mythix

Octerror Fest 2020

October 18th, 2020: Dmandaman (Krusty Krew)

October 25th, 2020: Fred (Chum Buddies)

Snowcember Ball 2020

December 13th, 2020: WhoBob (Chum Buddies)

December 20th, 2020: WhoBob (Chum Buddies)